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{Details} A toile tale

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that first catches your eye
and that makes you take a longer look.

When something first catches my eye - it is usually because of one detail
rather than the whole picture. 

Like the color of the paint on an armoire that I notice peeking out of a corner in an antique shop
Or maybe the stately size, carvings on an old cupboard or the texture of a fabric
that grabs my attention rather than the whole piece all at once.

Sometimes it is just one little detail that makes you fall in love.

So when I first saw this toile bedding
in that sweet gray-blue color
and with those little pleated details

I saw those details and fell in love.
Even before I took a closer look.

Then it was the pattern that grabbed me.
A simple and sweet toile

That soft gray-blue color
and beautiful quilting...

put all together
and add in that delicious gold sequin pillow... 

Well, let's just say it's love. 

Currently it is in one of the guest bedrooms
but, I have a sneaking suspicion that this just might make an appearance in several spots.
The guest bedroom is on the list for a few changes and this bedding is inspiring some of them
but you know, the list is pretty long... so who knows when that will get wrapped.

If you are as enamored with the details in this quilt as I am 
here are the links to where to purchase
 (and it is on sale!) 

I am off to finish editing the photos of the kitchen
and am so excited to share the new look with you 
in the next couple of days!

Stay Tuned!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

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  1. it's just beautiful...the colors, the detail...the little man and his balloon...Love It!

  2. OOhhh... what dreamy bedding Courtney. WANT!!
    Can't get hour 'shop the look ' page to load though :(

    1. Sorry about that Gee!! Sometimes it takes a bit to load- frustrating!! I added the links directly to my post just in case and you can also copy and paste this link to find here:

  3. I so love Toile de Jouy...beautiful bedding....I can see how you feel in love with it!...Soft Surroundings has some amazing things!!

  4. Pitter-pat my heart loves this toile.

  5. I adore toile and I love the grey color with the beautiful pink roses - don't they make everything better? Thanks for sharing!

  6. so beatiful :) I have plans for our guestroom aswell. The paint is bought, but I just hav too get the motivation first ;)

    It's right tht you saw abouth details in a picture, in this post it was the combination of pink and gold that made me look in :) A beatiful picture!

  7. I love toile too & that is so pretty with the greys - understated & elegant. I am glad that I am not the only one with a long to-do list that never seems to get shorter ….

  8. Love the soft look of toile - your bedroom will be beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom and kitchen.

  9. Your new bedding is so pretty! I love toile and this is so soft looking that it doesn't draw your eye away from all the other detail on the bedding... So serene and calming!
    Have a great day!

  10. Beautiful bedding!

  11. Toile is been one of my obsession lately, I absolutely love it. Something about blue & white just sings to me. So this bedding is awesome and i'm loving it in your space.

    Cant wait for the kitchen reveal!


  12. Love toile, and this is just beautiful.

  13. Loved this in 2015. Still love it and still not available :(