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THE kitchen project-update

Yes... the kitchen project.
Where to start?
We can just start with something pretty.
Like several bouquets of pink roses soaking up a little bit of water in the sink.

In the kitchen sink. 

so now we can discuss the not so pretty

Do you remember that project... the one that started with a dishwasher
and involved a whole lot more than just replacing that dishwasher?

The one that led to uncovering water damage around the sink?

The project that would cause a lot of damage
just to fix the damage?

The one that was on the list to get done and was almost done
but then was shoved to the back burner several times
 for various reasons?

Yep I am talking about the kitchen project.
Oh what a fun project.
It almost reminded me of the first time we renovated the kitchen
but in some ways, it was worse.

It involved removing counters. Rebuilding cupboards.  
Taking out the water damaged wood. Taking out that cast iron sink.
It was messy. 
It was gross.
 It was frankly starting to get depressing.

Some days, it made me feel pretty sad to see the kitchen that we had worked hard on
when we first moved in
 looking even worse than where we started originally.
It was not a job for the faint of heart.

This kitchen was my first love when I first walked into this house-
so I didn't want to change everything about it-
 I loved so much of the original -it has a special place in my heart.
But when that dishwasher decided to spring a leak, well, it gave us the opportunity to
make a few changes that we had been thinking about for awhile.

So, that kitchen project...
That project finally kicked into gear again back in the Fall.
We started with removing things
and oh joy
 we had to tear out and rebuild the original sink area cupboard
where the damage was

Yep. ugh...
A new free standing ready to go cupboard would have been pretty darn handy but 
do you think they would have had something stock in a size that our
1940's custom built to the walls back in the day kitchen needed to fit there?
How about 'NO'. 

Thankfully, my dad is a contractor & builder
and is actually rebuilding his own kitchen cupboards right now
so we knew we could tackle it.

The backsplash also had to come out to access the counters
It was beaded board for years and was covered in lots of old paint drips 
and nail holes (and sawdust in this photo)

That wide board below is the backside of the cupboard- built right into the wall. 
Something you may not know is that old cupboards are not free standing 
all in one pieces like they are today.
They were made on the spot custom to accommodate the not so plumb walls 
where they were going in and are actually open to the walls inside. 
You can see the walls inside the cupboard in the photo below.
Interesting right?

And really- pretty awesome, frankly.
Except when you need to delve into their construction
 or adjust them or move them.
Then- uh no, not really so awesome.

The beadboard was over the original knotty pine walls which were covered up probably almost since they were installed in 1940 and those walls actually had areas missing.
Electricians had cut the boards to run updated wiring probably about 20 years ago
That is definitely one thing that would be good to know if you ever planned
 to nail or screw anything to that area.
Patched and covered now.

So all of that yuck, dust, and not so fun work brings us to pretty new plywood counters.
 ;) Just kidding.
It brings us to some pretty exciting changes to our cottage kitchen.

But don't worry, it is still our cottage kitchen.
Just with a little more pizazz. 

I will be sharing a look back at where the kitchen started originally when we bought the house
and what the kitchen was looking like when we started this project
including all the good the bad and the ugly.
Yes, there is definitely some down right ugly.

And of course, I will share what it looks like now as well.
That is coming your way very.very. soon

Happy weekend everyone 

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  1. Such beautiful roses & my what a charming & delightful kitchen!!

    Paige.Rose from The Quaint Sanctuary

  2. I wondered how all that was going. I can't wait to see.

  3. Oh my gosh Courtney! I remember talking about that dishwasher. I know exactly what you are going through, with our old home, it's always a can of worms. Nothing is standard, stock or square. What a blessing that your dad can help. I know with your taste and vision, it'll be cute as heck when it's done. It's just the in-between that is no fun! Can't wait to see the reveal :))) ~Shannon

  4. Tease :)
    Looking forward to seeing it in all stages.
    Happy weekend.

  5. can't wait to see all of your decor!
    Happy weekend, Mariaelena

  6. What a pain, but at least you have it sorted now.

  7. You have your hands full with a kitchen project no matter what it is! The roses were a great way to start it!! Hope all goes well for you and if you need a break stop by and have a cup of tea with us. We'd love to see you!

    Blessings, Edie Marie and Marie Antoinette

  8. Another adventure for you!!! Your original kitchen is BURNED INTO MY BRAIN...because of what it turned into....a magazine perfect kitchen! I send lots of my new-to-blogs friend to yours so they can see what a transformation you made. Can't wait to see what you wind up with now! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. The roses are stunning and I am really anxious to see the final new kitchen. I know you are excited to get it finished and I look forward to seeing the final results.

  10. Oh my! I will love to see all of the good, the bad, and the ugly! But at least this story has a happy ending -- and they lived happily ever after with the beautiful pink roses :-) I love your photos. I am anxious to see your next tutorial.

  11. Can't wait to see the new version of your kitchen !!!

  12. Hi Courtney!!!

    Oh no!!! Why can't it ever be a small fix? When I saw your gorgeous island, I thought, No the kitchen is so beautiful, but, then I gave my head a shake and realized whose kitchen it was and then knew that all would be well...I mean ok!!! Sorry to bring up the word, "Well" as it has two meanings and I think you've had enough of the water kind!!!

    I know your kitchen will get back to looking gorgeous!! Take care and please don't pull out too much hair in the process!!!

    Have a great weekend!!


  13. We used to live in a 1940's house so I understand exactly what you are talking about. Our cabinets did have backs, but one side of the kitchen didn't match the other side. On one side they were attached to the wall, the other side they were not. We took the entire set of cabinets out to remodel! I love knotty pine. We had that on a porch. Love that era of house. Now we are living in one room in our basement while we build the rest of our house around us. And I'm talking with a kitchen planner trying to get some ideas what we want. It is overwhelming!

    Cindy Bee