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French Style

Sometimes it is the soft color 
or the texture 
or maybe the simple construction of something
that draws you to it and that you love.

It is one of those things that you just know is right
when you find it.

It is all about French inspired style and details today and 
I thought I would share something that I have gotten a lot of questions about recently.
Something that is somewhat french inspired- though brand new

Yes, I am talking about baskets. 
I know we have talked about baskets that lend a  French style before
but these were recent additions to the kitchen with the remodel
and there have been so many questions about them and where to find them.

I have three of them in the kitchen where there were drawers originally.
We took the drawers out when we originally made the changes to the kitchen to accommodate a dishwasher
These baskets replaced some of the others that I had here.

The each do double duty holding something
like garlic, onions, squash and potatoes.

You might think these baskets look a little familiar - and you are correct.
 I also have a couple of them in my bathroom inside the French armoire
to hold toiletries and extra things.

You might also think that they were an expensive find
at a specialty shop or maybe that they cost a chunk of change.
But nope-
 they are from Ikea and were around $15 total each.
*note* they are the 14x20 in gray baskets and are  just $12.99 each on the website.

I kept my fingers crossed that they would fit in the kitchen.
because their soft color and style were just perfectly vintage French in feeling.
When I saw that they worked, I brought a few more home.

I am joining these other girls in sharing some of their inspirations today

   CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT Pillows...Country French  Style small 

I have a couple other things in the kitchen are French inspired
like the details on that stool 
and also something else you might notice
that I instagrammed over the weekend that I brought in for a photography styling
that completely changed the look.

And it got me thinking 
about how just one thing like that can change the whole look and feeling of a room.
I will share them both soon.

Happy Sunday everyone

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  1. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous baskets with us! I`m happy that Ikea sells them also in our country. I have one for several years now and it works perfect. Have a lovely Sunday! Alexandra

  2. What a great idea to replace the drawers with your pretty baskets, Courtney! It does add a frenchy touch! Have a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Love those baskets,and the teaser you leave us with here lately,you stinker! Thanks and have a great day Courtney.

    1. Haha!! Sorry Marlene!! Trying to give a peek at something to come to give an idea of what I am working on :) Hope you have a great day too!

  4. I love taking the drawers out of a cabinet -- we did the same for a top drawer and that is where we store our cutting boards. I love your baskets thank you for pointing us in the right direction as to where to find them.

  5. Hi Courtney, just wondering what size baskets you chose? Looking on the Ikea website, they come in 3 different sizes. Thanks :)

    1. You are right- they do! I totally forgot about that! I just took a look at and they are the medium baskets- 14x20 and in the gray finish. Hope that helps! :)

  6. Love those baskets! Thanks for sharing the source!


  7. Oh my I love, love the baskets!! Now I am wondering where I can use those. I love your photos as always.