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The way I see it~ Trash to Treasure

Do you see anything in this photo that just doesn't seem right?
Like maybe it wasn't supposed to be there originally?

 Me neither.

But I assure you, that there is something 
that is not what it seems.

It is not the flowers-  they are real and gorgeous.

Love these Valentines roses!

The scissors are as they seem too, 
 but the vase... 
well- let's just say it is leading a double life.

It is ceramic, with embossed details and is completely darling.
It is big too - it can hold a bevy of 2 dozen huge roses
 mixed with hydrangeas and greens 
like nobody's business.

But it also has a secret.

This container was on a shelf at the back of HomeGoods when I found it.
It was forlorn and it almost looked as if it had been forgotten or ignored for some time.

 I first saw it out of the corner of my eye when that 'ahhhhhh' music started playing
 and a big shining light came down from the ceiling to spotlight it. 
Instantly, I could already see it in my home in my mind.
I knew it was something amazing.

This was such a superstar in the making. 

I picked it up and rubbed my fingers over the embossing and appreciated the pretty details
and then I flipped it over
 and saw what it was labeled as and shook my head. 

It was so wrong. 
 That cute little chunky container was not what someone thought it was. 

It needed to be freed from the stereotypes and rabbit holes that it had been forced into.
It needed to be given the freedom to live the life it was meant to.

okay, so that kind of got away from me for a minute, obviously.

It might have been more along the lines of: 

 I saw it.  I loved it.  I put it in my cart.

But the part about feeling the potential for what I knew it could be?
I did. 
I knew the minute I saw it- that was what this piece was.

This, my friends- 
Is not a vase. 
Not a bucket.
Not a fancy schmancy other name for a container for flowers

It is a bathroom garbage can.

 I know. Right?

But you know what,
  I did not see this as a garbage can for even a second.
It was a vase to me from the first glance.

So I encouraged it to live the life it was meant to live.
I brought it home, filled it with flowers and placed in on my kitchen counter...
and then stood back and wiped a happy tear as it fell from my eye.

That little trash can had reinvented itself 
and achieved a dream.

Well, whatever.

But I am definitely loving my new vase.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. I love your vision! I never use anything for what it is mean to be..................I mean those bargain finds that just need a little love.

  2. I love this vase (garbage can?) its beautiful and I would've never guessed it was a garbage can! Who knew?! I love the detailed and embossed letters. Great choice for your beautiful blooms, I love repurposing things :)

    Lauren | LB Designs

  3. It is simply gorgeous! I never would've guessed a trash can.

    Maybe you mentioned it before but where do you get all of these beautiful flowers all the time. Do you have a massive cutting garden? (If you answer yes just know I will shed a little tear of envy)

    1. I wish I had a HUGE garden!! I do have quite a few rose bushes- but these flowers were Valentines flowers- so from the store :) Since I am in California where a lot of the cut flowers are grown all year long- we generally have a pretty good selection most of the year- so that definitely helps.

  4. OK, I'm going to HomeGoods! Absolutely delightful, Courtney!!!

  5. Home Goods is one of those stores you have to go over slowly as items can be mixed in placed unexpected. What a delightful find and perfect for a large bouquet. Beautiful lush roses!

  6. I love when I find items like this! Homegoods makes me happy, too!!

  7. So super sweet! I love HomeGoods, the stuff is so cheap that I never feel guilty about what I buy. I love your trash can trickery. I never would've guessed.

  8. How wonderful to turn that beauty into a vase, it is just to pretty to be a trash can....
    If I spot one at Home Goods which by the way is one of my very favorite stores, I'll be sure to scoop her up....and turn her into a vase...thanks for the the way you view items, into something even better then what they are suppose to be.


  9. Pretty!!!
    Michelle from

  10. Courtney, I never would have guessed that this was intended to be a waste basket. Loved your story telling. it looks wonderful filled with roses!

  11. It is perfection! Never would have thunk that one! lol

  12. Nope. It doesn't look like a garbage can to me. Gorgeous flowers.

  13. I never, ever would have pegged it as a trash can! It is a FABULOUS vase! Your flowers are even prettier!!!

  14. I love it too, and it has my mom's name on it! :) Home Goods has lots of treasures! And your flowers are beautiful!

  15. What a great imagination and I'd never peg that for a trash can -- truly trash to treasure. Yes I believe you did hear the Hallelujah chorus when you spotted it. Perhaps it was your guardian angel tapping you on the shoulder to make sure you didn't miss it. I love it!!! Your photos are truly beautiful -- greeting card inspiration.

  16. Obviously, it was mislabeled. I mean, a trash can? Come on...anyone can see it was meant to be a vase! Glad you rescued it. It's stunning!

  17. Such beautiful roses! I love Home Goods too, it is quite amazing what you can find there and with some imagnation what you can do with what you find! Gorgeous pics as usual! x

  18. I can't believe it was a trash can,it is way too pretty.Good for you Courtney you saved it for something better!

  19. Your roses (and photography) are gorgeous! They're making me wish for Spring. Oh, and I never would have guessed that your container is a trash can!

  20. Way too pretty for trash. Absolutely beautiful, with your roses.

  21. Way to multipurpose, Lady! That piece is waaaaaay to cute to be a trash can and I love your pink roses and green hydrangeas - my favorite color combination EVER:)

  22. LOL I love it....trash can turned vase...It looks spectacular as a vase with your gorgeous flowers in it. By the way do you buy flowers weekly or are they from your garden..they are ALWAYS spectacular! I love all your pics! Please come link up to my party CPW (Centerpiece Wednesday) and share this post with us!

  23. Thanks for sharing! You inspire us to be creative and have vision :) Beautiful beautiful vase!!

  24. Wow!!! In a word, amazing idea!! I surprised how to look change of trash. It seems to be gorgeous.Thank you so much for sharing with us.