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Romantic Winter Table

With Valentines Day & all things romantic coming up,
planning a romantic dinner, evening date or a getaway 
with that certain someone special in your life might be swirling 
around in your mind already.

I know that a lot of people don't really celebrate Valentines Day 
and we don't usually plan a special date or getaway on Valentines Day proper-
it is kind of the way it works with crazy work schedules.
But celebrating with chocolates, those cardboard hearts and writing sweet notes
 to tell someone how much they mean to you  - is something that you can do even so.

Another is planning a simple and sweet dinner 
(or breakfast or lunch if that is what your schedules permit)
and an inspired table setting.

So many times I have heard from readers about stressing when figuring out what goes with what
when it is more fancy than a regular table setting.

But you know what?
It doesn't have to be fancy or elegant to be sweet & perfect
and it definitely doesn't have to be stressful.

Some of my favorite tables are a favorite mix of mine:
Simple rustic elements with a touch of elegance.

So today, I thought I would share
 a few tips for  a romantic Winter table setting
 that is as easy to put together as it is pretty.

#1. Start with simple

I chose the rustic outdoor table for this setting
but hey, it is Winter and I know, many of you are getting snow as I type this.
So, no worries-you can use any table - there are no rules.
I also left the table unadorned- without a cloth
Really- that is just a personal preference.
I like to see the natural weathered wood underneath the elegant china.

#2. Keep it classic

I prefer simple white dishes almost all the time for table settings
but when I want a little more than the everyday whites~ 
I choose something with a detailed edge

#3. Add a touch of elegance

For another pop of pretty elegance~ gold flatware.
 I am majorly crushing on this flatware.
There is just something about that pop of gold.

#4. Simple charm

Simple stemware is always in fashion- it compliments without overwhelming.
Whether you have stemware from your grandmothers collection
or something you just picked up in the bulk section- keep it a simple and classic shape and size 
and it will look stunning.

#5. A Natural Centerpiece

I was thinking of clipping some of the greenery from the yard for this table
but I decided to use some of the dried bay branches that were from Christmas.
Yep, I have a whole bunch of them-so you know what- use what you have on hand.
Whether it is clipped from the yard or store-bought greens- simply laid 
on the center of the table is perfect.
Tuck in a few candles in glass for the lighting and 
for a little height -
I used a couple of vintage silver goblets as vases.
I am not ashamed to admit that I am kind of in love with their mottled, unpolished appearance
or these pale peachy pink roses.
Such a sweet compliment.

#6. Warm it up

If setting a table out under the stars
 drape the chairs with a cozy throw 
to warm up with when the chill sets in.

My favorite? 
A soft white faux fur.

Of course, fresh flowers are always a perfect finishing touch in my mind
and what could be more romantic than roses for Valentines Day?
I always love the beautiful flowers that my husband brings me for Sweethearts Day
and I usually place them in vases around the house to enjoy.
So if you get flowers on that special day, they are also perfect
 for adding to the table at the last minute.

Tip: Roses tend to go up in cost around Valentines Day 
so  use whatever flowers you find that you love.
There are so many beautiful romantic blooms out there to choose from.
Peonies and ranunculus and lisianthus for example... 
hint hint if you are reading this Honey. 

Truly though, no matter which flowers
and dishes that you choose for your table setting~
just remember that the personal touches that you add 
and who you are with are what  makes it so special.

I am joining this great group of ladies sharing 
some of their own romantic inspired vignettes, decorating, diy, recipes, you name it, 
 today. I hope you will stop by and see what each of them are sharing.

Coming your way this week~
that peanut butter chocolate cheesecake recipe
more about the marble and kitchen redo

Happy Monday everyone!
Dishes- Mikasa Adelaide Platinum
Flatware- Target
Stemware- Mikasa

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  1. Everything looks just beautiful Courtney! Thank you so much for joining us in the blog hop.

  2. Your table settings are always gorgeous, Courtney!! I love your use of natural items of roses and such for your centerpieces. This one is so lovely and romantic...perfect for that special dinner!
    Mary Alice

  3. Gorgeous, as always, Courtney. And as I sit staring out at a rainy day, I'm just a little bit envious that I can't have dinner outdoors! Really hope to see you this spring at Furniture Market. Sorry I've missed you the last time.

  4. Gorgeous table setting Courtney....I love those simply elegant dishes paired with the gold silverware!....Truly a most romantic setting for a special day...always love seeing your stunning tablescapes outdoors!...Great partying with you and Happy Ground Hog Day too!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Courtney! Love your dinnerware, and those lovely rose's! Looking forward to dining with my sweetheart in the spring.Winter is here and it's a little too cold.But I have memories of last spring/summer <3

  6. As always, a beautiful tablescape! And, thank you for sharing such great tips ... if only my table settings could look as fabulous as yours! Fun to party with you again!

  7. so beautiful! I know my housband is planning something for valentine's this year, but i really have no clue what it is!!

    but making sure my favorite dress is clean at least ;)

    roses are always a hit :)

  8. We need to find some of those silver cups...soooo pretty! We have a Valentine Tea Party coming up ~ love the simplicity of this (might have to do some searching....of course some glass goblets might do in a pinch...but... lol! we're so bad when it comes to silver!!!!) Thanks for the inspiration!
    Karla & Karrie

  9. Beautiful table, gorgeous roses!

  10. Oh, your table is romantic and so simply elegant! I adore the mix of pale roses and faux fur to set off your table! Your style was made for Valentine's Day!

  11. A beautiful table setting if this is for you and your husband,it will be a wonderful time to remember.How every romantic.

  12. Such a pretty table Courtney! I love that china pattern too, and you can never go wrong with silver goblets:-)

  13. Your valentine is lucky that you try so hard to create beauty everywhere all the time

  14. You always knock it far out of the park girlie! LoVe the table setting!

  15. Such a beautiful table setting. I myself love white dishware at all times as well and that detail on those plates are fantastic! Also the gold cutlery is amazing I must buy some for myself!

    Thanks for sharing


  16. Absolutely love the dishes. May I ask where you acquired them?