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Vintage Green Books

The story of these pretty little green books starts somewhere
 in the middle of Ohio

at an old white farmhouse surrounded by fields of green
that had a huge tag sale set up on the front lawn.

Remember the GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure?
Where a group of bloggers drove through the midwest in shiny new GMC's shopping the
 127 yard sale to decorate a Habitat For Humanity house as a surprise?
When GMC asked me to join them again on the trip last Summer- 
I was absolutely thrilled- I would love to go on this trip every single year.
Yard sales, fun, a good cause and a surprise?  Love it.

So you know how yard sales go-  you just never know what you will find.
Sometimes nothing- sometimes a car load.
 It is part of the thrill of junking.
At this particular sale- I found a few things on my list for the rooms
 I was decorating for the Habitat house right away
and as I finished up and went to leave-
 I stumbled upon a box filled with vintage green edged books 
that were wrapped in their original paper.

I paused. 
I looked at them. 
I imagined them on a shelf.  Stacked on a desk.  As a backdrop for photos.
I admired those pretty pages in that unusual color.

I knew that they wouldn't work for my room design for the Habitat house
but you are allowed to shop for a few treasures of your own on the trip as well.
 I had been pretty good about not finding anything that I wanted to bring home
until those darn green pages caught my eye.
I loved them.

I rationalized with myself
 It would probably cost me more than the books to mail them back-
that was fine- they were just a couple dollars.
I would have to check an extra bag-
I didn't have an extra bag so I would have had to purchase one- whatever.
They would be far too heavy to put in my carry on suitcase if I could fit them in-
 except that my carry on suitcase
you see where I am going with this?

I had options and couldn't leave them behind.

I didn't think much more about them for the rest of the trip
while rebuilding, decorating, designing
 and being a big sappy mess of tears and a good kind of exhaustion at the reveal.
It was a whirlwind busy trip and it quickly came down to the realization
that my flight was leaving late that night
and I didn't have time to mail anything
 or to purchase an extra suitcase.
And what was I going to do with those books.

The airport was like a ghost town when I was dropped off and
so it pretty much was leave them behind
or figure it out.

I started with the rolling carry on- but it was h.e.a.v.y. to lift up and down.
So in the interest of not accidentally taking anyone out while trying 
to get that overweight, overloaded,  heavy suitcase up and down from the overhead bin, 
 I decided to put some of the books in my carry on and some into my personal item bag 
that could just be shoved under the seat in front of me.

By the time I got home- 3 flights and 8 hours later-
I felt like I had been in the gym for hours lifting weights and doing squats.
It was actually a great workout really and so worth all the work and sore muscles.
(Unless you ask my husband who had to rub the knot out of my shoulder. )

That pretty vintage green color, with black bindings and gold lettering- 
seriously so charming.
Plus, if you need any business advice about Modern Business from back in the 20's-
just ask,  I probably have the book on it.
Needless to say I am in love with this set 
and I would buy them again at a yard sale in the midwest in a second.

But I would make sure that they would arrive on my doorstep
 in a box  a week later next time.

I decided to play with a few of them on the mantel along with a few vintage bottles & inkwells 
and those gorgeous perfectly preserved dried roses

They were just set up in the office which was light and bright for a few photos for this post
and are already on the move to a different spot.
I guess they must have caught the travel bug on the trip.

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Coming your way this week:

Getting a little Spring on over here
more from the kitchen remodel
camera lens talk
 I finally grabbed a few good comparison photos to share with you.

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. What a find! I would have bought them too. I'm surprised you didn't think of mailing all of your clothes home and then taking the books in your suitcase. That turquoise color is beautiful and it's hard to imagine that it lasted all these years. You have the eye of a great bargain hunter!

    1. Oh I did think of another suitcase or other ideas -just didn't plan in time and get it done. :)

  2. That green is so beautiful. I am so glad you got them home. I have done similar things but through international flights and I always forget to remember how I would carry over stuffed suitcases once I get back home.

    1. I know. It's amazing how stuffed they can get- and how much stuff you can fit in a good sized one too ;)

  3. Oh my goodness, I LURVE that color! Hahaha, being a business major, I can vouch for the fact that some theories in business never change and/or they just keep recycling themselves. I know I would've gotten a migraine headache from the musculoskeletal strain, but so worth it to get them home. They're beautiful. Your mantel definitely looks inviting to me.

  4. Courtney, I think that these books were suppose to come to you, maybe some previous owner and you had some kind of relations in a past life. LOL Jo

  5. I would taken the beating to get these beauties home too!

  6. I'm a sucker for books and these with the beautiful green-edged pages are gorgeous. What a great find!

  7. love, Love, LOVE those books!!! what an amazing find. and worth the effort. hey- where there's a will, there's a way, right? lol. if u don't mind sharing i would love to know the publisher so i could research them. i have my masters in business & green is my absolute favorite color so i would love to find some of these if possible. tfs! MJ

  8. I can see why you lugged those books on three flights!...I would have wanted them home with me right away too...such a gorgeous shade of green and cannot believer there are so many of them. They look wonderful on the mantel Courtney...I am sure you thought they were well worth the knot in your shoulder!!

  9. They are so pretty Courtney, never thought of looking on the other side!

  10. Love the into green right now! So worth the effort to get them home.

  11. II love your vintage books they are just wonderful, they just don't make them pretty anymore. They may be old but , they will be interesting to read some of them. They word things so different.

  12. Love the green edges also! I once carried an entire dinner setting for 8 people in a carry one, luckily they did not weigh the bag and I kept smiling and pretending that it wasn't heavy at all. When I arrived home I couldn't lift my arms above my shoulders for days.....

  13. Oh the books of green called out to you, they look fabulous in your home vignettes.
    Love the book end brass greyhound, I so need one, we have an italian greyhound and it would fit well in our home,

    Love your style.


  14. Such a fab find!!!! <3 !!

  15. I wonder if some of my old book sets will be a 'find' for someone in another 60 years??? My husband just insists that I get rid of therm. Sigh. I like your books.

  16. They were worth the work. I've never seen a green like that in books. Truly original and inspiring. I'm wondering if I should color my book pages to mimic the look ;) Thanks for sharing!

  17. Oh Courtney, I " feel" your pain, literally! I too have fallen in love with something on a plane trip and had everyone make fun of me telling me "there was no way they will let you take that on the plane !" Well not knowing how or what i would do when we got to the airport, i kept thinking everyone will make fun of me, i just know it ! Well, when we pulled up to the airport in our Taxi and the door opened, a very sweet souding voice was heard saying "can i take your HAMMOCK for you, wrap and send it on the plane for you ?" Well without sounding shocked and ready to pass out with amazement i said in the sweetest voice i could muster up "well of course you can and heres something for your trouble " as i smiled and turned back to everyone i was with and said "see, i knew i could get it on the plane "!! :D Miracles work in mysterious when they are meant to be! :D Thanks for the post and have a great weekend. Sincerely, Diena Cameron