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Blue & White in the dining room

Sometimes it is just the littlest thing
 that make all the difference in a room.

Something small and simple like a blue & white planter
filled with pretty pink ranunculus.

While I was cleaning away the other day,
mopping the floors and washing slipcovers and basically doing all the insane cleaning
 that you do before guests arrive- 
I took a moment to freshen the dining room and the centerpiece on the table.

The dining table usually has a simple white pitcher or rustic wood box filled with flowers
but I had something else that had been swirling around a bit in my mind.

A simple bouquet with pretty ranunculus
and just a couple peach Valentines roses mixed in.
I have been enjoying this bouquet in the kitchen and when I placed it on the table in the dining room,
it was pretty, but displayed in just that white pitcher- it wasn't right yet.

 I wanted more bold and beautiful. 
More color and oomph.

Maybe a little more pop against the white walls

and rustic chalkboard.

I didn't have a vase that was perfect in size, color and pattern for the blue & white & pink that I was thinking
 but I did have a planter out on the patio that I thought  just might work.

So many times the perfect compliment in a vase  for flowers is not actually the perfect piece for holding water for various reasons.
So I have been known to place mason jars and plastic cups and even plastic bags filled 
with water inside random things like boots and chicken wire forms
to be able to use them for holding flowers.

For this, I placed a mason jar inside the planter and then filled it with the ranunculus
and it was the perfect touch that the table needed

Simple, sweet and charming.

It is a busy week over here
I am visiting one of my big kids in LA and also
 working on some plans for an upcoming renovation~one of the bathrooms.
Oh this will be a super fun one. 
Tile from floor to ceiling. Even the tub. The tear down of the existing is going to be 
a lot of work. And hauling of tile and cement to the dump.
It is going to be a job for sure. 
We are just in the planning stage of the project right now
but I will be sharing some inspiration and ideas soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I love the blue and makes a statement with those pink flowers!
    Lori from LL Farm

  2. What a lovely arrangement! The color combinations is really pretty with the blue and white vase to showcase the colorful bouquet.

  3. I have some gilded glasses like that....from my grandmother. They are so pretty aren't they?

  4. Oh, yes, blue and white! Love it!

  5. Blue and white is always perfect. Lovely arrangement!

  6. It is just lovely, Courtney. The blue and white AND the flowers. Can't wait to see your bathroom redo. It will be a mess but so worth it when it is done. xo Diana

  7. Beautiful Courtney....seems like I am getting back to more blue and white lately!...Have fun in L.A.!

  8. Stunning! You have inspired me to dig out my blue and white china.

    regards from SW France,


  9. Very innovative! Artistic minds think outside of the box. The blue and white vase was just the right touch and your photos of the flowers are beautiful.

  10. Your flowers and the blue and white vase look lovely,hope you have a nice visit in LA.

  11. Absolutely beautiful!
    I have a blue and white tooth brush holder cup thing that is lovely with flowers. Same idea as yours, just on a smaller scale.