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Chocolate pot love

Sometimes you just need a little chocolate in your life.

Or maybe something like a little
  chocolate pot set will do.

The day I found this little treasure was a day out junking like any other.
Except that it wasn't.

The yard sale we stopped at was a mish mash of this and that
and lots of trinkets on the tables.
But you know how it goes- you have to get out and take a peek 
just in case there might be a little hidden treasure in there.

I perused several tables working my way towards the front of the house
and there was the china table- which was covered in china and old Avon bottles.

But there were some interesting pieces mixed in as well.
Among the less exciting vintage pieces- I found several things that were speaking to me-
 a collection of red and white transferware
and then there was this.

A little delicate pitcher
with the sweetest ribbon handle

delicate little florals and swirly gilded edges.

It even had the cutest flirty little skirted bottom.

It was a Limoges Chocolate pot and along with it - there were also
 6 tiny little chocolate cups & saucers

That had the same details and pretty little purple flowers.
and the sweetest little children's tea set size

I didn't know that it was a chocolate pot or that is was from France and dated to around 1920.
Honestly, I really didn't know anything about it when I found it.
Except that I was in love with all those delicious details
and sweet charm.

So it came home with me.
I haven't actually used it for hot cocoa-
 can you imagine how elegant it is that they would serve hot chocolate 
in such amazingly detailed pieces back in the day?
 It would definitely be a perfect piece to host a delightful cocoa party with.

I am joining these ladies in sharing something French or French inspired today

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Happy Sunday everyone

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  1. What a fabulous find in that beautiful chocolate pot and service set! Absolutely fabulous!

  2. It's beautiful, Courtney! I love the little fluted elegant! And how nice that you have the entire set! Hugs...Debbie

  3. Very sweet! Haha...pun by accident. I love the little Spring. Enjoy.

  4. Courtney, this is one of the loveliest chocolate pots I've seen. The ribbon handle has me swooning! I'm so glad you stopped and that this exquisite set went home with you to be loved and appreciated. You should most definitely serve a petite cup of pure liquid chocolate after your next dinner party. How extravagant is that?
    Thank you for sharing your fabulous find!

  5. That is a beautiful chocolate pot. I think I would have squealed like a fool if I had come across something so pretty at a yard sale.The cups alone are amazing, but to have the whole set, priceless.

  6. Hi Courtney back when the Victorian style was all the design style along with English Country, I had quite a collection of Cocoa pots, all China painted by hand. Hmmmm! Why did I sell them all off in my store shaking my head after seeing the beauty and romance of adding this set into your French Country home.
    I bet it looks fabulous on your kitchen counters of white marble.

    See you soon and all your Brocante French charm.
    I have already visited all your featured ladies by way of Kim's visit to me.
    Now that I have had my Frnch Fix for the day,... I am off to create.



  7. it´s a beatiful set; such a pity we do not get yard sales here in Slovakia:(

  8. Lovely chocolate set Courtney, you must have french intuition and didn't know it.

  9. French Country Cottage...LOVE!

  10. This is very pretty. I can only imagine how it must have looked new with all of the gold intact. I collect Limoge as I can afford it, from plates to chocolate pots and this ones handle is the prettiest I have seen! You were very good to keep looking!

  11. Oh! What a find. These are exquisite. I like that it doesn't look brand new. I always like imagining previous owners and how they used these things. I love the handle on the pot and the handles on the little cups. It must have been so exciting to find these.

  12. is so you, it found you!

  13. No wonder everyone was tiny and petite back then... my cups of hot chocolate are quite a bit bigger than those!! lol