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Weekend View

Sometimes you just need a little bit of something something to get going.
After sleeping in a little later on the weekends,
 it might be another cup of coffee.

But it also just might be a little something else...
More deep thoughts and reflections another time~ today, it is all about
weekly recaps and random thoughts from my rambling mind. 

1.  Artichokes 

 I love artichokes.  And avocados but that is a different random thought.  
Artichokes are completely delicious and I can remember eating them all the time growing up.

I remember the first time that my husband had an artichoke-
 he wondered where the rest of it was. ;) 
But he is a big fan of them now and so when I found a whole fresh bunch of them at the store last week, I had to bring a few of them home. 
Next to those pink flowers and gold scissors-
they look as pretty as they are delicious.

2. Welcome Spring

It was the first day of Spring just a few days ago and I am already dreaming up tablescapes and entertaining ideas for the warm days and nights that are coming soon. 
This table from last Summer was one of my favorites.

3. Outdoor Living

In keeping with the first day of Spring~ which is like an event all by itself~
let's talk more outdoors.  It has been such beautiful Spring like weather here this week
so that meant we  could move the relaxing sofa time outdoors this week 
and we enjoyed evenings next to a warm fire in the rock fireplace. 
Truly one of our favorite spots to be outdoors all year long.

This patio space is getting a mini makeover for a feature it has coming up later this Spring
and I am excited about incorporating a little something different out here.

4. It is easy being green

I have been have been enjoying fruit, green & protein shakes nearly every day for lunch for the past couple of weeks and am loving the burst of good feeling energy that comes from them.   
Mixing in a handful of in season fruit makes it even more delicious. 
This photo is via instagram-so excuse the quality but it is 
  a blueberry shake with almond milk and a spoonful of green powder.  Yum.

I am trying a few different superfood blends and am wondering if anyone has any
recommendations for their favorites? Would love to hear them if you do.

5. Bathroom Dreaming...

I mentioned last week that we are gearing up for another project over here- and it is going to be a doozy. But the result should be worth it and amazing.
So I have started pinning bathroom inspirations for what
'the little bathroom that could might look like'. 
This one below is a major design crush inspiration- though thinking this would work
more for a master bath remodel
rather than the guest bathroom we are working on.

via House Beautiful

Either way- it is gorgeous and definitely inspiring.
If you would like to follow along with my crushes and inspirations 
on my Bathroom Dreaming Pinterest board
 you can find it here

Another busy week coming up
and on the blog I have some fun stuff planned
like a fun way of finding your style post
a little inspiration post
and some Spring coming your way as well.

Have a great weekend everyone

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  1. LUV artichokes and avocados !!! But the men in my life, well, not so much. Florida boys... what can I say. Maybe I'll pop on over to yours for a bite :)
    Happy weekend!

  2. Courtney, Now that is the way to live outdoors. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Okay! I'm looking into Eating Italian Style which is called a Slow Food Movement vs. Fast Food. Eating things that are good for you but food!! Instead of putting a lot of things together Italians like to eat and taste individual foods. They don't like a whole lot of variety on their plate.I know, I know, I eat on the run but I'm going to try to slow down and taste and appreciate. Whew!! Hope I can do it.

  4. Oh my! Sighs here, have have a tremendous amount of rain here in the Pacific Northwest. With the warm weather though the tulips are a couple of weeks ahead. You might Google Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. We live just a few miles away. Can't wait to see your bathroom do-over!

  5. We have artichokes here in the Midwest, but I don't think we are as savvy as you West coast people in preparing them. And we rarely see them on restaurant menus. They just aren't as fresh here. I still love them.

    Super Foods here...oatmeal every morning, avocados in my salads and eggs, red peppers in every cooked meal! We love veggies here and eat in season. Ready to retire the root vegetables and make some light pasta's and salads! :)

    As always. love your pretty vignettes and pics of your home!

    Jane xxxx

  6. I also love artichokes and have two plants - waiting for the fruit to come. I have to tell you that coming from the midwest, we never had artichokes ever, didn't even know what they were until I got married. We were at the grocery store in Peoria. IL and my husband said "lets cook these. What are they and he proceeded to tell me. I had to call his mother and ask her how to cook them. So..... ever since then - I love them. Your photos are so pretty. Where do you live at? In California?
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. We mix Almond Milk with plain yogurt, add bananas and blueberries and a splash liquid CoQ10 to make a delicious and creamy morning breakfast drink.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.