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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone
I hope that your Saturday morning has been off to a great start!
I am enjoying an extra cup of coffee this morning and waking up on California time
but missing my room with a view in one of my favorite cities for sure.

So since I have been in NYC with HomeGoods this week
this weeks Saturday edition is filled with bits 
that were noted from my big adventure in the big Apple last week.
(Will share a full re-cap on Blogger Day next week)

1. Room with a View

Ahh, I love a room with a view.
And I have to say, laying in bed at night and seeing this out my window- 
well, that was pretty amazing. 
Especially since when you live in the country- you are used to seeing shadows of trees
 and the twinkling lights from the stars instead of an iconic building all lit up
 wearing some Spring colors.
But I am also happy to be back home
with my trees and fam and back to work this week.

2. A broken leg

Yeah, you know, it was a moment.
 In a yellow cab. In traffic. 
There were 4 of us crammed inside and chatting with the cab driver and having a great time.
 Until we almost hit another car while swerving in and out of traffic. 
 One of us commented to the cabby
 that as long as he was a good driver we are all good.
  And he commented back that actually NO, he is actually a terrible driver.
And then proceeded to tell us that on top of that-
 he is driving with a broken leg.
But not to worry about it. He's been doing alright so far.
We were hoping he was kidding, but we couldn't see his leg and
he didn't get out to help us with luggage so it made us wonder...

3. Inspiration

I am a girl who loves living in the country and I do love having a bit of property buffer between my neighbors- so city living- well, it just isn't my thing.
But NYC is definitely a city that speaks very loudly to my alter ego side.
The sounds, the sights, the smells, the seeming to never end busy bustle on the streets- I love it.
And even though my schedule was all thrown off with the time change- I got up early, grabbed a coffee and sat right in here overlooking the city and spent a little time writing.

(via instagram)

It was seriously amazing and I was so inspired just being among all the distractions that weren't really like distractions but more like music that played in the background.
 Crazy, right? The honking, the sirens, the busy... they all played a part.

4. Inspiration again

Can we TALK about the inspiration at ABC Carpet and Home? 
I have no words other than to say
 it is completely amazing.

Modern, Industrial, Man Cave, Raw.
 aye aye aye. 
I wanted to ship EVERYTHING home.
 I will share a few photos from my favorite section. 
Okay, there are several sections that I will share in more detail-
 but we can just say that when I found my section- I stayed. 
For awhile. 
And told everyone they would know where to find me for the next hour.
 Or five.

5. Other News

And in other news-
 you can find a few favorite tips for collecting and using silver

That is it for  Random Saturday 

Stay tuned for a fun French inspired post coming your way tomorrow
and more design inspiration next week.

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the view. Glad you survive the cabbie!

  2. New York City, how exciting! Looks like you had a great trip but I, too, admit that no matter where I travel there is simply no place quite like home.

  3. looks like a FUN time!
    can i get a job like yours? :)

    looking forward to reading all about it!

  4. It's so fun to read posts from other people who are visiting your city and see their perspective of it. It's like having someone visit your home and then write about it. Yep, while I live across the river, I'm a born and bred New Yorker who has worked in the city my whole life. And oh how I love ABC Carpet! I used to walk past it everyday on my way home when I lived downtown (and often detoured inside). I hope you had a chance to enjoy their cafe... :-) Funny story about the cab driver. That's the thing about New York and New Yorkers - they can see pretty much anything and just not find it strange. Looking forward to hearing more!

    Lory at Designthusiasm