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Design & You

Eloquence Antiques
This morning, at High Point Market, 
 I grabbed another cup of coffee and settled in for a pep talk of sorts 
all about design and about running a business
but also about 'you' and reigniting your inner passion.

A pep talk or class at High Point Market? 
The answer is YES. 
High Point is absolutely filled with inspiration around every corner-
 but it also offers unique opportunities to meet some pretty amazing people 
and take part is discussions and presentations that not only relate to design
 but that relate to you and design and business.
With tips on growing, maintaining and how to keep that balance going.
It is almost like a happy place in several categories. 
Feed your inspiration, feed you.

So, this morning, when discussing business and finding your bliss 
and working through the negative aspects that comes along with any passionate endeavor
 the discussion turned into something else and was actually about much more- in many more ways.
So, I thought I would share with some of you who have emailed with questions or for advice
 or that just might need a little nudge of encouragement 
which is definitely what I got this morning.

Lloyd Princeton
Though there was great business advice- it applied to other aspects.

At a previous Market, you might remember when I shared Aerin Lauder with you
and how she built a business and brand- which was an another amazing presentation.
 In  Reigniting your Inner Passion-
 there were takeaways about 'running' yourself- so that flame will burn- instead of burn out
 that I thought you might enjoy.
Eloquence Antiques

1. Oxygen

We all need oxygen to live. 
That is a fact.
But when you are running around trying to 
  be everything for everyone all.the.time
 there might possibly be someone who is always, always left out.
Not to add more pressure- but that someone might be you.  
The first lesson of the day about success in business and life- was to make yourself a priority. 
To give yourself the oxygen on the plane to be able to do all you want to do help others.
Because otherwise, if you don't have any oxygen-
then how can you do everything else, right?
You just pass out and then no one is happy or getting what they need. 

I thought it was a great analogy to remember You
and remember to put you at the front of that line too.

Eloquence Antiques

(Speaking of oxygen-
 that.chandelier. is giving me a burst of fresh air.)


2. Dreams

I am sure that we have felt that discouraged feeling sometimes when trying to achieve something.
 Like sometimes when you are dreaming about something 
but it feels like you just keep running into walls and hitting your head again
as you are trying to make it happen. Like it is all working against you.
And again.
I loved this story and how it shows you to keep doing it.

There was this idea for a park. One that was magical.
Filled with a couple mice, ducks, castles built for a princess and even a literal boat load of pirates. 
It had rides and fantastic 'lands' in every corner as well as musical parades
 and lots of smiles as you walked in the sunshine on Main Street.

 It is Disneyland of course
and yes,  it is an amazing successful business as well as fun destination for kids of all ages.
But it wasn't an easy road to success. 

Did you know that Walt Disney applied to over 100 banks for a business loan- 
and was turned down over 100 times? 
Over 100 times.
100 No's.
Nope. Nothing. Not happening.

But instead of feeling like forgetting it and it was never going to happen,
 he applied again. 
And again. 
And again. 
and then, someone said yes.

And his dream took off
and Disneyland came to life.

I love that. 
And I love Disneyland
so I am pretty happy that he kept trying to get that dream to fly.
So, keep at whatever it is that is driving you 
and that you can't stop thinking about. Just keep at it
and you might get that yes after 100 no's too.

That is is for sharing a little Sunday wisdom
 and just a few peeks at some of the amazingness that I have been drooling over 
BIG.TIME. while at High Point Market.

You can bet there is a whole ton of amazing inspiration coming your way
from several of my favorite companies and a few new ones.

You can find some more inspiration over at my  Instagram 
and by following #hpmkt there as well.

Happy Sunday everyone.

I work with the Market Authority to share 
High Point Market with you but my love of being inspired and what inspires me 
is all my own.

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  1. Great pictures. I love Eloquence and have several pieces from them.
    High Point is so much more than shopping the 'new'. Retail is a tough business and the market has wonderful seminars to guide shop owners through the economic yo-yo'ing.

  2. Whenever I read about stress and time pressures and what not, I'm reminded that there is a reason that airlines remind us in an emergency to put OUR oxygen mask on first, then assist others; because if we aren't taking care of ourselves, we are pretty worthless to anyone else. ;)

  3. I live about an hour from High Point. Thank you for posting this.

  4. I am new to your blog and love it! Any idea if the butterflies in the display are paper, silk, etc.? I have been wanting to create a similar 3-D display but am having trouble sourcing quality butterflies.