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Random 5 for the weekend

It is Saturday.
I am on my second cup of coffee and enjoying watching the sun quietly come up this morning. 
Can I just say that I love the weekend?
And this weekend,  it is busy over here with lots on the agenda

And I am thankful that I woke up feeling energized.
Thinking I must have slept good.
Well, either that, or my coffee is extra caffeinated this morning.
Either way- I will take it!  

#1. Night Owl or Early Bird 

Did you know that I am a total night owl? 
I feel like I have had coffee and am ready to get going
 at 9 at night sometimes.
Yet, at the same time, I am a complete morning person. 
Getting up and sitting in a quiet house doing a little writing first thing in the morning- yes please.
 I love to wake up slowly while the world wakes up around me.

So what does that make me? 
 A staying up late night owl or an up with the sun early bird? 
Honestly, I think since I tend to combine both-
I think that just classifies me as tired a lot of the time.

#2. Lilacs in bloom

Seriously love lilac season.  But I have to file a complaint. 
Why is it that they bloom for such a short time? 
My husband clipped a few branches for me earlier this week- and I am in love with them-
 and using them in 25 different ways for posts, print work and special projects
so that I can enjoy them longer. And of course- taking the obligatory flowers in the sink photo.
It has to happen.

#3. Vegan Leather

Do you remember 'pleather'? 
You know that faux leather that is actually some type of plasticy, weird,
 I don't know what it is material.
 We called it Pleather when I was in HS - short for "plastic leather'. 
Pleather is actually everywhere but honestly, after HS,  I totally forgot about noticing it
 and how we used to laugh about it until recently.
I saw the most gorgeous pieces at the store that were screaming my name
and they were labeled as Vegan Leather.
Yep, you guessed it. Pleather has reinvented itself.
And Vegan Leather is definitely SO much better than Pleather.
It isn't even in the same category and Pleather- well that was so 1990's.
I totally might have to bring some of that gorgeous vegan goodness
home to put into my closet.

#4. Farmhouse Charm

I love a little farmhouse in a room- though I am definitely not a 100% farmhouse decor type girl.
Even so, just that little touch of rustic which can be farmhouse
 is what keeps a room interesting sometimes- so I embrace it.
Over at Ebay this week- I shared a few tips for adding some 
Hint: It is so easy.

#5.  5 ideas for a Centerpiece

Are you feeling last minute for setting your table for Easter?
 I am so last minute it is embarrassing. We can't even really discuss. 
But over at HomeGoods this week- I shared 5 simple, easy and 5 minute table centerpieces that you can use for some inspiration for a Spring table. 
 If you are running behind like me. Or just because.
 ( I am totally using #2 this weekend)

That is it for this weeks random edition.
Wishing everyone a blessed and Happy Easter!!

Happy Weekend everyone!! 

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  1. Your blog is so lovely. I love our style and your photography.

  2. I love this Post so much.
    Thank you for the wonderful Words and the nice pictures.


  3. Courtney, You have the most beautiful flower pics on your blog! I can't wait for lilac season here...only two more months to go:)

  4. Your blog is always so gorgeous! Thanks for the giggle. Pleather, Ha. I'm with you, I'm up über late, or super early when it's still dark. Seems I get more accomplished that way. Have a beautiful Easter and thank you for hosting, writing, and sharing!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! All dreamy and perfect thanks for sharing!!! Greetings from Sweden

  6. Yuck -- No flowers here. Well I guess there are a few puny daffodils. I think I'll sneak out to our neighbors yard and pick a few for out Easter table :-)

  7. Too hot for lilacs here, but I do love them. Great inspirational photos, Courtney.

  8. I love the term vegan leather! When I was young (I am English) it was known as leatherette. I've also seen "faux leather", but vegan leather wins hands down IMO,

  9. I think I need lilacs in my life now! I always feel the same way about tulips-- as soon as you've started to enjoy them, they've all died.