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Simple Spring mantel

Sometimes simple is best and it is exactly perfect.

Kind of like this  simple and sweet little dog statue that just manages to always 
find a way into my mantel designs 
bringing a huge amount of charm right along with him.

Something simple inspires me more often than not. 
I know that seems crazy when sometimes what makes a room is all the 'stuff' in it that is decorating it. 
But there is a fine balance between
too much that it takes away and just enough that is leaves you wanting just a bit more.
Keeping more to the simple side allows me to really 
notice and appreciate so much more than what the eye first sees.
Like instead of a whole bunch of lilacs,
one single stem allows each individual star shaped blossom to stand out that much more.
Now, don't get me wrong when it comes to lilacs
 I am all for a big bouquet of them in every room
but I also appreciate a simple small little jar with one stem just as much where
you see so much more of the intricacies of the flower.

Sometimes it is simply the 'breathing space' 
in design that makes it perfect.

I have been super quiet with seasonal decorating over here recently 
well, other than Christmas but you know, obsessed.  ;) 
Probably partly because I am busy busy behind the scenes with a few bigger projects 
So it seems, some of those seasonal changes are taking form in the simplest of ways
with just a touch here and there.

So things like clear glass bottles 
blue jars and old inkwells on the mantel in the cottage
are just perfect for holding a single bloom.

And paired with the glistening gold pages on these old books from my grandmothers collection- 
simple perfection.
I love to place these chunky old books outward so that the gold can take center stage.
It is a refreshing change from the usual darker bindings.

A stack of little thrifted white leaf bowls
and a few sprigs of Stock that drop its blossoms more and more each day
but that just seem to roll to just the right spot each time.

Of course, that delicious pairing of vintage brassy gold mirror 
with a few branches of purple lilac
is just the perfect amount of drama and soft color for me.

I am so enjoying the big armful of lilac blooms my husband cut from our trees this year.
From using several of them paired with the blue and white in yesterdays chandelier post
 to a few on the mantel in the cottage- 
they are beautiful and I am enjoying them all over the house right now.

It is rainy here again today- which is really good news for California
and that rain will not only be watering the world outside
but it will also be keeping me indoors for a bit today.
So I am looking forward to pouring an extra cup of coffee
and delving into finalizing some of the planning work and ordering product for
that upcoming bathroom remodel.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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  1. Just beautiful. I cannot WAIT until our lilacs bloom - we have several huge ones and the breeze when they're in bloom coming into the house is heaven on earth.

    Lovely pics, Courtney. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Really sweet mantel styling with te lilacs and your little puppy! Glad its raining up your way; ours is hopefully coming later tonight.
    Have fun getting all of your bathroom fixtures, etc., ordered. :)

  3. Courtney- You just have a knack at displaying objects -The lilacs look beautiful with the gold mirror and mantle and that precious puppy is just adorable. I have looked everywhere on Etsy and Ebay for one similar and can't find the precious face. But just can't wait for your new reveals. i love seeing your blogs and especially love it when there are two in a day. Hugs, Kathy

  4. Hello, I am your newest follower! Your mantle looks beautiful, cute little puppy and gorgeous lilacs! I can almost smell them. :)
    Have a great week,

  5. Very pretty Courtney. We are so close but still so far away from having lilacs blooming up here in Narnia. At least the snow is gone for now. You would LOVE all the blooming lilacs we have here in Anchorage. When they all get to blooming, the entire neighborhood smells like lilacs. We have lilac trees up here. Right next to our front steps we had one of those giant bush tree varieties. The branches were up to the second story oval windows. It was out of control huge. Sometimes I'm sad that I went after it with a hand saw, in a dress and high heels. After a branch smacked me in my head.... I had a crazy moment. Ha, ha.

    I noticed that your ceiling is planked. Did you do that yourself? I don't recall a blog post about your ceilings other than the one that had a few beams put in by your dad and his helper elves. ;-)

    The upstairs in my home is the main floor. I want to do something to it. At the very least it will be painted. What I dream of doing and what is cost effective are two different things. I'm almost scared to price that out. I'll get excited about what I want and it will be so absurdly high priced. I'd like to have real wood beams. But if that is $10g project, I will settle for doing faux de bois on a less costly substrate. Anyway, I love your pretty white ceiling and the little doggy.

  6. I love Lilacs, and all your post and the attention to detail, and how you tell us all about the details I love that, thank you

  7. I just love Lilacs, and I love your post and all the attention to details you tell us about everything thank you so much

  8. Hello Courtney, These are especially beautiful photographs. I'm keeping fingers crossed that my lilacs did not freeze.

  9. Gosh that is stunning! I will be excited to see our lilacs bloom, but spring is still staying away from us in New England.

  10. Those lilacs are gorgeous and I'll bet they smell wonderful!

  11. I absolutely LOVE how you used the little porcelain pup and books here. And the flowers... gorgeous!