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Simple Spring Vignette

Sometimes you just need something that is just a bit simple.

Like an armful of fresh cut lilacs 
a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie
or a grainsack striped bag filled with cottage flowers.

I have working and playing with a ton of Spring market flowers
and fresh cut lilac branches  this week.
Between some print work and upcoming collaborations
you might say it has been a bit busy and very pretty in pink and purple colorful.

In the middle of something else that was being photographed in the cottage
 I decided to dress up that old orchard ladder that always waits so
quietly leaning against the wall.

I tied the lilac branches and Stock to several of the rungs with twine.
Such a simple way to play off the rustic feel of that old paint splattered
and weathered ladder.

So simple and easy to put together but such a beautiful view
and it definitely warms up this corner of the room. 

I'm joining this great group of bloggers in sharing Spring inspirations today

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Courtney, I'm sitting here in awe of your vignette! It's simply divine! Lilacs, ladder, blue jean jacket and that bag and oh wait, that cowboy hat. it's all just so charming, I can hardly stand it! What a treat!


  2. When you see the definition of Breath of Fresh Air, the name of Courtney and French Country Cottage appears....I have severe lilac envy. i so wish that I could grow them here...they are so beautiful. Your vignette is always. So happy to party with you Courtney!...Have a wonderful day!!!

  3. Your lilacs are incredible, Courtney, as is your vignette. Love how you filled the grain sack with cottage florals, too ... now, where's that warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie that you mentioned? :)

  4. Courtney, I always love to see how you style that stunning ladder. I wish I had one to play with.

  5. Like Shirley I have lilac envy because you cannot get them, grow them or even see them here. Perfection as always!

  6. beautiful in every way. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the way you strung flowers on that fabulous ladder. So beautiful!!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Your pictures always tell such romantic stories, Courtney! LOVE lilacs and they look so pretty on your ladder!

  9. Lindo, amei as flores.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  10. I have always loved an orchard ladder; I all most talked my local nursery man into letting me buy his. :) Your grain sack bag is wonderful, where did you buy it from? Rié | Portobello Design Blog

  11. I can just smell the lilacs! They looks so lovely with the blue:-)

  12. Courtney your orchard ladder is divine! I always love stopping by to visit. So much inspiration to take in even when it is just the simplest of vignettes. Thank you so much for doing all of us ladies for the blog hop! Sorry it was a stressful one this time out. Enjoy High Point!

  13. Hi Courtney!!

    I'm so crazy for LILACS and mine are filling our rooms with their gorgeous scent!!

    I love the old wooden cottage ladder and the beautiful way you have Lilacs and other flowers hanging from it!!

    Have a great week!!


  14. What a lovely, simple way to bring spring into your home! I adore the simplicity of it. It makes me want to frolic through fields :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Strikingly beautiful, simple and inspiring and oh Lilacs...

  16. Your photos are gorgeous! I love lilacs, for their beauty and fragrance. Mine are just about ready to bloom and I can't wait to bring some indoors! Yours look so pretty on that awesome ladder! Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Leena