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Office Makeover

You know how sometimes you just need a change?

Maybe a new color on your walls, new lighting or even to just move the furniture 
around in a room to make it feel different?

It happens to the best of us. 
We design something we think is perfect- and find out it was only perfect for right then at that time. Maybe your style changes a bit or your needs in the room change.
And then you find yourself thinking and dreaming about changes. 
And changes in decor in a room are a lot more fun to dream about than having to call for service on your 1 year old range because it decided it was tired of baking.

 back to the drawing board, right?
Actually, I have had a makeover of my office on my mind pretty much since the last time I did a makeover on the office. 
 It was okay- and some of the details of the new look charmed me. 
But others- not so much. 

You might remember this refresh from 2013 if you have followed my blog for a bit-
  I used an old garden table as a desk/work area and my grandmothers china cabinet 
for storing fabrics, and brought a small pendant light in. 

It was a makeover that kind of happened quickly for a magazine shoot that was fast approaching. They wanted vintage and cottage style- 
but it wasn't exactly 'me' 100%. 
  I had been looking for a few key pieces that  I knew would be absolutely perfect for my style and the size of the room-
and had a hard time finding just the right ones.

But guess what?  I found them.
They almost make me a little giddy to think about them in this room. 
And they are traveling across the country and on their way to me as.we.speak. 
Excited doesn't even begin to describe it.

So, here is a quick look at the vintage inspired office makeover from a few years ago- some has changed since then already of course- but you get the idea.

I'm picking out paint and moving things out this weekend and will share a peek at some of what is inspiring me and what the plans are soon. 
  Ahhh, I love the smell of a good makeover in the making. 
 Any exciting projects going on at your house?

Happy Tuesday

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  1. I'd be giddy too! I so love what you have now, it's simply elegant! I do get the excitement of changing things up, it's challenging and beyond fun!!! The thrill is in the planning and then the execution is magical!

    Can't wait to see what you'll do!


  2. I draw so much inspiration from your blog and your beautiful sense of style. I can't see what you do next.

  3. I love your office now, so I am sure I will Love the new look. Can't wait to see it all come together.

  4. I'm sure whatever you do, it will be beautiful, like always:D

  5. Your Blog does inspire me :) Lovely

  6. Looking forward to seeing your new look... :-) My entire house is one big project, as we are in the middle of a move to a new home. Every day is full of renovation and decor decisions. I'm in heaven!

  7. May be spring gives us this desire of changing ! Being a pink girl I just change some of my decoration into blue ! why not ? In France we say "only stupid people never change their mind" !
    xoxo from PARIS with grey sky and wing

  8. Courtney I am excited and anxious to see the pieces that are headed your way. I know they are nothing short of fabulous as you chose them!

  9. A long time follower, but not often leaving comments. Wanted to say your space looks beautiful and feminine...right now I'm also in the middle of a little office space makeover...a change is as good as a holiday as they say! Can't wait to see how you transform this space.