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Simple Spring Mantel

Last week,
a little something blue ran off with my heart.

I was minding my own business
shopping HomeGoods looking for something for a styling project that is coming up when
 it happened.
It was out of nowhere really.
I wasn't looking for it specifically, but all of a sudden
 there it was sitting on the shelf
 batting those big blue vintage style eyelashes at me.

How could I resist that pretty blue seltzer bottle?
Seltzer bottles are perfect for placing inside an open cupboard
on a shelf
or even used as a vase- simply unscrew the top.
So, of course,
I couldn't leave that blue bottle behind at the store.
But what about 2 or 3 of them?
Obsessed might now even cover it-
 but it happened.

I started with one blue one...

and in the next row found another...

and then there was that one that was clear.

Honestly, that clear one might actually be my favorite right now.
It is the same bottle that so many of you messaged me about when I shared the the little table
 in my post yesterday.

Together, they all work perfectly marching down the mantel
with just a few peonies in them.

 Simple and sweet for Spring.

And, yes,
it appears a new collection has started.

Happy Tuesday everyone

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  1. I totally "get it" with the bottles...I count my 'select group' of vintage bottles part of my supply of treasures to instantly whip together a setting, a scene , a special spot to show off. One of my very favorite uses is to add a narrow long unframed mirror to my dining table and just :line up the bottles in the center..then use whatever growing thing I have on hand ..sometimes what I call WEED FLOWERS..simple, elegant, just making it up as we go! Just like your beautiful presentation.

  2. Your home always looks so it all! So beautiful:) And ever since I saw that carpet in your closet, I keep telling my husband "I WANT THAT!" Lol!

  3. I love my vintage bottle collection and how much color they bring to a vignette so, i completely understand.

  4. I love the look of these vintage bottles, they make your home look so elegant and homey! This is such a great home decor idea, so lovely!

    My Lovelier Days

  5. Perfection - that blue and that pink screams harmony, love love love it.

  6. Love those blue bottles - what a fabulous find and they perfectly accent the pink peonies! It's amazing how looking at beautiful colors can instantly brighten your mood and put a smile on your face - thanks for sharing:)

  7. Great photos .
    I'm crushing on the peonies .one can never have enough of them., mixing them with the blue bottles is awesome. After seeing how you placed them and then what Jonell suggested has given me some ideas, on how I can use them. Thank you so much.
    Have a blessed day

  8. Oh they're gorgeous - I have mason jars that color - and pink peonies ( not in bloom yet ) thanks for the idea !!!
    Your styling and than your photography skills leave me feeling completely inadequate at times LOL
    Pinning a few of these images :)