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Weathered Table Love

Sometimes you just need a little change.

Like a new pair of shoes to wear with your old faded favorite jeans
or a bright pink sweater to put over your black tank top.

It's a funny thing how a simple change in an outfit can change your whole
mood and much in the same way, a pair of new fresh white slipcovers
and a little table can do the same thing in a room.

This little table is a charmer
and I knew it would be like a pair of favorite jeans
before it even arrived.

It had perfectly weathered wood and charming details like 
a turned center pedestal.

 I knew would be perfect for mingling with those slipcovered sofas
an old chippy mirror and a wonky farmhouse bench.

But, you know what,
 it was also perfect in the kitchen at the breakfast nook
and in the guest bedroom.
So the hardest part might be trying to decide just where it will stay. 

But, like a new sweater or pair of shoes, 
you can wear them with different outfits
so I am pretty sure it will work wherever it lands.
But for now,

loving it right where it is.

Happy Monday everyone!

Merrick table- Birch Lane
White Sofas- Ikea

I partnered with Birch Lane to share this table which is inspiring me-and a few others things coming up soon 
but all opinions are my own of course!

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  1. Love the table and sofa, and the peonies :). Great photo.
    Be blessed

  2. Love it all! Especially the peonies. I collect peonies and to me they are just so beautiful, romantic and add so much to any place they may be. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thank you!! Peonies are a HUGE favorite of mine too Sandra! :)

  3. Where did you get the whippet slipcovers?
    Love your blog, so romantic, and love the colors.

    1. Thank you Karen! The sofas and white slipcovers are the Ektorp from Ikea. Hope that helps!

  4. Oh my!!! Table envy over here. Beautiful piece!

  5. Lovely lovely as always!! Love your colors!!! All the best from Sweden

  6. It's a wonderful addition to your French country cottage, and you know me! I would so have it in my home as well, and so wish it were!!


  7. Yes,Courtney you have made a wonderful choice again, it looks great with all the white and i love the shape of it.

  8. I just love that beautifully versatile table! It complements just about any decor while also adding great style. I'm a huge fan of the white slipcover too - they look fabulous and also easy to care for ~ Cheers:)

  9. Beautiful table Courtney...I love the way it looks against the white sofa!...

  10. LOVE the table! Like the simile! It IS like a favorite pair of jeans. Your home is always so pretty and this table is no exception.
    Michelle from