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French Market Basket

A tisket, a tasket

what is not to love about
a French market basket?

I have a huge crush on them.

French Market Baskets are simple
oh so pretty.
Not to mention they can hold a ton of stuff.

Whether on a simple hook on the wall holding flowers
 or on a bench holding your latest market goods
or even by the sofa with magazines and books and other knick knacks 
they can literally be tucked anywhere.

The woven pattern and simple lines are perfect.
They are not usually overly detailed
but simple is just right and one of the things that I love about them.

A  not so big secret:  
This one is actually not French - it is a beach tote 
that has the look of a market basket. 
When I bumped into it,  of course I loved it. What is not to love?

I might have picked it up and twirled around and imagined all the ways I would use it.
Right now, it is simply sitting on an old bench in the cottage 
with fresh clippings of stock and sweet peas from the market & the garden- 
Can I just tell you how incredible this bunch of flowers smells?
Seriously, if you aren't familiar with stock or sweet peas- 
the scent is ahhhmazing.
 We have a huge amount of sweet peas that grow naturally on our property
so when they bloom- I am out there clipping away.

I shared this basket out in the cottage guest bedroom recently
where it was plopped on the bed holding a favorite jacket.
Market baskets are perfect for using as an everyday bag as well.
Of course, 
 a French Market Basket is wonderful for taking to the beach 
with you as well.

So load it up and bring it along next time you travel.

I am joining these ladies and sharing something French or French inspired today

for Anita
CONFESSIONS OF A PLATE ADDICT French Ticking Tea Towels  from a Pillowcase small

And stay tuned- because later this evening
something exciting is coming your way!


You can find this Market Tote 
for under $30 right here

and that blue striped throw-is actually a towel

Happy Sunday everyone

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  1. I just recently found stock at Trader Joes and it does smell wonderful and not overpowering in the house. Can't ever go wrong with a pretty basket.

  2. Courtney, I'm envious that you have sweet peas growing wild on your property. Lucky you! Sweet peas are finished here. They are early spring bloomers because of our TX heat. Love the market basket. I do all the same things with my Courtly Check tote. Not French, but oh does it make my heart sing. ;-)

  3. Just gorgeous! Your styling is always stunning.

  4. This looks exactly like the french market basket we have in our appartment in Provence!
    Bonne soirée, Monika

  5. I love that market basket, Courtney! Not only are they pretty, but really handy as well! I've even seen little dogs being carried in them on the métro in Paris! lol Hugs...Debbie

  6. What a great a group of ladies. I was in target the other day and was looking at the tote bags / purses...and I thought about yours. The photos are great!!! Stock flowers are one of my other favorites ,that is the one thing I miss about Seattle it going to Pike street market and buying fresh sweet peas from spring through summer. So I use a lot of stock here in TX.
    Have a great weekend and a Safe 4 th of July