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Summer Home Tour

Summer means warm sunshine filled days
and evenings under the stars.

Abundant sunshine 
windows open all night long
lovable, long, lazy days at the beach.

It is pretty safe to say that 
I love Summer.

I love the the lighter, brighter days
that start before 5 in the morning when the sun comes up
and that linger until after 9 in the evening 
when it goes to bed.

I also love the lighter, brighter fresh feeling 
that summer brings to the house.
Fresh florals, soft tickings, chippy patina.
Though I don't change everything with each season
each room definitely gets a big boost of some kind.
Whether it is new throw pillows, a change in fabrics or bedding,
a new vintage find 
or even something simple like a $5 bouquet 
of fresh flowers.

Since this post will already be pretty. darn. long.
I am sharing just a couple photos of a few rooms and outdoor spaces
and will share them each  in more detail
with more photos (because I took a ton as usual!) 
 in separate posts.

Dining Room

The dining room doesn't change a whole lot with the seasons
but it definitely gets a fresh bouquet to brighten it up-
and what better than a bouquet of peonies in a basket? 
For parties or birthdays or other occasions
you might find a message, menu or note written on the chalkboard.

Living Room

A fresh look on the mantel with a curvy vintage mirror
a few candles for a soft evening glow

and faded floral fabrics are all the living room needs to get that pretty
 summer dress on.

The Kitchen

Always something new in the kitchen
and right now, it is a little bit of blue & white with pottery and platters on the wall

and pink with peonies. 

I told my husband the other day that when peonies are in season
it is always a good day to bring another bunch (or 5) of them  home with you.

yes,  I practice what I preach.

The Office

 Larkspur and bottles and a vintage fireplace?
 I'm calling it good.

You can see more in my post HERE 

The Bedroom

The huge amount of sunshine that pours through our bedroom windows and french door
pretty much changes the look of the room for summer all by itself.

But a simple swap of the curtains back to that oversized gold buffalo check
and a pop of pretty with the floral comforter  at the foot of the bed-
and it is perfectly summery.

The Bathroom

A little gold, a few blooms and that is about it. 
Not too many seasonal changes in here- I kind of like it the way it is.

The Patio

One of our most used and loved spaces during summer,
the patio is a perfect spot for lingering late into the evening by the fire
or simply listening to music by candle light.

I like to keep the patio fairly neutral color wise
with soft taupes, grays and white for the color scheme
in favor of a more bold look.
Though, stay tuned because the patio recently had a different look
that I will be sharing very soon with you.

Of course, a splash of pink with flowers is always welcome.

The Pea Gravel Patio

A soft glow from the lanterns light the rock steps 
and lead up to the pea gravel patio 
where a farmhouse dining table and chairs wait for inspired conversation late into the evenings.
Today it is colored with lavenders, lilacs and sea glass tones.

Just a peek at this table~  
more in a separate post on my blog this week.

The Hammock

Ahh the hammock... a lazy spot for an afternoon nap 

and a definite favorite for indulging a bit of my romantic side with floral fabrics
and fresh picked flowers from the garden.

It is definitely a favorite spot to relax- and I will be sharing a different look for it very soon as well.

That is about it for now
 though I know I only shared a peek at each room- don't yell at me.
Of course there are other rooms to share
and the guest cottage as well
 and I will share more in much more detail and photos 
over the next couple weeks.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Courtney...I can just imagine sitting on your gorgeous patio on a warm summer evening taking in the sights and sounds of summer...then retreating into your beautiful home. I love the summer, not so much for the heat, but for the long days too.
    So good for the soul....and speaking of soul, your home is filled with your beautiful heart and soul....

  2. Just gorgeous, I love your home! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  3. Can I move in? Just stunning!!! I love your photography!

  4. What a wonderful way to start my day, Courtney. Your photos are stunning!
    Your talent for decorating is so inspirational. Love it all!!!

  5. LOL You practice what you preach....I love it! You might as well enjoy peonies while they're in season. Your home looks so pretty, Courtney, and I Love your outdoor space!

    1. haha! I am a BIG believer in the power of fresh flowers in a room- and of peony season and indulging in it as long as possible! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love, love, love your home Courtney! Just beautiful. Xo, ~julie

  7. So pretty as always, Courtney. My fave is your outdoor space.

  8. So cozy and inviting... Your photos graphs is amazing... What state is this.. Picture perfect..

  9. Your home is filled with an abundance of beauty and romance...each photo more stunning than the next! Beyond lovely.

  10. Courtney your home and grounds are stunning! I love the outdoor fireplace and certainly would spend a lot of time out there. Beautiful tour.

  11. Love it...and my fave is your outdoor space too! A bit jelly about that because it's too hot here to use ours in the summer unless you are neck deep in the pool!

  12. It's gorgeous with a side of stunning! ;-) You have the magic touch for sure sweet friend and your home dressed to welcome summer is perfection.

  13. You are so lucky to live in California.Our weather here in PA is horrible. Too humid and very rainy this year.

  14. Breathtakingly beautiful as always Courtney!

  15. Your house is beautiful! I can see why you love sitting out on the patio!

  16. Courtney,

    Your home is truly magical and inspiring. I can see that you put a lot of love into your gorgeous cottage. You have impeccable taste and a romantic soul.

    I have long admired your blog and thank you for being such an inspiration to me.



  17. summer at your place is wonderful

  18. It's a home to love, there is not a room or space that I don't love.

    Your home flows romantically inside and out!


  19. Two words......Charming and Graceful. I love the idea of just adding a hint of summer in each room. Your bedroom has always been my favorite room, with the red and white checks.....adding the floral print to the end of the bed was brilliant. Not over the top. The last house we lived in had the quincentennial New England established flower garden...oh how I miss the peonies....I loved going out in the morning for fresh cuttings ( not so.much the ants!)
    Truely inspiring.

  20. Wow, what a beautiful home and garden space you have. I love the warmth of the outdoor patio with fireplace and the two chandeliers in the dining room - brilliant! I agree that any day is a good day for peonies.

    1. Would enjoy them very day- all year long if I could find them! Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Courtney, your home is enchanting inside and out. You have style that inspires. One of my all time favorite images is one of your master with that gorgeous settee in red buffalo check that sits at the foot of your bed. Thanks for the tour. It was a real treat!

  22. Beautiful and so Cozy. I am such a big fan of you interior style and home.

  23. Stunning pictures..I love everything that you do
    bHome Username; ginette4
    anger_family @yahoo dot com

  24. Courtney,
    Oh you precious tease, you!!!
    I adore each photo of your home
    . . .and of course, it leaves me wanting to see more, dear one!!!
    PoPs of Pink Peonies are what the icing on the cake is to the decor of each room!!!
    The out~of~doors space is truly inviting, as well!!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home at bHome Summer Open House!!!

    1. Haha!! Sorry! :) Thank you for your sweet comment and for stopping by Pat.

  25. Oh the double chandeliers and the hammock. I love them.
    You have created an elegantly beautiful home.
    Even though my own style leans strongly to contemporary, I could live in your house (who wouldn't).
    Any free rooms? :D

  26. Your low key summer decor is the perfect foil for those gorgeous peonies! I much admire your style and your talent, and I must admit that your home and outdoor areas shine in any season!

  27. I love your kitchen table with the chalk board, so pretty! That patio has me swooning! You would have to drag me back into the house, I would spend all my time in such a lovely space!

  28. I always enjoy a tour of your beautiful home Courtney and I'm totally envious of that outdoor area. It must be amazing to entertain out there. Thanks for a fabulous summer tour of your home.

  29. You are an amazing photographer Courtney! I felt transported to your lovely home. :) Thanks for sharing!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous photos of your lovely home :)

  31. Gorgeous as always Courtney and your photos are just amazing! Love, love your bedroom! And that chalkboard makes me swoon!

  32. Your home is one of my very most favorites. I love absolutely everything....I am addicted to it like I am addicted to chocolate.
    Cassandra E bHome

  33. I just commented and I'm not sure if it went though. So, I'm writing another. :) I absolutely love the beautiful moments you've created around your home. I could look at your pictures all day! So happy to be on this tour with you!

    xo Michael

  34. Your home is beautiful, Courtney! I love every single thing you shared ~ happy to be a part of the first bHome tour with you!

    hugs, mb

  35. Your home is simply lovely! So inviting and warm......wonderful job!