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Inspired by~ blush & cream

Where do you look for color inspiration for a project?

Sometimes it is something simple that inspires you.
Like the way the sunshine dances across a dark stained hardwood floor
and reveals so many shades and tones in the wood.
Or the subtle veining on a deep green leaf on a tree
or the softest shade of pink in a flower petal.

River rock, the pattern of brick beneath your feet on a patio or the texture of weathered wicker-
inspiration can be found everywhere if you look.

For me, when I am looking for inspiration for my next project
 one of the first places I look for it is in nature.

A clear blue sky
 a cotton ball puff cloud
 a blade of grass
golden fields against purple mountains
the sea
and flowers.

I am immensely inspired by nature.
And it provides an abundance of inspiration in color, saturation, tone and texture
you just have to notice it.

As you know,
I have been working on making over my office recently
and when thinking about the colors, pieces and details in this room,
I knew that I wanted to create a space that inspired me.
And the first step was finding the perfect color
for a backdrop.

I wanted soft and feminine.
Pretty and tad bit glamorous 
and of course- girly.

So I looked to one of my favorite things... 

I grabbed a few images that I felt really represented the soft hues and shades that I love
and started creating a collage or vision board of some of my favorites.

Then it was time to choose the perfect paint colors based on that 
pretty in pale blush and white palette.


Did you know that finding the perfect white paint has been a nemesis of mine?
It has. 
White paint is one of those things you have to love. 
If it is too yellow- no go. 
Too blue- too cold. 
Too pink- not working.
Too gray- bleh.
And there are no less than what seem like 
5 thousand, gazillion, million shades of 

It is HARD to find the one that speaks to you the first time.
Because we all know- some of those color chips at the store have super powers and 
morph into  a completely different color at your house.
Because they CAN. 

But I have to tell you.
I have found a new favorite shade of white.
I know.
And even better- 
I have actually found 3 new favorite whites.

One has the slightest touch of pink
another the slightest touch of taupe
and the third- 
well, it didn't need a thing. 
It is just plain fabulous right off the shelf.

All of them are Sherwin Williams HGTV Home 
and are found at Lowe's.

So first- 
let's not  look at those paint cans and talk about what a messy painter I obviously am
and just talk about where we started.

The wall color in the office was subtle to begin with- 
you can see the slightly cream color reflected in the mirror.

It had a slightly pink/peach undertone to it and I actually really liked it.
But it was an oops paint. So there was no color matching going on there
and it was more than ready for a new freshness.

And I needed a little more rosy tone in my life.
The beige was just getting too beige. 
If you have ever met me in person- you know the color beige is probably not what you would use
to describe me.
I might be more like a fuchsia. 

And so I went to Lowe's 
and I looked at that big old color chip palette wall
and fell in love with about 150 different colors and shades.
Because, I mean, look at the choices?

But then, there is was.
Among all the eye candy
right next to the puffy white cloud
and the pretty ballet slipper pink...
the perfect shades of white.

 Enter Sherwin Williams HGTV Home 
Gorgeous White & Incredible White.

Let's start with color number one.

Gorgeous White.

I mean-really, it is oh so gorgeous.

Gorgeous White is actually a slightly barely there blushing white 
that definitely leans towards pink.
Which is exactly why I bought it
I love it.

Ooh la la!
Gorgeous White is just a tad rosier than a ballet slipper pink
but not so pink as a cotton candy if that makes sense.
It is soft and delicate
and it plays so perfectly with the gold on the frame
and with the next color I chose.

Incredible White.

I have a confession.
I love incredible white...incredibly.

It leans slightly cream without being yellow or too gray
and it exudes warmth without being too off white in person.

It was perfect for the ceiling.

And you can really see the more taupe color and subtle difference next to the pink
and in the corners of the room
and how it compares to a more white- white on the fireplace below.

And on that fireplace- 
is the third color. 

Nothing fancy schmancy...
it is simply right off the shelf stock 
Sherwin Williams HGTV Home white paint.

When you can find a white paint that is amazing right off the shelf
think about how much easier that makes choosing the perfect white paint for your home
and for touch ups when you can't remember which shade of pearly white, creamy white,
pillow puff white or soft warm but really it is blue white
that you finally chose?

You can see from this color comparison just how the subtle hues 
from the flowers were picked up in the white paint.

It is so much easier to find your perfect match
when you start with a shade that you already love 
and choose one little bit of saturation or tone from it
give it a try.

Another thing about that paint?
 One coat primer and paint coverage
for those of you who are like me and when you want to change something
you want to change something right then
 and have it looking fabulous in five minutes
rather than five coats.

That is what I am talking about.

So what do you think?
Would you choose a paint based purely off of something you love in nature?

And... I know I have only shown you one area of the room
but you will be seeing much more of those pretty colors and the finished room
and just how much difference that rosy glow makes in the
office reveal in about 2 weeks- stay tuned!

Happy Monday everyone! 

I partnered with Lowe's to bring a whole new shade of white 
to my room but all of my opinions and big time crushing on it is my own.

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  1. Lovely colors! I truly enjoyed this post comparing the colors of white. It was eye opening for me. I won't be seeing white the same way again.

    1. It is so funny how subtle the difference can look unless they are right next to each other isn't it? Thanks for stopping by Lynda!

  2. Just beautiful....makes me want to move to the USA !!! So hard to find really good whites here !!!

  3. Thanks for this review. I love Sherwin Williams paint and I am looking for some new whites! I was hesitant that the paints at Lowes might not be the same quality as the ones in the Sherwin Williams stores. What do you think?

    1. I haven't noticed any difference at all in the quality of the paint at all- I am loving it! I would give it a go!!

    2. You know, I will after seeing your review. I need to paint some doors white and I am thinking I might use that Gorgeous White for my bedroom.

      We've been renovating our house from top to bottom. In the family room I dropped my coffee and some got on the wall. I didn't wipe the coffee from the wall because so many boxes and things were in my way...I thought great, I'm going to have to repaint the whole wall. I finally wiped it off about 2 months later and it wiped off like it was nothing at all!!! Sherwin Williams is the absolute best paint, I LOVE it.
      I'm excited to get started. :)

      PS I get coffee everywhere, LOL.

    3. That is awesome! As you can tell by my messy paint cans- I tend to have little drips and spills as well. ;) Hope you like the paint!

  4. I'm loving the little peeks into your room. Can't wait to see the reveal.

  5. I love white paint. So fresh and clean. I have to get going on painting my family room.

  6. I love white paint. So fresh and clean. I have to get going on painting my family room.

  7. Love your soft colors and really love your handbag!

  8. I have to tell you Courtney, you take the most magnificent photos of your wonderful styling! Post after post, you have a signature style that's simply delightful and actually, quite artful. Of course I love your decor, but the presentation is what's particularly so exceptional. Well done!!

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  9. Every time I hear the word blush in reference to a color I'm reminded of Steel Magnolias! What a movie and what a color. I really love it and I'm always on a lookout for colors I love. I can't wait to see your office when it's finished. Your photos are so beautiful.

    1. It is hard to find those perfect colors that fit your home, light, etc just perfectly- so I think when you find them- they are like a treasure. Blush is just a huge favorite of mine all the time- but a paint with a slightly rosy tone- so pretty! Thanks for stopping by Marisa!

  10. Great post!

    Whites are definitely one of the trickiest colors to choose from, there are so many and to find the right one to give the right feel is a difficult one! I chose a few whites by hanging them on the walls Im painting and leave it for a few days, then see which one speaks to me. Those are some great whites and I cant wait to see your office reveal!!!!!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  11. I am loving your new whites! When we moved into this house 12 1/2 years ago, I painted my craft room a soft pink but I would redo it now in a white with a hint of pink. Subtle is definitely better! :) Now that we are moving and looking into a small travel trailer for the foreseeable future, I am still going to make it my own (okay, hubby's and my own!)!!!

    Great ideas for new paint as the old is staying here, thanks again!

  12. I just realized the other night during an Oil of Olay commercial that THAT is the perfect color of pink if there ever was one!

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! About a year ago I had read a tip suggesting you carry a small blank page journal and some pigment chalks or pencils so that when you saw something that spoke to you, you could sketch it. I did try that, but found that I had too much lack of focus and "It's pretty but..." Your article has so beautifully brought that process together for me, and I think I finally get it! This is without a doubt one of the most inspiring articles I've read in some time--your presentation through your writing and with the pictures spoke to my heart. Thank you!

  14. I love how you picked your colors, they are so awesome.. I love those color combinations. Can not wait to see the finished room.