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Sneak peek~ antique mirror

I have a thing for patina.
Chippy. Worn. Weathered. 
I love it all.

The funny thing about patina is
that it speaks to everyone in different ways.
To some-well worn might say damaged or junk
when to others it says absolute treasure.

Did you know that I have a whole post about patina and my thoughts on it?
And it has actually been written for quite awhile for something special?
True story.

And while I was in San Diego last week
I did a little exploring
 a little beach sitting
 a little writing
and a little shopping.
And while I was shopping, 
I bumped into something that spoke loudly to me
out of a dark corner 
in the attic of a little old antique shop.

Why was I up in the attic in the dark?
Because that was where those forgotten treasures are waiting to be found.
Along with other things that you might not want to find but nonetheless- I climbed the steps
and scavenged around a bit in the dim yellow lighting.

You probably already know me well enough to know
that a diamond in the rough will win my heart over something perfectly polished and pristine.
Sometimes it is the potential but sometimes, it is more than that. 
 It is the stories that it could tell
and the pieces of it that look like nothing but wear and tear
but are actually character are what makes it special.

This little treasure has a ton of character and charm
and when I saw it - I couldn't stop thinking about it.

The silvering is very worn
with a large section missing 

The gesso detailing is a little crumbled in areas
and the paint is dull after years of darkening.

I knew it was pretty damaged. And more pricey than I thought it should be.
But this mirror talked to me. 
And it didn't whisper.
And when I decided to go up and take another peek and take some measurements just because
I saw something that totally surprised me and that answered with a loud 'Yes' to
the voice of reason and the voice of passion that were arguing over buying it.

 More about what that was coming your way
and I will also share just what I am doing with this charmer

Hint: I am changing something- but not fixing it.
(I know- a tease again.)

Because, honestly, I love that well loved patina
just like it is.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. It's like a quest, isn't it? Finding something you didn't even know you needed or wanted and, then, bam there it is.
    I know it well. When our hearts feel something it's the right thing, just go with it!!!

  2. It is really beautiful!!!
    Michelle from

  3. This baby is loaded with tons of charm and patina!


  4. Oooooh, now that's a find!


  5. It would have haunted you if you did no get is beautiful!

  6. I love it, its definitely a treasure in my eyes, can't wait to see what you do!

    Lauren Baxter | LB Designs

  7. I'm with you on patina. I love it. Being that it is hard to find reasonably priced aged pieces like this in Alaska is one of the reasons that I drifted into learning how to faux finish and decorative paint. I'm always striving to achieve an authentic look because like you, I don't care for pristine, polished items.