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French Cottage Bathroom Renovation- Reveal

Do you remember the story of Cinderella?
She was a girl who was once just like a maid doing all the not so pretty work
like scrubbing floors & washing dishes and mending clothes.

And like every girl
she wanted to go to the Grand Ball- but when the time came
 she wasn't ready.
Until her Fairy Godmother showed up and waved her magic wand
and made a little old pumpkin into a coach.
Then her torn and tattered dress became a beautiful gown.
And on her feet
she had the most gorgeous glass slippers of all.

Of course, it was just for one night in the story- 
and at the stroke of midnight
 her coach turned right back into a pumpkin
 her dress to rags and she lost one of those slippers... 
until her true love showed up with it.

But in this storybook fairytale about a bathroom...
we don't have to wait for the glass slipper and for love to be found.
It is already here.

I cannot tell you how in love I am with this bathroom.
How many times I walk by and go into the bathroom- 
and stand there and look around and just... 

How that marble subway tile, those wood plank walls
and all that vintage gold mingling with them makes my heart sing.
And I have absolutely no shame that a bathroom
can make me weak in the knees.

You know, 
as I have worked on re-doing this and that in this house- 
I have found much more than sawdust in my hair, bruised knuckles
and random things hidden inside walls
And there are many tales to tell coming up.

So this bathroom is a little bit vintage, a little bit cottage
a little bit French and a whole lot of charming.
I chose my favorite elements
like marble
vintage brassy golds
and classic style
and put them together.
The plan changed a few times along the way as the project dictated
and as my path crossed with various treasures.

Like this.
Do you remember that vintage mirror I found in San Diego?
I pretty much tossed aside the original mirror plan when I saw it.
I saw this mirror in my mind instantly above this very sink.
And with those. sconces. 

Can we talk about how incredible they are? 
Can you believe that they are brand new?
They are from Lowe's.

Pretty much everything in this bathroom changed-
but I am going to break down a few specifics
and will delve much further into each aspect separately.

The Walls

We used knotty pine boards on the walls and the ceiling.
First- since our entire house has knotty pine walls- it was a perfect period fit
and we even uncovered original wood planks when we took out all the old- so they were there back in the day
and second- I am not a fan of sheetrock. Plain and simple.
The plank boards are easy to install and have such a great look.
We also used a gorgeous marble subway tile wainscot.
Perfection in my book.

The Floor

Herringbone. Marble. Tile.
Need I say more?

The Shower

The old not so relaxing 'spa tub' 
became a fresh and classic glass enclosed shower.

We made the shower completely out of marble subway tile- floor to ceiling.
Seriously. I think I could live in a house with marble in every room.
I am mildly obsessed. 
And I have already told my husband that when we build
we will be using a lot of marble.

We added a custom spot for shampoo & conditioner in the shower
with a herringbone tile cubby on one wall.
and by taking out the 'spa tub' shelf -
 we were able to get some much needed
storage which this bathroom didn't have before.

The Storage 

The storage shelf area was a simple job
 and you might recognize those slatted shelves
from our closet makeover.

Next to the shelf/laundry basket area- we added a huge vintage mirror.
And I have a confession. 
The bathroom decor isn't quite wrapped up yet.
You see, I have a couple pieces that are being added
but I was too excited to share already.

The Ceiling

Can you see something different with the ceiling?
Remember  the skylight? 

It is there- 
but it is not a tunnel with a flat ceiling any longer.

We peaked the ceiling and followed the roof line
giving the bathroom a super nice height and the opportunity to board and beam it.

Not the easiest to get a photo of really- I think I need a wide angle lens 
but will show in more detail in a separate post.

The Sink & Hardware

Another favorite?
This Bancroft pedestal sink from Kohler.
It is vintage in style and charm and absolutely fit the space perfectly.

From the simply smooth fluid lines to the ample soap space -
 love it.

I chose my favorite new finish for the hardware 
for the sink and shower

 Champagne bronze from Delta Faucet.

The Lighting

Of course I already mentioned my love affair with the sconces.
Seriously these are amazing.

You might also see a vintagey chandy peeking out 
because, a chandelier in every room
well,  c'est moi.

I would by lying if I said this was an easy DIY renovation. 
It was a lot of work.  
And there was blood, sweat and even a couple tears involved- I won't lie.
It pretty much was just like almost every other project we have taken on in this old cottage.

We had issues that cropped up that we were not anticipating
went through 3 boxes of Band Aids and did a lot of head scratching
 and I might be keeping my massage therapist in business for a while ;)
Just saying... 
But to go from this?

to this...?

it was sooo worth it.
 It makes me sigh to just to look at this bathroom 
and I feel like a part of my style and the vision has truly come to life.

 I will share a break down of each change and more about how we did it
in separate posts because this post is already too long.
So you will be seeing this Cinderella story
a lot more on here soon.

I collaborated with Lowe's for this project so almost everything we used
can be found right in one spot for one stop shopping.

Here is the source list:

Wood Knotty Pine Wall Boards (similar-ours were in store)
Arizona Glass Shower Door
Allen + Roth Slatted Shelf

I have to give a big shout out to both of my big boys for coming home
 and doing the back breaking work for the demo, my dil (almost) and daughter for helping when my fingers were sore to the bone and my ever patient husband for re-cutting each and every
 little 1/16" off tile. 
Of course, a huge thank you to Lowe's for helping to bring my bathroom vision to life.
and for smiling through the hiccups along the way.

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  1. This is probably the most beautiful bathroom I have seen. I totally understand why you would want to just stand in there- I know I would do the same exact thing! Congrats on creating a dream worthy bathroom!


    1. Thank you so much Katy! I am pretty much in love with how it turned out. ;)

  2. It is beyond beautiful. If you're not careful, you're going to end up with an uninvited guest. It feels like a relaxing spa and you know I love California! You always amaze me.

    1. Haha! ;) Thanks Julie!! You definitely need to keep me posted on when you will be out this way again- would love to meet up for a bit!

  3. This is beyond beautiful! It is just so perfect Courtney. I'm so happy you finally wrapped this project up. It's just so pretty and soothing.

    Reinvented Collection

  4. Gorgeous! Every single detail is perfect.

  5. Truly one of the most beautiful renovations I have seen. You've captured the style perfectly and it's so inviting. Just pinned it to my "Swoon Worthy" interiors pinterest board. Just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Julie~ you are so sweet! I appreciate you stopping by!

  6. OMGorgeous Courtney! As always, love your vision and style!

  7. I love the marble subway tile. I too want to replace a spa tub like this, I am so pinning this.

  8. I would go stand in there and sigh, too! What I NEED to know, however, is where did you get that basket on wheels under the shelves behind the shower???

  9. Elegant and cozy. A perfect blend of old and new. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  10. want to duplicate this!! have an old cottage we are doing...the it insulated with boards over it? Loved that look but wasn't sure what to tell hubs and know he will ask! Thanks.

    1. Yes, insulated the roof- then sheet rocked over it, then planks, then beams. Hope that helps! :)

  11. Your bathroom is truly gorgeous, Courtney! The mirrors, sconces, and chandelier give it your signature look of perfection.
    LOVE it!!!!

  12. It is the prettiest bathroom I have ever seen.. Didn't realize lowes had such beautiful things. Ahhhmazing. Just gorgeous... Ru leaving window open just curious.. Beautiful job...

    1. Haha! It's only open because it has been so hot here and I shot a lot of photos in the evening- needed a breeze! But it does close :)

  13. Very pretty! It so fits your style. Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Stunning ! ! Lots of great ideas. Hopefully some day I will have the opportunity to use some of them. Thanks.

  15. Oh Courtney! I'm speechless! No wonder you feel like you've stepped into Cinderella's world when you walk through that door! It's incredibly beautiful!! You all did an amazing job! Big kudos to each and every one of you! I LOVE it!

    xoxo laurie

    1. Thank you Laurie! I kind of have a little bit of a crush on it ;)

  16. Just so awesome! The bathroom turned out so gorgeous! So happy for you. It reflects you.
    Congrats! To all of you!!!!
    Be Blessed

  17. ABSOULUTELY GORGEOUS….no other words. I love the mix of textures… with the beadboard, beams, tiles in different patterns…really lovely!

  18. Another beautiful renovation. I want more information and pics of the crystal chandelier, please! I am loving the sconces and the marble is so classy! I need to renovate my master bathroom and there isn't room for a tub and shower. We have fiberglass tub/showers. Not too great. I had thought about taking over the walk-in closet and making a larger bath to include a new tub and shower. You definitely have me thinking a luxury shower is all we need. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous bathroom. I love everything!

  19. WOW! You did it again, lady!

    C'est magnifique!!! Tres bien!!!

  20. *sigh* can I come live in the bathroom? I promise I'll clean up after myself. I love the light bright look. And I agree -- I love marble!! Terrific job!! All that work certainly brought up a beautiful outcome.

  21. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une salle de bain qui ne manque pas de charme et de personnalité... J'aime la douceur et la lumière qui l'illumine...
    Bravo et merci pour le partage de vos nombreuses photos.

    Gros bisous ❀

  22. A very stunning bathroom, so worth all the headaches and sore muscles!

  23. It's just beautiful! Well worth the hard work!

  24. I love it! Every singe detail. Just gorgeous.


  25. Wowza Courtney-SO LOVE it! The little table is the best part (ha ha ha ha)!

  26. Replies
    1. Hi Gay~ thank you! I hope you got my email -let me know if you didn't -I have been a bit behind this week. Thank you for stopping by!

  27. As I move through this post I felt heart palpatations! This is truly one of the most stunning bathrooms I have ever seen! Such clean simple elements yet put together for an elegant but not overdone, relaxing, inviting space! I'm already imagining how to incorporate your design into our master bath...poor husband doesn't know what he's in for!! Absolutely gorgeous Courtney!

    1. Thank you!! My husband is the same. Always surprised and shaking his head at my latest ideas ;) We have to keep things interesting right?

  28. Really beautiful, Courtney. Everything done with charm and class as usual. I would stand there all day too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  29. Amazing!! You've captured ultimate elegance in this room. So beautiful!

  30. Absolutely gorgeous - marble and gold have never been done so beautifully !

  31. What I find amazing about your tiling is the very gently colour it creates. Sometimes a sheet of marble can seem a little brash, but your subway and herringbone tiles make everything look so perfect, thank you for showing us the pictures!


    1. Thank you Sharon- I love the subtle color and variations in it too and actually found that I enjoyed mixing the shades and veining. :) Did my email reach you btw?

  32. Your new bathroom is perfection from head to toe! The gold hardware is so elegant. I don't blame you for not being able to stop looking at it, I'm even weak in the knees!

  33. Hi Courtney, so I have a question. I have an antique dresser that I am having marble and a sink made for it and I brought back a gorgeous mirror I just posted about. My bathroom is all white marble and white walls. I love the contrast it will have with the gold mirror and light wood vanity with the white marble. Here is the question. My existing faucet which I love is silver and shiny. Will that clash? With the gold? I didn't want to get a new faucet. Will I have to?

    1. Hi Lee! I would say try it and see what you think maybe? You may like it. I think mixing gold and silver is totally fine. Chrome is a classic metal and I have chrome in my master bathroom with the toile and have used gold in there as well. You could always try to paint it if you don't like it? I know some bloggers have done that. Hope that helps.

  34. Love every itsy bitsy detail of this gorgeous bathroom!!! The new hardware is amazing...... I especially love how the marble tile pairs so well with the planked walls, a design dream!!! Now, I have to there a toilet??? Enjoy!!!

    1. haha! Yes, on the other side of the large mirror. It is nothing fancy schmancy- but I will be sharing what the back of that tall wall looks like in another post- so you will see it. :)

  35. Dear Courtney,

    This is truly divine, perfect....the combination of the wood works, tiles, the colour scheme...
    Your attention to every single detail is more than excellent, its like a poetry….
    Your are so gifted, the way your always plan every little touch is adorable!!!
    There is no many people like that in the designing world!!!

    The brightness of the room, its so fresh elegant and stylish….
    I just cant get enough of admiring the excellent room meaning your work…truly amazing space!!!
    I would definitely enjoy my morning Lavazza in there….in your company of course!!!
    It’s a breath taking - perfect bathroom, ..if I will ever have a big bathroom like that…I do have my
    Perfect dream one already!!!

    Lots of Love _Anna

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! :) Sometimes things come together and have the perfect mix and mingle- I think this bathroom is one of those rooms. I truly appreciate your kind words- thank you for stopping by!

  36. Courney, It's absolute perfection! Making the ceiling taller by opening the rafters really makes a huge impact! Oh, I think I'm in love with marble. Did I hear you mention the possiblity of building? Your home has so much natrual character and after all the work you've done, I hope you will be staying awhile.

    1. Hi Sandy! It is hard to think of making any change after we have poured so much into this cottage but yes, we have talked about the possibility of building down the road.

  37. Beautiful. Courtney!! Love your style and talent ❤️

  38. I do not think I have spent more time reading one post as I did with this post....taking in every in love with this bathroom Courtney....and those sconces?....well I think there just may be a run on them at Lowe's!....truly exquisite!....Great job...a true labor of love that resulted in sheer beauty in every inch of the room!!!...Stunning!!!

  39. What a beautiful renovation! Of course I love the marble (I have a thing for marble), and the herringbone pattern is my favorite tile pattern! The new faucet fixtures are yummy in that champagne bronze. Congratulations on all of your hard work as it certainly paid off! - Angelina

  40. I am in love with your bathroom Courtney! It is stunning!!! Our master bath is a someday project so of course I've pinned this to my inspiration board. Thanks for sharing your Cinderella bathroom story.

  41. STUNNING, Courtney, simply stunning!!! Love all the bronze, gold accents, especially the mirror and sconces...WOW

  42. Wow...I think that's all I can say. It literally took my breath away, bathroom design & kitchen design is one of my favorites and this is one beautiful room, I have seen in a long time. Every little aspect is your style to a tee, those sconces epic, the shower yes please, the mirror, all the gold o my decorating heart.

    I am so glad you are finally completed and you have shared your beautiful new bathroom with us all.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  43. I frequent your blog often, but someway I missed the bathroom post. I am about to begin a bathroom reno similar to yours. The storage/shelves beside the shower are a wonderful addition that I had not thought of. Do you mind sharing the dimensions of the shower? I would love to incorporate that shelving if my space allows.
    Your makeover is lovely, and I only hope mine will turn out as beautiful.

  44. I am going to put in your ideas in my bathroom. Loved the way you started the blog with the Cinderella story.

  45. So amazing and beautiful. It definitely has been an inspiration for my reno. I am using the same marble tiles. Can you tell me how you tiled the corners since the ends are not finished?

  46. Oh my word, this truly is absolutely stunning. I love it all. The marble tile as wainscoting and all the way to the ceiling in the shower is gorgeous and that floor is amazing. So well done. Total perfection in my book

  47. WOW! So gorgeous and so you! Well done, Pat @ Bringing French Country Home

  48. Absolutely magnificent... there are not enough beautiful adjectives to describe. I am so jealous. Maybe in my next life...sigh...

  49. So, so BEAUTIFUL! Look forward to reading all the details. How is the lighting(sconces and chandy) for applying makeup. That's one of the biggest dilemmas I've run into as I plan a bathroom reno. Thanks! And enjoy that beautiful space!

  50. What was the paint color you used in this stunning renovation?

  51. How absolutely beautiful! I'm looking for bathroom flooring, and this is perfect, but -- the description on Lowe's site says it's not for foot traffic (they show it on a wall). Did you decide it would be fine on the floor, or is it something else that you used (incorrect link)? Thanks for your help! I may get my bathroom done after all! :)

  52. Love it!! Curious, what color grout did you use?

  53. Gorgeous! Curious, what color grout did you go with?