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Friday Crush~ a little more bling

Have I told you that I believe in the power of a chandelier?

Especially one covered in  crystals?

I feel like a chandelier draped with crystals
 is draped in magic.

There is something powerful within those shimmering pieces of glass.
The rainbow reflections and way they send the sunlight 
 dancing all across the room- amazing.

And if you place a chandelier in an otherwise ordinary space
the room is instantly elevated to be much more important.

You might already know that I subscribe to the thought that the more bling the better.
And it is true that I might have just a *few* chandeliers.

And you know when we first moved into our cottage
and I put those vintage chandeliers up in the kitchen-
the neighbors were shaking their heads
and chattering about that crazy girl who bought that run down old house
and who thinks crystal covered chandeliers belonged
in an old vacation cottage kitchen.

Well, I might be a little different - I readily admit that
but, if you have been reading my blog any length of time-
you know that  I like what I like.
Whether it is 'In', 'what everyone is doing' or even 'in keeping with the style' of a room
or anything else.
Rules are out the window over here.

And when it comes to chandeliers, I love what I love
The more the merrier in my opinion
and I definitely do think they belong everywhere
and indulge that belief a lot. 

From the kitchen

to the dining room

to the closet

to the patio

I will admit that I might be a wee big obsessed.
And between you and me...
I might have added another one.

Because, those crystals talked to me 
and took my breath away
and I just knew that this chandelier belonged
in my home.

 two of them did- 
in slightly different looks and sizes.
But... it happened.
And I am not ashamed.

It was a bit of a job to place all of those crystals on it-
 I think they took about 3 hours each start to finish.
Yes, there are that many strands, drops, and bits.

I will share where they both ended up soon.

For now, 
I am just enjoying a little bit more of that bling in the house.

It has been a busy, busy, exciting and FUN week 
first in Las Vegas  and then one of my favorites- NYC. 
I will tell you more about what I was up to in the next few weeks. 

I am on my way back to California
and back to finally wrapping up the bathroom renovation-!

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. You are a lady after my own heart, I also love chandeliers everywhere.


  2. I love love love the chandeliers. I have 5 with lots of bling and I love every one of them. Yours are beautiful. I am on the look out for another one for my office space on the other side of the kitchen. I am sure my neighbors think I'm crazy because I am always re-decorating. I am sure they have never done one thing since they moved in.
    Have a good trip home and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Funny you should post this, I was just in World Market, looking a fab poster bed--sorta primitive and stark and was discussing with the sales associate how to soften the look. Fabric, or drapes…no… I said to him, how about a fussy chandelier dropped right in the middle. He grinned and said, "That would work!" Now I need to find a fussy chandelier, maybe with pearls and a few drops…because they are a pain to clean. And I too, LOVE what I love. Great Post!

  4. I love them, too! My granddaughters love to see all the 'rainbows' they make!

  5. Gotta love the bling of a chandelier - beautiful!!!

  6. I love all your chandeliers, how wonderful! I just bought my first one for the dining room and will have it hung on Monday! You have made me happy that I am doing so.
    Happy Sunday,