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Simple Hydrangeas

I am a huge detail oriented person. 
I admit it. I own it. I embrace it. I encourage it.
Details are where it is at in my opinion.

Carved lines. Gilding gracing the edges of a table.
The paint on a 100 year old piece missing in all the right places
and in none of the wrong ones.
The perfect pattern. The most amazing flowers on the table
and those chairs that have the right scale, the right color, the right everything
if they don't, they are all wrong.

It is the details that get me every time.

But sometimes, there is a detail oriented alter ego comes out.
And then you know what?

I am all about simplicity.

Nothing but jars of flowers on the mantel.
Less is more in pattern
and less is more in decoration.
It is far from minimalist- because, I am not.
But it is a craving for simple.
And less.
Sometimes I need more breathing room in design-
and a not so mixed together look that is something like a tossed salad on a sideboard.
 I prefer nothing on the sideboard.  
I know. 
You are probably asking yourself the same question I ask myself all the time.
How can I be a detailed, more is more person
and then morph into a simple and less is best mentality?

The answer?

I have no idea.

I just go with what talks to me at the time and I don't think about it too much.
And sometimes that is bigger and bolder and more colorful
and other times it is softer and simpler and faded.
Like a wooden box filled with hydrangeas on the table.

I love hydrangeas- it is no secret. 
And when they are fresh- they are gorgeous
and when they dry- they keep on keeping on.

Recently, I bought a new armload of fresh cut hydrangeas

and started to think about Autumn decor and how those hydrangeas would dry beautifully
and I could use them here and there and create amazing displays 
like old style urns filled with them

 maybe even  placed 
next to a chippy cherub statue 
mingling with old vintage crystal lighting
 and stacks of naked books.

Okay- not so simple.
 But simple even so.
I guess those two preferences are arguing for which is right again.
I'm just going to ignore that and enjoy the simple beauty
 that is absolutely not simple.

And if you are looking for information about those fresh hydrangeas 
and how to keep them looking pretty for longer 
(these are going on week 3 and looking amazing)
you can find that in my Ebay post.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. They are gorgeous. I am with you. Sometimes it's simple that's what we're craving. Some of my spaces are simple times.
    Other times. Not. I came back over to visit the links. I linked today. BTW this post is perfect for my Fabulous Fall party.
    Link any time the party goes all week. All Fall posts are welcome until Halloween week. Come by and visit and join the party
    Thanks for the party.

  2. Your home is so beautiful, the flowers and that chalkboard are lovely.

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  4. Gorgeous photography & you can NEVER go wrong with Hydrangeas!!


  5. I too love them. I can't wait for Summer for mine to flower,they are starting to shoot already.

  6. I have been meaning to buy some alum. I used to have it in my spice cabinet until my hubby retired -- he decided he was going to organize MY kitchen :-( I think he threw it out because he didn't see any use for it. I know, I know I'm still trying to teach him -- I think I'll threaten to take over his garage. :-) Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. Exquisite! Hydrangeas are my weakness also! Still too hot here to even think about autumn, but once the weather begins to cool, I'll be running out to buy a bunch. Thanks for sharing the amazing images!

  8. Such lovely pictures! And those dried hydrangeas, wonderful!! <3

    I love hydrangeas and details as well! On my blog there are more detail pictures than over all pictures :)

    Have a great day!

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


  9. I love Hydrangeas (one of my favorite next to Peonies)! They are beautiful live and blooming or dried out! Have a great weekend. Love, Deb xo

  10. I think your dining room is my favourite room in your home. Beautiful. Your style is amazing.

    I am a simple is more person and I agree it's all in the details you can have a space full of furniture but the accessories make it "perfect". There are times where I want more and I can't tell you why I just run with it.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  11. Beautiful! Question about the things that keeps the flowers looking great, the link went to eBay with no specific item. I’d love to hear the trick!