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Simple summer mantel

The other day I walked into the market
and found a bucket filled with  the most amazing 
most delicate
and detailed little pink blooms.

And they talked to me.

And said
 'Yes, you DO need to take us home with you.'

Incidentally, flowers say that to me quite often

and in this case, I definitely agreed.

While I love and enjoy fresh flowers any time of year
August and September are definitely times when those fresh flowers
seem to dry out extra fast even with extra water and attention.

So a favorite tip for mantels and flower arrangements for this time of year
is to use something that dries well and keeps looking pretty.

These flowers are called gomphrena and are gorgeous when they are fresh
and equally as gorgeous when they are dried

 which makes them a perfect choice
 for a long lasting summer to fall styling.

That pop of pink is gorgeous and mixed with just a few glass bottles
a stack of old books
and that gorgeous gold 
I am in love.

Simple & sweet and simply perfect.

Happy Monday

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  1. Your mantel is so pretty (especially with the mirror).
    Michelle from

  2. Simply but so pretty....


  3. Simply elegant Courtney...just love the colors too. So loving pink for this summer!

  4. Love !! Have I missed your new bath remodel ??!!

  5. One of my favorites…there were whole beds of the electric magenta gomphrena planted at Cantigny Gardens in Illinois on Saturday. For some reason I did not take a picture, but honestly we talked about, how no one would believe that color occurs naturally in nature. With the backdrop of white…they are lovely.

  6. Gorgeous, Courtney! I have these growing in my garden, though the stems are not long and graceful like these. They remind me of raspberries.

  7. I love gomphrena but haven't seen any in years. Yours are gorgeous and I hope you enjoy them all season long.

  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely and there's nothing I like better than bottles filled with blossoms.

  9. Hello Courtney! I am always floored by your beautiful photos and the pieces in them! I love your blog!
    I am hosting my first ever linky party this Thursday August 6 starting at 6:00pm (MST) and I would be honored if you would join in with some of your gorgeous pieces!! I have been featured on your blog before and now I would love to return the favor!

    I hope you will join in!