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What happened in Vegas...Market Inspirations

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

Well, what happened in Vegas last week might not be what you think.
It had to do with furniture and decor and inspiration and even some vintage. 
 The Las Vegas Market.

I have been to the market in Vegas before but this time- 
 it really was filled with even more inspiration. 
I was amazed. 
Vegas is filled with glitz and glam and a whole lot of heat... 
and yes, my flip flops might have started melting a bit again in the heat on the pavement.
But the market- it is filled with classic and refined and inspiring and 
it is air.conditioned.

I was so excited to be heading over for a few days in Vegas last week
and I was more than ready to be inspired.

From French country bits

to gold and white catching my eye pretty much everywhere

to regal elegance 

and bold and beautiful.

This year, I went to the market with a fresh perspective.
I wanted to see what caught my eye and capture that.
So I perused. I shopped. I snapped photos of things that inspired me for one reason or another.
Whether it was the color, the display, the details- because Vegas Market is smaller
you can really delve into some of the showrooms and spend more time there.
And I found a huge amount of inspiration and discovered some amazing new to me showrooms
 like Park Hill.

Think country meets French meets rustic meets artsy.
I loved it. I even asked if I could do a little periscope in their showroom-
which I did. That was the showroom that was so busy that I was bumping into people. 
Not to self: do a periscope first thing in the morning rather than in the busy afternoon when in a shop.

Of course, I also stopped by some of my favorites who I always enjoy seeing 
while in High Point Market and who also display in Vegas
like Loloi rugs. 
Colorful and gorgeous.

 Phillips Collection- speaking to me with their gold feathers

 Surya with these amazingly detailed rugs

Stanley Furniture

and Safavieh

Then there was the vintage inspiration-
shops like Blue Ocean Traders 
and Bobo-
I absolutely fell in love with this antique piece.

There was actually so much vintage that I snapped photos of - that I will probably 
do another post to share just that. Oh. my.

After running around like a crazy woman in each of the buildings
I ventured out to the Pavilions- which are pop up type buildings tents filled with 
even more inspiration.
They rolled out the red carpet leading the way over to them...

From antiques to handmade to unique items to smaller vendors
the Pavilions were fun to wander through.

I even bumped into one of my instagram friends - Full Bloom Cottage.

Of course, you can't have Vegas without a little night life

and a little pool time.
Talk about a great spot to get a little bit of work done!
In the morning that is... before it got to be 107 degrees. ;)

So top trends that caught my eye?

Silver & Gold was in abundance.

Bright, beautiful colors mingling with rustic.

Natural neutral colors
simple lines and an abundance of charm.

Up next- more about all.those.antiques.
and which ones I wanted to bring home with me.

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. could you let us know if this is a yearly market?

    Rose Hill

    1. It is a twice yearly market- in summer and winter. You can find more information on their website -

  2. Since I am not in the decorating business may I ask what a "periscope" is? I infer that it has something to do with photographing their merchandise, is that right? There is so much to look at and so much to see, I can imagine you did take a lot of photos! Looking forward to seeing the rest. Thank you Courtney.

    1. Hi Marisa!! Periscope is a new app that is live video streaming. So when I did a periscope at the market- I was walking around showing the showroom to anyone who was watching live- I was maneuvering around people and furniture and trying to keep the camera steady. It is fun. You can find me (and a whole bunch of other bloggers you probably know are there too!) at French Country Cottage. :)

  3. These items are wonderful. I can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. So much dreaminess in one spot! I think I am going to have to break down and order the estate stone cow when Antique Farmhouse gets it back in.

  5. What goes on in VEGAS doesn't always stay in Vegas does it Courtney when you share it :)
    I will be attending the winter show, I am only hours away from Vegas also living on a hot desert.
    Beautiful showrooms gets your heart pumping with inspiration....


  6. I just love it when you share stuff like this! You must have had an amazing time!

  7. Everything is so drool worthy. Makes ya want one of everything. Your photos are great and it looked like a lot of fun.
    Have a great day.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. I adore your blog and am so very happy to discover you -