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A 5 minute tip & story

I will admit- sometimes I might do things that  some might say are a little crazy. 
Like the other day when I walked out of the house 
wearing my shorts, sandals and tank top...
and a jacket.
 In August. 
In 98 degree weather.

It is really not unusual. 
I am one of those girls who puts the heated seats in the car on all summer long. 
But it always makes me think of that comedy routine where the guy makes fun of people who wear  puffy vests in winter.

'Like, your body is cold...  and your arms are...  HOT?'

Yeah, well, it is true. 
I do tend to always be on the cooler side even in summer. 
And while I wear a tank top nearly every day - I also top it with a sweater
 or a  jacket to keep me cozy. 
C'est moi.

Fashion aside- 
here is another random crazy thing about me.
I like to work in a pretty space. 
Even if that space is in chaos. Like the bathroom was recently when we were tiling.
So I like to bring a touch of bliss to an otherwise unorganized spot while I am working.
Something pretty like a vase of flowers. 

I just so happened to have a fresh bouquet of the most gorgeous pale pink roses a couple weeks ago
and so before I got to work-  I cut them and placed them in a cup to bring
 back to the bathroom with me.
I set them on the stool before pressing play on my iPod and
gloving up and I dug right into the grout to get to work.

I was grouting away and maybe singing along with the music a little too enthusiastically
when I accidentally knocked the flowers over-
 breaking the cup and sending water & roses everywhere. 

Since my fingers were covered already in grout
I carefully grabbed the 'vase' I bought for the bathroom that was waiting on the shelf (hint- it wasn't a vase- I just saw it as a vase) 
 and tried to take the top off to put the flowers in.
It was stuck. And with my messy grout covered fingers-  I was not getting anywhere.
But then I had a moment.

A moment where I decided that since the top that wouldn't come off - it was something
 I could use it to my advantage.

As in- a flower frog.
You see- the vase was actually a place to put your toothbrushes
a few stems here, a few stems there. 
All perfectly spaced.

and voila.

I might be crazy sometimes- 
but when something works you know- you just have to go with it.

That is my 5 minute
welcome to my crazy world 
 tale and tip for the day.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I 'get that" ...INSPIRATION hits at the strangest moments, right? You grab and use it whether falls [breaks] into your floor or your lap. Always enjoy your blog space..serene, pleasant even before one reads a word.

  2. I love that your posts are elegant, beautiful and so real. Thank you for bring a smile to my Wed morning..

  3. I love when things come together like that, I love your roses too, I hope all else went well and GOD bless

  4. That is so funny, I did the same, however, I bought the toothbrush holder with the intentions of using it as a vase. I liked the look of it and thought why not. I love the new look in your bathroom and office. You have such beautiful style. Stay warm. Alaina

  5. Very clever idea! And I'm over here giggling about your heated car seats in the summer. I don't go that far, but I do put the AC on in the car and open the windows. My hubby just scratches his head.


  6. You are a clever lady!! Oh my, I'm crazy about your gorgeous roses and what a beautiful color!!
    Keep warm, summer is almost over Alaina! :):)

  7. Not so crazy when you see the roses in the container....very pretty!

  8. Don't you just love those epiphanies!!!...Such gorgeous photos Courtney!

  9. I love the idea of a toothbrush holder as a vase!! I am so stealing that one:) As for the jackets; wait til you go through menopause: you will be HOT all the time. Trust me!!!!:):)

  10. Oh you make me smile!!! :)
    Beautiful roses and vase .

  11. Excellent idea! I'm going to look for less than wonderful toothbrush holders at thrift stores now. :) Oh and about being cold all the grandmother ALWAYS complained about her legs being cold. It's just how some of us are built ;-) But as for menopause.....yeah, ya got hot ...but not ALL the time ;-)

  12. Thanks for the smile, the roses are the perfect eye candy.
    Have a great day.

  13. You are so funny! Great story and absolutely, that toothbrush holder is a time I'm out shopping, you best believe I will check out the bathroom aisle.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous sink vignette. I want one!

  15. Great story! :)
    Michelle from

  16. Love this idea! Such creativity I never even thought about that! I knew about the tape trick but sometimes you just can't find that right vase, and those toothbrush holders...there are some pretty ones out there!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor