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Details~ Natural Autumn

Yes, it is true... I will admit that I might possibly 
 be a little seasonally confused.

I have little white pumpkins
acorns and eucalyptus greens all over the house.

A yummy smell of pumpkin spice coming from the kitchen 
and we even had pumpkin soup for dinner last week.
I know it is only September... but I get into the swing of the season early over here.
And I also get a little confused...

My patio is saying summer
while the house is saying autumn
and the cottage?
there is a Christmas tree covered in gold baubles all aglow 
in the cottage living room.

I kid you not.

You see, when you are working ahead for print 
or for special projects
you become a little seasonally confused.

Like, when you go in the store to find that special ribbon to wrap Christmas
presents with and maybe just a few extra white ornaments to fill in the ones 
you accidentally broke and you wonder why they don't have any.  
And then realize it is because it is 

Or when you are working on October stylings
and you just need a few pumpkins. 
And maybe some corn stalks or a bundle of wheat.
But it is August.

So when I was getting ready to style the house for that fall tour
 I joined a couple weeks ago-  I needed pumpkins.
And there were none.
Not orange. 
Not white. 
Not pretty pastel pumpkins.
Zero. Zip. Nada. 
I thought about grabbing a few spaghetti squash or something like that
but they just weren't working for me. 
So I played with what I had on hand.

I mixed and mingled with autumn toned things like those copper mugs
and tucked them into the cupboard with the white ironstone.

  I took some of the abundance of eucalyptus branches I had 
and clipped them into smaller ones to tuck here and there 
and I even added  a new favorite- 
sprigs of rosemary.

And yes, they smell as good as they look.

I sprinkled fresh greens on the mantel.  In the cupboard.  In the flower arrangements.
And on the office mantel.
And since it was getting down to the wire to wrap it up
I started to tuck in a few of those velvet pumpkins.

I had pretty much tossed in the real pumpkin towel
and decided to go with a different look this year when... it happened.

My husband walked in after a quick run to the store and handed me a bag.
Normally, he will bring a bouquet of flowers as a special surprise
but that day- it was all about a bag 
filled with little white baby boo pumpkins.

Some were chunky, some were small, 
some had adorable little squiggly little stems.

 I flitted about tucking pumpkins here and there- 
and they were the perfect finishing touches and I wrapped up the photos
and then looked around at the pretty autumn that had appeared around the house
and smiled.

And then I picked up the box of Christmas ornaments that arrived that morning
 put Trans Siberian Holiday on Pandora
started decorating for Christmas.
Yes, in September.
Like I said, a little seasonally confused over here.
But I kind of like it.

Happy Friday everyone.

See more of my autumn tour here
and an autumn table setting here
Find the velvet pumpkins here

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  1. How beautiful! Please could you let me know where I could buy these pretty velvet pumpkins? Thank you

    1. Hi Rosie! They are from Balsam Hill- you can find them here~

  2. Aww ,your so blessed, your photos look so great!
    Have a blessed day,

  3. Everything about your post is elegant and understated. I love the textures of the materials you have chosen, with the backdrop of the white dishes, it's all perfect. Smiles and thanks, Sandi