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Friday Favorites~ Autumn Copper Mantel

It is no secret that I have been having a huge love affair
for awhile now.

I think anyone who knows me- knows all too well what has been going on
and they know that 
most days when I run to the market to pick up  a few things for dinner...
I spend at least 20 minutes in the front corner of the store.
Some days, my heart skips a beat just a bit even...

Of course, I am talking about the incredible love affair I have with flowers
and how I can hardly get out of the fresh flower section at the market with less than 3 bunches 
of fresh gorgeousness each time I stop.

That was what you thought I was talking about right?


Fresh flowers in the house are a weekly indulgence for me.
And in California, we are lucky to have so much variety and great prices on them all year long.

And while I love flowers when they are blooming away...
the love doesn't stop because  they dry a bit.

So many dried flowers and greens are absolutely perfect for mixing right in 
with so many stylings 
and sometimes you will find as many dried flowers in our house
 as fresh flowers.

Autumn especially always seems like such a perfect fit for dried flowers of any kind.
Larkspur, stock, sunflowers and of course, roses.

Roses are some of my favorites- and with so many varieties and colors
you can probably bring them home every day of the week 
and not have the same rose twice.

When I was thinking of that autumn mantel for my Autumn Home Tour in September
I instantly thought of old books 
copper mugs
acorns & pumpkins
clippings of eucalyptus
and those soft colored spray roses that had just recently dried.

I gathered everything up and started playing a bit
and then decided that copper and blush together
might be one of my
most favorite pairings.

They go together like a chunky knit sweater, 
& faded old blue jeans.

Their warm tones mingle perfectly
and the pink and coral tones in the roses seems 
to bring out the rosy color in the copper 
making it that much prettier.

Obsessed, I tell you.

Actually, obsessed probably doesn't quite describe how I feel 
about copper.
Or gold.
Or fresh flowers.

But one thing for sure... 
the obsession continues.
And so... 
on that note,
I am off to the market this morning to pick up
 'a few things for dinner'. 


See you tomorrow for random Saturday.

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  1. So, so, so pretty!!! I adore the color combo.
    Michelle from

  2. This is probably my favorite post of your ever.

  3. Flowers ~ hyacinths to feed your soul. Flowers are an important as the groceries in that store. '-)

  4. I've followed you for so long I shouldn't be surprised by the lovely way you display your fresh and dried flowers--but I am. This is simply gorgeous. I've been drying roses for a long time but I still have problems keeping them from getting brittle and shedding petals. Any advice or a link if you've addressed this already?

    Jane x

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Do you do anything special to your copper. I have a collection of copper and I should do more with it. It gives the home such a warm feeling.

  6. So crushing on the photo of mantel, I would not have thought to use the copper, and I was missing out because they are so beautiful together. Thank you forr the awesome ideas.

    Have a great day.

  7. I used to use lots of copper in my decor....then I got away from it (like brass and gold) I am so loving using the beautiful metals again....your mantels are always breathtaking Courtney!