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Friday Favorites~ French style chest

Are you familiar with a decorating thunderstorm?

You know the one that starts when you move a piece of furniture
and that leads to sliding the sofa to a new spot
and the coffee table to feel dated
and then the curtains...oy 
Don't even get me started.

It is that crazy storm that starts out of innocence.
With just one little change.
A simple and sweet one even.
Just a new piece of furniture 
or the switch up of furniture in a room.

It is like just a few small rumblings of thunder in the distance.
That table moves there...
and then a few more rumblings
as the chairs come out of the bedroom and into the living room.

And then the lightening starts when you realize that now
the living room is too cluttered.
And so, something has to go.
And so you move the coffee table bench to the guest room
and then the storm starts in there as well.

I'll be honest...
That has happened to me.
More than a few times.
I am quite familiar with the decorating storms and how they begin
and I can't even stop when they start.

I have noticed that sometimes those storms start
 because there is a piece that you have been shuffling around
that just hasn't been 100% right anywhere yet.

It talked to you when you found it but you knew you overlooked some stuff.
Like maybe the size or the scale. Things that you really can't change but that you hoped you would just get over.
 Because you didn't want to wait another who knows how many years
trying to finish that room with that one. piece.

So you brought it home
But you knew immediately that it wasn't the one and the search was not over.
So you shuffled it from here to there to see where you could make it work
And the thunder started grumbling in the background.

I am all about the thrill of the hunt and finding those vintage treasures.
But sometimes you have something in mind that is so specific that it needs to fit to a T.
And maybe you just want that piece sooner rather than later.  #impatient

So instead of scouring flea markets for the next who knows how many years-
you find something that is the next best thing to an antique.
An amazing reproduction.

When I was searching for the perfect desk for my office,  I knew exactly what I wanted.

Delicate curvy lines
a small dainty scale 
details and carvings galore
chippy old paint
and of course a little gilding to top it off.

I wanted something that fit all those requirements and knocked my socks off.

I searched craigslist everyday
I looked in thrift stores
and flea markets
and I found some things that were nice...
but they weren't the one.
I didn't find anything that was just like what I was looking for.
I found things similar... but not quite right
and the prices were not low enough to make me overlook.

 I have learned to almost always listen to that 'I don't know...
and take a step back before taking the plunge.

 And just waiting  until something perfect comes along.

From the shabby paint with the chippy finish to the gilded edges
and delicate lines- this desk was the one.

This gorgeous girl was definitely a piece that talked to me and I knew it
would fit in my office like a glove.
And no tinkering, painting, re-doing required= a bonus for sure.

It had the look I loved. It was the right size- not too big and cumbersome
like a lot of furniture of today.
And it came with a baby sister.
One that had little gilded edges and carvings and charm...

This is a small in size but mighty on charm little dainty chest of drawers.
It is such a wee sized piece
 that you could tuck it nearly anywhere.

Maybe use it as a sofa table, a bedside table,
 in between pedestal sinks in the bathroom or just by itself with
 a gorgeous mirror above it in the hallway.
 You name it. 

No thunder rumbling with this one.
It is a perfect little piece nearly everywhere I have tried it.
The only problem I am having right now
is deciding where to leave it.

For those who have emailed asking where to find the pieces I used in my office
they are made by Hooker Furniture.
I have seen them listed many times on Joss & Main (for amazing prices)
 and you can find them on Wayfair as well as going directly through
 Hooker Furniture to find a local retailer.

To see the rest of my office makeover
you can find it he

Up next in the office makeover ~ 
more about that gorgeous rug. Serious crush going on with that one.

I am playing catch up over here after taking a few much needed days off this week
to regroup and gather some of my chi on the central coast. 
But so much coming your way in the next couple of weeks
including more about that craigslist vintage hutch
an easy autumn vignette
a simple inspired tablesetting for fall
how to choose the perfect bathroom sink 
 a cake for all occasions
and that outdoor firepit setting that makes me want to wrap up in a blanket
and drink pumpkin spiced coffee for days.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Oh my, Courtney! Your furniture pieces are gorgeous! I love Hooker furniture and I own a couple of pieces myself--a large armoire/entertainment center,with decorative painting and staining, and a small cabinet/occasional table with drop leaves. The table, when leaves are opened, is big enough to be a server. I fell in love with both the moment I saw them. They are from the Seven Seas collection and are very sturdy. I know I will never tire of them because they are timeless in appeal(at least as far as I'm concerned)! I agree, Hooker makes the kind of furniture that, when you see it, you know it is what you have been searching for.

  2. My heart skipped when I saw the first photo. I will look up Hooker furniture as I am not familiar. Thank you for a great start to the weekend....

  3. Very beautiful Courtney, I am in your same storm right now! Finding and bringing in pieces that add all the right kind of rightness I am looking for, as well as waiting for that right piece to find me for a small guest room that will act as a place to rest, read, and a sleep over.

    The desk, and it's little sweet sister is amazing, truly pieces that would find a place in my home as well :)


  4. Hmmm, sounds like you need to order those 'perfect little piece' by the 1/2 dozen'. Cute post...and it is a pretty little piece. Nummy, in fact, Thanks, Sandi

  5. Your photos are stunning and the furniture made my heart sink into pure want! Hope you are having a great week!

  6. That desk almost makes me die every time i see it. Oh my goodness it is soooo gorgeous.


  7. Such a beautiful office and those desks LOVE. The patina the gold the blue/grey #swoon.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor