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Glistening gold, sage velvet &...tinsel

Did you know that
I started decorating for Christmas in September this year?

Gold ornaments and green velvet for a French Country Cottage Christmas

Sometimes, it feels like I am covered in tinsel and faux snow
 and all things 'Merry' for months. 
And, truth be told- I am.
And I love it.

And every year, while decorating the trees 
and adding a few more ornaments 
I think about the 'Great tinsel debacle'.

It was the first Christmas that 
I spent with the guy who would later become my husband.

We were young and in love and had been dating for awhile
 but we hadn't spent a Christmas together yet.
And you know, 
your Christmas decorating style is a definite marker of your compatibility. 
It's a proven fact. 
Pretty sure there are several studies out there...

So my guy and I went out one snowy weekend on a date
to find THE perfect Christmas trees for each of our apartments. 

And as I wandered around in search of the spindliest little
most charming and adorable Charlie Brown tree for my place-
he found this huge, chunky, branches reaching 8' across 
how in the world are you going to get that in the car  tree.

Think Clark Griswold and 'Christmas Vacation' folks.

We brought those trees home and
I carried mine up 3 flights of stairs in one hand 
and he lugged his beast into his house
and by the time I drove over to his house that night for dinner
I walked in 
and there was his tree  taking up half of the living room 
fully and completely decorated.

With 10,000 colorful lights that blinked on and off like a light show
 5 dozen boxes of silver tinsel 
and chunks of Angel Hair  draped on

It was like you knew there was a tree there somewhere
 but you didn't see it.

But he was so excited about his tree
and he asked what I thought of it 
as he bent down to pick up a stray piece of tinsel and put it back on.

And admittedly, I laughed inside.
And then put my arms around him and gave him a kiss
and stood there and admired his tree along with him and fell in love a bit more.

We have laughed many times about that Christmas 
and how our styles were so different.
Me and my sad little Charlie Brown tree that wore just a few clear lights and a tiny star 
and his tree that was for lack of better words
like Vegas. 
On mega steroids.

Do you wonder how we have been married for so long? 

He is okay with me doing the decorating now
 but you know what, 
his tinsel covered, blinking obnoxiously Vegas tree was as awesome as it was wild
and it is a great memory that brings smiles and laughs every time you think of it.

When it comes to decorating your home, your room, your Christmas tree-
nothing is wrong. 
Whatever makes you happy is what you should do.
A designer theme, family portraits, childhood ornaments if you have them, all one color
25 colors, just lights, colorful lights or clear lights, etc.

Really-  your tree is about you and your style and it should make you smile 
when you walk in the room.
And if that means buying every last box of tinsel on the shelves to cover it with
I say GO for it.
Sometimes you need a little tinsel in your life.
Or maybe a frosted tree dotted with glistening gold 
that is sprinkled with white and sugar coated clear glass baubles will do.

Simple elegance is kind of perfection for me-
it is my tinsel and blinking colorful lights
and  this tree absolutely glows as it twinkles away in simplicity.

Gold ornaments and green velvet for a French Country Cottage Christmas bedroom

I love soft and subtle and quite elegance and especially in the bedroom
where I want Christmas to feel serene.
So I tend to keep it mingling just right along with quite colors in the room.
I continued the soft sage green and gold colors on the mantel.

Antique gold ornaments  and green velvet stockings
mingle with covering of fresh eucalyptus and hydrangeas.
It might be one of my favorite combinations.
(Though, truthfully, it may have had 2 different looks this season already.)

Gold ornaments and green velvet for a French Country Cottage Christmas

I will share a closer look at the mantel and tree wearing this look-
as well as the rest of my bedroom decked for Christmas 
in my Holiday Housewalk home tour coming your way next week.

For now, I am off to play with a Thanksgiving table setting 
that will be coming your way tomorrow
and to see if we have any tinsel stored away in the basement.
Thinking something fun and a little Vegas, baby...



Eucalyptus- Whole Foods Market

I am working with Balsam Hill as their blogger and love them-
 but this isn't sponsored just sharing the look

Hope your Thanksgiving week is off to a great start!

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  1. Oh my!! Christmas tree luv over here
    Laughing... that so describes me and my Mr. . He was tinsel over load and I was all about the tree and a few special embellishments! So funny...
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Your tree is exquisite! I love it. I like your thoughts, though, that there is no right or wrong way to decorate a tree. I imagine maybe when the kids were young, they might have preferred your husband's version?

  3. This is so beautiful! Always enjoy your inspiration! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Lynn

  4. Your photos are so beautiful, you can feel the love and warmth in the photos. Thank you for sharing a part of you, you can feel the love and warmth from it as well, it was just as beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hopefully I will have a chance to read before Thursday.

  5. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous, and your story truly endearing!

    I do two trees: A very tall thin one in the living room all white and gold and pearl theme with tiny white lights- and a truly Charlie Brown tree (oh the years my girls blew me crap about that tree, and it is sooo awesome they say now) that houses all my natural and homespun needs - no plastic and not a sign of a shimmer or sparkle on it (think wooden beads and birdhouses and burlap and twine.)

    So I get the best of both my moods then. : - )

    Can't wait to start decorating - as you can tell by my last post.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. Hahahahaa.... Such a great story! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  7. Such a sweet story! And now I don't feel bad that I started decorating a bit before Thanksgiving. ;)


  8. Soooo pretty! Love your Vegas story; your hubby is a keeper!!! Have a lovely holiday season, Courtney!