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Magnolia garland centerpiece (with a secret)

It was a Friday in September.
One of those busy days full of running errands
and crossing off things on the get it done list.

It started early in the morning. 
A little work on my blog, answering email, another cup of coffee...

Then getting in the car.  For hours.
There was a stop at the school. 
Running into the thrift store in search of vintage ornaments (they weren't out yet)
 a stop to pick up something for High Point Market that was coming up
and of course, the other market...
which we already talked about what that means.

I had to stop for something for dinner.
And I came out with an armful of fresh flowers, pretty ribbon
 and avocados and spinach.

But, in my mind- avocados with spinach and a sprinkling of feta is perfect for dinner. 
And I was excited to have found the soft shades of roses and fresh greens for the 
styling I was working on later that day.

So it was all good.
 I was designing an autumn wedding table setting for the Balsam Hill blog that afternoon
and was using a gorgeous magnolia garland from them
as the centerpiece for the table.

I have a confession...  
 I am in love with magnolia leaves. 
That waxy green that reverses to a velvety rich golden brown... 
it is gorgeous for soo many designs 
I think magnolia is pretty darn amazing and I would love to sprinkle that
goodness around the house. 
In baskets. 
Around the front door. 
On the mantel.

 I have another confession.

This magnolia is faux.
And when I say 'faux' 
I mean 'faux' 
as in faux.

Can you believe it?
Seriously. Amazing garland.

You know that I am a fresh greens and fresh flowers type of girl- 
but sometimes you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle.
Like when you need something like magnolia garland accented with gorgeous flowers 
but it is September 
and magnolia isn't available at the florist just yet. 

And if it is available to order
that made to order custom garland is crazy expensive 
and will take 2 weeks to be made 
and then shipped.
And you really want it by 3:30 that afternoon so that you can
get your table styled and ready 
in time to capture the perfect evening light dancing through the trees
in your photos.

And so you do the next best thing 
which is to use a faux magnolia garland that is amazingly realistic and gorgeous
and customize just like you like
with fresh flowers.

My favorites?
Pale softly blushing peachy pink & ruffly green roses 
and a few sprinklings of fresh eucalyptus branches.
They are so simple to tuck in.

It is definitely a simple way to get a gorgeous custom designed look for less 
and it is something that can be used again and again and again- which makes it a smart purchase as well and that is always a good thing.
So that makes this magnolia garland
 a Friday favorite for sure.

Not a sponsored post-  
just sharing the details after so many questions.
Find it here

See you tomorrow for Random Saturday.

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  1. I am a real flower kind of girl, too, but I have been know to fall for a good looking faux. Yours is fabulous and the infusion of real is great touch.

    1. Right? Faux foliage is so much like the real thing when it is made really well like this. It is fun to customize it too! Have a great weekend Kim!

  2. How beautiful does that look, omgosh! Love it.
    But I love everything you post.

  3. Looks beautiful to me!!!!
    Fortunately I have an eNORmous magnolia tree in my front yard, so for a party I am doing on will be magnolia, and Chinese pistache leaves, silvery mercury glass candle holders and white mini-boos. I would love to add beautiful roses like yours, but I live in back of beyond.....alas red roses are all that show up around here in our 1 grocery store :^(
    Have a GREAT weekend and be blessed,

    1. Lucky you!! That is fantastic and I bet your party will be gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

  4. Love what you did with the faux magnolia garland. Looks so pretty!

  5. Honestly, you should have a book out! There is a soft elegance about your blog. Serenity in a beautiful way is why I read it. Kathleen in Az

  6. I've envied everyone in the south who have magnolia and I've restrained from asking you guys to shp me some Fed Ex overnight! Thanks for the tip...your table is gorgeous!

    Jane x

  7. Beautiful garland Courtney! Seriously, this is like a real thing, I can`t believe it`s not?! Love the look with delicate roses, so elegant and lovely!!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  8. I like the real thing, too. However sometimes it's just not possible to have. Thanks for the source for the garland!
    Au Revoir & Bisous,
    Michelle from

  9. Great find!!! Looks so real, and its beautiful I can see why you are obsessed and now you can use it all year round ;)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor