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Pretty Packages

I have a mild obsession with pretty things.

Gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Like fresh flowers in a vintage container and a little bit of chandelier bling in every room. 
And when it comes to Christmas- I love pretty, soft, romantic, elegant decorations
 right down to the packages. 

Back to that mild obsession...
 I have a *few* rolls of wrapping paper that were just too pretty to cut.
And I bought a few more this year- so the obsession continues.
You might remember my red/white striped obsession last year...

Gift wrap ideas for Christmas

And I am excited to share a few of my favorite ways to wrap presents
 and have them be just as pretty as your tree.

Starting with this one...
 that isn't actually wrapping paper at all.

wallpaper gift wrap ideas for Christmas

Sigh... embossed florals tied with a pretty ribbon? 
Yes, please.

This might be one of my favorite looks this year. 
And I have an abundance of this paper- so you will be seeing it peeking out here and there often.

So what about that secret? 

It is actually wallpaper.
I picked it up several years ago to use for a ceiling- you might remember my office ceiling has a textured wallpaper on it.  Wallpapers have been used for years
for interesting and different style wrapping paper for presents
 and the simple embossed kind are my favorites.

Since I didn't end up using this roll of wall paper for the ceiling
I got busy, wrapped a few presents, tied them with pretty ribbons and voila.

It is thicker than wrapping paper of course, so you will need a hefty sticky tape 
to keep it all wrapped up. 
But the embossing is so pretty and adds a great texture - especially next to the ribbon.
And this style wallpaper is inexpensive considering the amount of paper you get for wrapping.

You can find similar papers here
I am off to wrap some more pretty packages and this time- 
with something a little unexpected color and style wise for the holidays
Stay tuned.

See you tomorrow with a tree
and an invite to a fun event this weekend.

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  1. Many years ago I did just this, embossed wall paper that I actually bought hat box style boxes in all shapes and covered them so a lid could be removed after untying the bow, this way it was only stuffed with tissue and none of the embossed paper had to be ripped off. Yes this was a summer project working here and there on boxes and storing them in plastic bags shelved until the Christmas holidays.

    I love the look and it's going to be a Joyeux Noël here, I am sure your family beams in Awww! Over the beauty you create.


  2. What a great idea!! Very pretty and sophisticated :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor