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The softer side~ High Point Market

The softer side... 
it is so unusual over here right?

I know. I know. 
I am all about pops of color and loads of patterns mingling in a room.
But sometimes, on occasion, I just have to venture into the world of white slipcovered sofas
warm worn patinas, old fashioned florals and simple lines.
(Are you starting to wonder what I am talking about right now?)

Obviously I am a HUGE fan of the softer side. 
And color, pattern and texture all play a part in my rooms- just like they do in a colorful room- 
they are just more of a subdued look.

Hooker Furniture
Faded French blues and floral curtains and antique inspired rugs? YES YES YES.

 And white sofas with the nubby texture of a needlepoint pillow
old florals in soft colors? C'est moi.
And the pop in the room? 
I have one- it is just isn't what you think.

It is a pop of patina and old turquoise color on the farmhouse bench.

Pops of color and pattern inspiration are everywhere at High Point
and I LOVE it.
Yes, you know I love simple elegance in my home
but I have a confession...
 I also love those bold color filled rooms when I see them. 
They are absolutely stunning and feel energetic and vibrant to me.
And Eddie Ross gave me a piece of advice last year when I lamented that I loved the pizazz
 that hot pink and an oversized floral brought to a design we were working on. 
I said
'I am more soft, shabby,white and I just can't live happily ever after with that bold color filled 'chaos' to my shabby loving heart for more than a couple days.'

And he gave me some advice on mingling both the bold and beautiful to me.
I will share his advice and something fun that I did that came from that conversation soon- 
but today, it is all about that takes my breath away softer side beauty that I saw at High Point 
last month.

Spotted at Century Furniture

Patina. Florals. Elegant gold mingling with crystals.
We are talking rooms that I can move into today and not change a thing.
Beds I am ready to climb up into and nap on.
Accessories that fit in perfectly with everything I already have in my home.
Eloquence Antiques

So, my top vintage inspired, soft and shabby with a touch of glam 
and just plain gorgeous at High Point Market? 
Some are small like details on a tray-  others are the entire room and 
a couple of them might be familiar like Shabby Chic & Eloquence...
they make the list every. single. time.

Feminine golds and florals mingling?
 I loved these from John- Richard and they definitely need to be in my office
on my table.

And of course stacks of naked books on a shabby blue sideboard at Theodore Alexander? 
I am so there.

Theodore Alexander

Another from Theodore Alexander- seriously, that soft blue sofa... 
I loved it.

Theodore Alexander

Of course, when thinking soft and shabby
whites and faded colors comes to mind.
The Shabby Chic showroom is small but always a favorite of mine
for gathering inspiration.

Shabby Chic

This time, I actually plopped down into a chair
and sat for a half an hour while I charged my phone. I almost fell asleep.
I was in the midst of calm and quiet beauty.
Shabby Chic
Even though whites and shabby is so me...
gold and glamorous gets me every time as well.
This outrageously large mirror at Century Furniture was a show stopper.

Century Furniture

And that is about as close to taking a selfie as I get. 

And more gold- with lucite from Bernhardt.
Aye aye aye... I loved it. And though I shared this already
it is going on the softer side list as well.

Bernhardt Furniture
What about a softer palette underfoot and on the sofa?
Loloi rugs had the most amazing soft faded patterns in their rugs

Loloi Rugs

and in some of their pillows and throws.

Loloi Rugs

Of course, I would be leaving out a big softer side if I didn't share some of my 
favorite inspirations from Eloquence Antiques.


Always gorgeous.

Always glamorous.

Always filled with major inspiration for me.
They are a must stop in my book.
And even if my feet are beyond killing me
and I can hardly take another step in my heels
I will put my flip flops on (California girl here) 
and make the trek to their showroom.

The most exciting thing? They are opening a much larger
much more filled with inspiration showroom next market
and I can hardly wait to see it.

So there you have a few of my favorite soft and shabby inspirations
from Fall Market.

As usual when I get home after Market-I am so invigorated and inspired
I am off to refresh pretty much everything in my house.

Hope your week is off to a great start everyone.

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  1. Total eye candy! Lovely, all of it!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Barb :)

  2. Beautiful selection of furniture.

  3. So inspiring and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. Soft and serene - love it all. I have several pieces from Eloquence - antiques and new reproductions. I'm really thrilled with everything I bought from them.

  5. You always capture the essence of the High Point Market so well Courtney....and I must say that I am happy that Eloquence is expanding their space as it is my favorite!!!