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Reflecting & Design Bloggers Conference

Remember how  I recently shared that I tend to reflect 
a bit during December? 
I do. 

I feel like there is so much reflection on the year at Christmas time
Memories of Christmas past, hopes for the upcoming year
and spending time with family and friends that you may not see all that often...
and along with all the feel good, merry making that goes along with the beauty of the season.
First confession... I love Christmas.
Not really a confession, I know. ;)
And I love immersing myself in all things Christmas
and merry and bright. I just love it.

The first year I was blogging- 
I was trying to navigate how a blog works 
while balancing a few things that were going on behind the scenes. 
It was not an easy time for me personally and it was really hard for me to open up 
and share things here on my blog.
I was new to you, you were new to me
 and the idea that I would be wearing my heart not only on my sleeve-
 but also on the world wide web... 
well- you can imagine how exposed that makes you feel.

But I finally decided to share a bit more and I introduced 
one of my best friends-  my grandmother Betty - in
  Where to Find Me  just before Thanksgiving that year. 
And I didn't know that a few weeks later at the beginning of December,
 I would be sharing another post about how much life changed 
when she passed.

That winter was an unusually cold and stormy
which we were definitely not prepared for here in sunny California.
And I struggled a bit to find that groove on my blog while not feeling as peppy 
and I will never forget the morning in March 
when I sat crossed legged on the floor 
by the heater with my laptop 
and struggled to write something inspiring on my blog.

After writing, deleting, writing again, etc...
I thought it might be better to just let it go to get back to another day, 
when I looked across the floor
 and saw sunlight streaming through the window and dancing across the floor.
And it was that little glimmer that inspired a quick post about sunshine filled 
spring days and rebuilding.

The reality of it was... that post was not an exceptional post.
it was not an amazing, inspiring, or even filled with beautiful photography.
But you know what?
That post was THE post that was changed things on my blog.

Pause and fast forward...

You might remember that when I went to High Point Market this fall- it was with the Design Bloggers Conference Tour. 
And while we were there, we all started talking about the conference. 
And the folks at DBC asked me if I would join them.
As a speaker.
And when I say speaker, 
I mean Speaker as in
words coming out of my mouth in front of a room full of people staring at me
type speaker. 
And my first response was nervous laughter.
And my second was Yes.

You see, they asked me to speak about my blog and the story.
How that original conversation with my sister 
led to starting my blog
that led to the first job 
that opened doors to a passion filled career
with brands that I love to work with
and so much more.
So, in March, I will be sharing more 
about where I started, what I have learned and goals I am dreaming of reaching in 2016.
And hopefully I won't get too emotional...
or fall over... or trip. 
(remember that rogue ankle?)
That would not be fun and exciting.
 I will also be sharing much more here-
 about the conference and what is happening there:
the line-up of great speakers, the events, the brands, etc.
and if you want to learn more about Design Bloggers Conference and registering to attend
you can read about it here.

And  I will go back and share more of the story...
and about how I almost didn't take the path that popped up in the road
and how baby steps
are sometimes the biggest.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start.

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  1. Beautiful Courtney! So happy you took this path and shared your creativity and writing with us. ~julie

  2. I SO desperately needed this today! I am still hovering in the background, afraid to take that step that has been calling me for over 5 years, maybe longer....Praying for courage and knowing I am being called, I can't quiet the voice much longer....

  3. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts with us.

  4. Beautiful post Courtney! Hope your Christmas was a most wonderful one with your family.

  5. Beautiful reflections and such lovely photographs. Congratulations on being asked to speak at the convention. I am sure you will be inspiring!

  6. The conference sounds great , I wish i could be there to cheer you on. Love the post and the pictures
    Can not wait to hear more about the conference. Hope you had a awesome Christmas.

  7. So glad you took those baby steps. My path almost mirrors yours only it was after my mamma passed away. I've always been such a private, family person. I always like being in the background cheering everyone else on. Now I'm trying to open myself up and not sound like a nutcase. Love getting to know you.

  8. Courtney, your heart is filled with light and love. Thank you for sharing about yourself. Your grandmother is always with you..perhaps HER light is leading you in the direction you are going.

    Conrats on being a speaker! It sounds like an event I would like to attend.

    Happy New Year!

    Modesto, CA