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Simple Elegance~ New Years Eve Drink & Treat Station

Can you believe that it is almost time
to ring in the new year?

 New Years Eve party ideas- gold glasses, cake, peonies

I am shaking my head over here
because I have no idea how 2015 has zoomed 
by as quickly as it has.

In the upcoming New Year on my blog- 
you will be seeing some new things and new series coming your 
way as I stretch my design and blogging wings a bit.

And one thing I hear from you quite often 
is how to entertain with an abundance of elegance and charm
but not an abundance of work.

New Years Eve beaded garland in glass with flowers

I am raising my hand over here because 
I would like to know the details on that too.

But honestly, entertaining does not have to be difficult or stressful
and especially for something like New Years Eve.

 NYE is a holiday where you can take your already up Christmas decor 
and add a sprinkling of glam and pizzazz 
and call it good.

New Years Eve Party Table Gold glasses and peonies

Because, let's be honest.
After the busy of the Christmas season
you need something just as simple to put together as it is gorgeous, right?
Enter a super simple
super gorgeous
super EASY to put together 
Holiday drink and treat station.

For starters- simply embellish Christmas.
Leave your garlands, banners, trees, etc. up
and add to them.
A sprinkling of gold confetti
or toss faux snow on a table top and add gold baubles.
You don't need to do too much-
because Christmas decor speaks for itself.

New Years Eve Table gold bottlebrush trees peonies

Up next, create a drink and treat station.
It is so easy and so fun to do.
A drink station is just a spot where you gather all the elements for nibbling on
and sipping on and arrange them in a beautiful way.

I started with those peonies- because I have an abundance of them in the house
after that lucky score finding them for $1 a stem-
but you can use whatever flowers or fresh greens you would like.
New Years Eve drink and treat table idea

Arrange a vase full of flowers/greens on the table
and then start working around it.
Place stacks of white dishes for treats
and gold wine stems, water glasses
and champagne coupes for sipping delicious drinks.

Styling Tip: 

Think layers.  
Place taller wine glasses on a cake pedestal towards the back for height 
and shorter ones in front for more pizazz.

Peonies and gold glasses NYE

Color wise- I decided to go for the gold 
because I love it of course 
and because it is perfect for New Years Eve.
I used a variety of gold and gold rimmed glasses that do double duty 
by adding elegance while waiting to be used.

And then- bring on the treats

Cookies and gold dishes with flowers for New Years Eve party

from cookies to cakes 

Coconut cake and peonies

to cheese and crackers 

Cheese and crackers pedestal platter chalkboard

You can also add little festive touches such as a glass filled with beaded garland
or confetti for something fun.

New Years Eve- pink beaded garland gold white dishes

Don't forget utensils
and maybe a few little ornaments
and call it good.

New Years Eve drink treat station gold

Simple elegance that is as easy to put together 
as it is beautiful.
And the best part- you don't even have to have a party to set up a pretty 
food and drink station or a pretty table.
These ideas work equally for a gathering of 20 or a quiet night with just a few.


and for more inspiration for NYE- 
take a peek at my Ebay guide

Up next
a table setting idea for New Years Eve
and taking a look back at 2015
and a look ahead at hopes and dreams for the new year.

New Years Eve Tablesetting

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  1. I love your interiors and peonies as well. You made an ideal flower choice! Bright, chic and cheery. Have a lovely New Year's Eve Courtney! X

  2. Everything you do is elegant, Courtney. I find inspiration in each and every post on French Country Cottage. I look forward to 2016, Happy New Year!

  3. What gorgeous ideas and I LOVE the Peonies! Your colors and images are simply perfection.

  4. Be still my heart. You are a girl after my own heart. Thank you for the beauty you share and the inspiration Courtney.

    I can't wait to see what you share in 2016. May you have a happy and blessed 2016.


  5. Lovely pics!
    Stylish! I wish you lot of luck for coming year! Spread your wings!

  6. You make me want to invest in a plot of land and grow nothing but peonies! It's beautiful Courtney! Happy New Year! Thank you for so many beautiful ideas in 2015!

  7. Hi Courtney. I have not been receiving your posts lately and I don't know what the problem is. When I try to resubscribe it just tells me I am already subscribed. So I'm not sure what is going on. I would really appreciate it if there is something you can do to fix this. Thank you. You have a beautiful blog. My email is

  8. Love it! Simple, elegant and beautiful, knocked it out yet again :)

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  9. Those peonies...! All your images are gorgeous.