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Eucalyptus wreath & garland (with a secret)

Eucalyptus on mantel with dried flowers

I am huge fan of eucalyptus for year round decorating.
From wreaths to garlands to sprays 
and even to simple sprigs in a vase.

There is something about greens for year round decorating 
and especially in winter when
there is a chill in the air and dreary skies all around.

A burst of fresh green color is perfect for warming up those winter whites
and adding the right charm to a room.

Eucalyptus wreath on mirror

And the other day- a whole box of charming arrived.
But it was a box full of charming 
that also had a secret.

Those soft faded dusty greens
were hiding something.
Any guesses?

French country cottage eucalyptus mantel close up

Okay, okay....
I'll let the secret out 
they are faux.

French country cottage eucalyptus mantel close up

Faux as in... 
Faux. Fake. Not real. But pretty darn realistic.

Seriously- I was so impressed when they arrived.
The details are amazing and no allergy worries with these which is somewhat common
with the fresh and dried varieties.

Faux fireplace mantel with eucalyptus and tea light screen

The garland is small enough to be a perfect size for laying on the mantel or for stringing together 
with a few others to drape on a door.
And the wreath is a perfect petite size as well.
I will be sharing a couple ways to use this garland soon but 
and even better- both the wreath and garland are on a major sale right now.
You can find them here 
and the tea light screen here

I am over at the Las Vegas Market this week
and I will be sharing all kinds of trends and inspiration with you soon.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. I have never Seen this type of a garland. It looks wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! I had a gorgeous spray over my entertainment center in the 80s.
    Have a fun time at the Market!
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Oh I forgot all about those swags. They were pretty popular then I think!

  3. I ordered the wreath, got an extra 10% off today and credited your blog as my information source in the survey. Thanks for always guiding us to such lovely things, especially when they're so affordable.

  4. I thought you were going to say it was hiding a bug/spider-Yikes! lol. It would be great if you could get it to smell like the real thing! Going now to check out the link.

  5. Hi Courtney, I just ordered the wreath. Thanks for the link and the beautiful post.

  6. it's amazing how an Australian native plant has taken so well to the conditions in the US - i love the eucalyptus in my garden in Oz :)

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    Lorsque je vivais dans le sud de la France, j'avais en face de ma propriété de très beaux eucalyptus avec ce feuillage bleuté et rond. J'en cueillais souvent des branches et j'agrémentais mes bouquets... L'idée d'une couronne est très bonne !
    Je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses à Las Vegas.

    Gros bisous ♡

  8. Courtney, what a find. I have been looking all over for eucalyptus this holiday, finally found a few sprigs at Raley's. I ordered the wreath right away and couldn't believe the price. Your's looks so pretty. Thanks for letting us know.Happy Week to you..Judy

  9. I ordered the wreath with additional 10% off. Great deal. I mentioned your blog. Thanks.

  10. Love your wreath and mantel garland, they are soo pretty.