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Winter Frost Mantel

Simple is key when it comes to winter decorating.

It seems that after the holidays...
simple decor is almost like a craving.

I find that sometimes winter homes can lean a little more minimal
but they need to feel cozy even so.
From an abundance of candles
to a simple bouquet of flowers on the side table
to natural touches anywhere and everywhere.
I have been playing with a few different looks for winter stylings 
with different elements
but one of my favorites bits of nature to use are pinecones.
And when I saw these charming little 
sugar and snow sprinkled pinecones- I decided simple
and charming was perfect.

Glistening away on the mantel
while the sunshine spills in through the window- 
they definitely say winter simplicity.

One of the recent requests for posts was for ideas for simple
and easy winter decorating that didn't cost a ton 
and that took just a few minutes to put together.
So this mantel is one of those easy ideas.

These pinecones are actually tree picks/floral sprays
that were intended for a Christmas tree styling
but that found their way to a mantel.

When using picks or sprays 
remember that you can clip them or pull them apart most times
in order to make them work for your space.
And you can embellish them if you would like- with dried flowers
or bits of moss or something with color.
 I added a few dried rose hips to the mantel for a small pop of color.

Have you ever come upon a huge overgrown rose bush in winter?
 They are often times covered in oodles of rose hips
and if you have clippers and gloves on hand (or if you go back with them) 
 you can clip a few branches and bring them home
and use them all year long.

Rose hips are especially perfect for winter decor.
Simple in structure but so warm with that rosy red color.
And I am loving the way that they mix and mingle with the snowy white
and old brassy gold of the mirror.

A simple & sweet winter frosted mantel
that takes just a few minutes to put together.
And with no cold snowy weather required.

You can find the pinecone sprays here
and clipped rose hips can often times be found at your local florist 
if you don't have a source in your neighborhood.

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  1. Really happy that i found you.
    Nice greetings from the romantic shabby girl from austria
    Your new follower
    PS: i think you would also like my home

  2. Hello Courtney!
    I love the gorgeous simplicity of your mantle - the colors, textures, and winter-feel is so beautiful. Perfectly done as I have seen so many times in your posts and look forward to following along.

  3. I love your simple and elegant winter mantle...those frosty picks are perfect.....


  4. Courtney! Love this and it's part of my Weekend Spotlight series this weekend! Soo pretty! laura

  5. Love the mantel and great idea .