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Flower Market Friday~ Favorite floral fabrics

It's no secret that I have a major love affair going on with fresh flowers...
which is probably why Flower Market Fridays are favorite days of mine here on my blog.

Blue jeans and blush roses

Flower Market Friday is all about floral inspiration.
Whether it is fresh flowers in a vase on the nightstand

or a new flower covered shirt to wear with faded jeans
(even those little floral patches on jean shorts right there)
or maybe it is floral inspiration for your home with fabrics.

Which is exactly what I'm talking about today.
I have a few floral fabrics around our house... and some of them make the move quite often
but they never really go away.

My favorite might be these vintage floral ticking stripe curtains
that were my mothers which was in the 1980's.

Vintage French flower ticking stripe curtains with lamp and dog statue on nightstand

I was long obsessed and in love with these when she had them made for our house
and years later, she offered them to me since she had lost that loving feeling with them.
(just like in my post from earlier this week) and the rest is history.

You might remember these curtains that I made in a little bit of a different way
a couple of years ago

Ticking stripe flower curtain panels with fringe

The panels in my office

Chandelier and floral fabric panels in background

and these vintage floral curtains that I found while on the GMC Hidden Treasure Adventure
that went into the cottage kitchen.

Vintage floral panels on window in cottage kitchen

But the floral fabric love doesn't stop at curtains...
flower covered bedding is another huge love of mine
that I admittedly indulge freely in.

One of my favorites from the summer- 
this white and pink ruffled beauty from Shabby Chic.
I used it out in the cottage bedroom  for a fresh look.

Shabby Chic floral bedding on bed in cottage

In my bedroom- one of my favorites is this comforter
that I bought about 5-6 years in the wrong size even because I loved the 
muted almost vintage color palette and pattern.

vintage style floral fabric at foot of bed

And most recently- one that I have had a ton of questions about-
is this gorgeous blushing blooming beauty.

Blush pink bedding with pink flowers close up

It is so pretty in person 
and it has the perfect amount of sweet cottage charm.
Find it here  (affiliate link)

And one more for the road...

floral fabric, knit blanket and jean jacket on hammock

this sweet floral that is actually a curtain panel as well
but was perfect for tying to the hammock for a charming look.

So there you have some of my favorite floral fabrics 
and since they are a weakness of mine... I can assure you
you will be seeing more before too long.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Sooo pretty! I love florals, too! Enjoy your weekend, Courtney.

    Barb :)

  2. Well, I already had spring fever and now these luscious florals have put me over the top! I think I have to go dig in the dirt now or at least walk around to see what might be peeking out of the ground! Lovely post.

  3. In my mind, floral never go out of style. Flowers are one of God's gifts. Beautiful.

  4. I love the curtains your mom so kindly pass on to you....and the ones you made are just as beautiful, your home looks fresh and beautiful....

    Wishing you a great weekend~

  5. Courtney, It's such a pleasure to see someone who still uses patterns, particularly florals, in their home. I so love them! My very first job was as a textile artist where it was my responsibility to design and put into repeat print patterns (back in the day when we still painted them by hand). I think this began my life-long love affair with prints, which was only magnified at my next job in design at Ralph Lauren. I still know the names of many of his vintage inspired florals and still have many of them in my home. Thanks for such a lovely and inspiring post!!

  6. Your collection of floral fabric is beautiful - always lovely to look at. As much as I try to keep neutral in my decor, my bedroom is where I truly indulge in my love for florals. Luckily my DH doesn't mind, so I have quite a collection which I rotate. Followed the link, and I am definitely purchasing the duvet and some shams - I absolutely love the pale pink background- so vintagey looking. Thanks so much for sharing, and it's nice to someone still using florals in the home.

  7. I love feminine things. I love the soft muted looks and not the bold in your face pattern. And your flowers are gorgeous. Even though we are renting a house a house down South for a few months you've inspired me to add flowers weekly. I love the look. Certainly makes it more homey when we come in from the beach.

  8. This completely brightened up my VERY snowy freezing cold Canadian morning. So beautiful thank you for sharing.