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Inspired by: Las Vegas Market

What happened in Vegas a couple weeks back?
Something amazing with so much to be inspired by.
So much that I wanted to bring home with me.
SO much that I decided was definitely missing in my home.

It isn't what you think, of course.
I am talking about Las Vegas Market- 
and the major amount of inspiration that I found there.

Can I just say that perusing Las Vegas Market and High Point Market
are some of my favorite things to do 4x a year?
There is always fresh perspective that is like opening a magazine and stepping into the pages of it
to really experience the style.

It is also a new way that you look at something that you might have seen before
Sometimes all of a sudden - it clicks for you and you are in love.
And this market was no different.
I spent several days wandering the market
and snapping photos, jotting down notes and connecting with others.
It is always such an inspiring trip.

From the always catch my eye vintage inspired designs
to the glam, Hollywood gold
to the bold and beautiful with color
to the slightly more modern 
but just as much something that talked to me.

So ready for some of what caught my eye this market?
 Let's start at the very beginning...

Not surprisingly, for me- that is anything vintage or French inspired.
Like the always talking to me
favorite Park Hill

Yep, my chairs. My table cloth. 
My overly large and overly amazing pumpkins.
Wrap it up.
Oh but don't forget this goodness in the box...

Or this...
Park Hill NEVER fails to inspire me. 
And I almost did another periscope while there...
but last time, the showroom was sooo busy and sooo people filled
that someone bumped me while I was talking 
and I dropped my phone
 and it became part of my blooper reel.
Apparently, I am here to amuse.

Even so, it is definitely a showroom that you don't want to miss
and it was one of my #ViewonVegas picks.

I joined the Las Vegas Market in their View On Vegas program
where several bloggers, style spotters and magazine editors picked 
out 3-4 things that caught their eye and shared it on instagram.
This sofa made the cut.

Up next-
 going a little more French glam.

Another always favorite for me is Bliss Studios.
Sigh. Just the name alone makes me want to go in
and once inside- I am mesmerized.
This is pretty much my style to a T

Soft neutrals mingling with glamorous gilding, chippy paint 
and an abundance of fresh flowers.

This gorgeous Gustavian gray and gilded chest- mine, mine, mine. 
Loved the details-loved that corrugated look and the delicate hardware.

Another obsession? This gold table.
You could say it swings a little more modern maybe- but I love it.

A new to market and new to me showroom- Ave Home.

Can we talk about the details?
Serious love.

And as hard as I tried- the measurements on this gorgeous mirror didn't fit my suitcase.
But I definitely wanted to bring it home with me.
Along with everything in this 'room'.

Favorite vintage style linens?

Hands down Full Bloom Cottage- and another View on Vegas winner.

Moving away from the vintage & French looks
how about a pop of color?
Sometimes you just need a little burst of sunshine in a room
and I guarantee that Joanie Designs pieces will do just that.

That acrylic coffee table? Serious serious love.
Her color infused designs were another View On Vegas winner.

And speaking of color...
pops of color were definitely on trend at the market
and around every corner.

From gorgeous bold upholstery in a geometric design

to florals - love love love

Other things noted to obsess about that were popular at market

Anything that was weathered and worn.

Wood, wicker, upholstery- you name it.
 Distressed was key.
Think whitewashed over painted thick.

Anything gold and metal

From large pieces of furniture to the smallest of accents

Gold is hot and the love affair and abundance of it
 doesn't appear to be stopping anytime soon.
And I am totally okay with that.

The unexpected favorite?
This. light.
Any idea what it is?

It is a tumbleweed.
So interesting and unique and it literally 'floats'.

And of course as always
an abundance of whites.
With golds...

With blues...

and with oversized flowers.

Seriously, this is just a snippet of what caught my eye at the always inspiring 
always gorgeous Las Vegas Market!
 Do you have a favorite so far?

I will share more inspirations in another post
and more about speaking with Cocoa & Kelly, Jonathan Lo
and Rue Magazine- the amazing event at the Bellagio filled with design icons
and much more in a separate post.
And to learn more about Las Vegas Market-and how you can attend summer market
 you can find that here

And.... tomorrow is the big announcement post
for something exciting for my readers for spring-
you definitely won't want to miss it!

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  1. Awwwwwwww wonderful impressions

  2. Next time, I'm going with you!! I LOVE Bliss Studios! Just last week I found a Bliss Studio side table that I'm dying to turn into a sink!! Ave Home is new to me too. I had to google them and check out their entire line! I DIE! so so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your adventure to market. I'm serious about going with you next time! xx, Emily

    1. That would be so much fun Emily!! Are you going to High Point Market?

    2. what a great eye you have and thank for sharing so much so well... I loved it all, and a real eye opener what is happening that side of the pond.. I look forward to seeing more, now I must take it all in and remember what there was to inspire, so much its hard to choose!!

  3. Your photos are amazing! I see that grain sack is becoming a very poplar choice of fabric but my favorite is the french iron bed...

  4. All that pink and gold loveliness is swoonworthy! Mimi xxx

  5. So many wonderful things but OMG that gilded trumeau mirror looks exactly like my antique French one here: Is that one new or vintage? It's oh so wonderful!! So much eye candy here. Wonderful post... :-)

  6. Oh gosh how I wish I was there, on second thought not I would have never left.....maybe kicking and screaming.....ha!
    Such gorgeous items all of which are drool worthy.....
    Your so lucky ;-)


  7. So does that mean the (brassy) gold is back (ie: the bathroom fixtures, trim on ceiling fans, towel rods)? Can you tell I rent? I LOVE the tumbleweed!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful pictures.
    I love this kind of interior sooooo much!

    Greetings & Love

  9. I enjoyed this post, Courtney. I love, love everything, especially the glass-fronted cabinet which I have seen trending quite a bit lately. My least favorite is the oversized flowers.

  10. Great post many beautiful things....must say that I LOVE that mirror!!!...You need a larger suitcase next time!...