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Weekend view

A whole lot of randomness going on over here this weekend.

And my head has been so in the books with upcoming work to wrap up that 
 I am posting the random weekend view a bit late...
but it is full of randomness just the same.

Flower Market

I have plans to head to the flower market in SF this week... yes!!
If I am on top of it - I will grab some photos and share a few tips for shopping the markets 
and getting the best for the best prices.
But, I have to be honest... 
I get a little overwhelmed with inspiration at the market
so I may just jump right into the flowers and forget about it. ;)

For the dogs

I admit. 
I have been browsing through Petfinder again this week.
 I have been missing our little Bella and am thinking about adopting a dog.
 So many to fall in love with - and so many who need a home.

Did you know that my grand dog Mr. Weenie was found at the shelter? 
He was. And he was one that they thought to be an unlovable, slightly neurotic dachshund that they didn't expect to ever find a home. 
He is neurotic- but he is definitely lovable- and he did find a home. 
And we love him with his quirks and all.
 Have you adopted from a shelter before? Would love to know your experience.

Fresh cut wood

I have been surrounded by fresh cut wood this past week and have decided
 that yes, I think that I am allergic to it. 
Between my clogged sinuses and the fact that my nickname is starting to be Sneezy... 
I need to get a coat of paint on that exposed wood asap.

Photography work

Today I am going to pick up my new camera and bond with it.
When you get a new camera- you would think it would be instant love. But... the truth is- you kind of have to meet, shake hands a bit, enjoy coffee together and start to speak each others language-  and then you start to get along.  

This week has been full of computer work- and between writing, emails and social and the behind the scenes work with the makeover-  I barely picked up my camera to play with it. 
And that is really unusual. 
So today, I am playing. 

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

I have had several of you email to ask about kitchen lighting this week-
 it must be the kitchen refresh season! 
So, I thought I would share one of my recent posts over at Lamps Plus- which happens to be about kitchen pendant lighting- and while you are there- take a peek at some of the other posts
 I have written for more inspo.

My favorites in blog land this week?

Love following this journey about making something sweet and
excited to watch this show this season- which includes a fellow bloggers son.

That is it for the weekend view this week. 
See you soon for another look at blue & white on the table, a simple diy and much more.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Wonderful pictures, wonderful idea, wonderful weekend!!!

    Greetings & Love

  2. I love your pictures of peonies. Do you know where I can find some really good faux peonies? I live in Southern California and they won't grow here, so I'm told. Thank you, Gitte

    1. I worked with a company a few years ago called NDI that had amazingly realistic florals- you might try them.

  3. I think Mr. Weenie is the cutest, most adorable little dog I've ever seen!

  4. Mr.Weenie is adorable! Our family has rescued a dog and a cat. Both love us so much, we believe they know we "rescued" them, they are loyal and loving. They did need time to get used to us, they needed lots of love, attention, and patience...our cat does not like to lie on laps, and has only recently after 3 years come up and snuggle next to us on the couch. But they are fabulous companions! Will adopt again in a heartbeat!

    1. You know, it is one of those things. So many sad faces that you just want to take them all in. And Mr. Weenie took awhile to warm up and trust us and feel like he was staying- but he is part of the family now- and he knows it and is such a funny little dog. We had a cat that sounds like yours. He was a stray that my daughter started feeding and before too long, he would sit BY us on the patio. Then he would be at the door wanting to come in- but just for a second. And then he was coming in and hopping on the sofa. Needless to say, we had to take him in, get him his shots and what not and - yep, he moved in. Never really sat on our laps much but he sat with us on the sofa or bed often.

  5. Your Mr.Wennie is just precious, my little Bella is sort of a rescue, the breeder who breed her couldn't sell her...she had red yeast covering her face which is not pretty for a puppy who for the most part are suppose to be all white! Long story short my dear cousin told her to contact me to see if I would want her, I told her bring her over so she can meet my Diva Mia the Maltese ;-) Bella the new Maltese hit off with Mia and now Bella has her forever home ;-) she is only 5 pounds and I have treated her red yeast issue and looks a lot bertter ;-)

    1. That so sweet- love that story!! I am so glad you rescued her and gave her a home!

  6. Do tell: What Canon did you buy? I am researching replacing my 10 year old Canon and wondered what you decided to purchase. Great blog BTW, love Mr. Weenie! Our kitty Nicholas also came from a shelter with a long list of neurosis, but we love him just the same.

    1. I bought a Canon 5ds- I will have to share more about it and how I like it once we bond haha! ;) But if you are looking for a less expensive but all around amazing camera- the Canon 6d is awesome. The photos I have been sharing are from the 6d. It is a great camera and it is my go to every day camera. I just needed a bit more pro features for some work I am doing - so the 5ds joined the family. :)

    2. Beautiful pictures!!! I don't know if you can improve on perfection....
      Princess Posie cat came from a shelter...caged up by herself since infancy because she hated other animals. (she was raised by ladies who came to hand feed her and rub her throat to cause her to swallow)She has a bit of a reflux problem, BUT as soon as she reached out of her cage and patted my hubby on the head, it was a done deal. They vetted us pretty carefully to make sure we could handle the little problems that she has, and finally let us bring her home. That was 5 years ago, and she absolutely rules the homestead! Shelter pets are the best and the most loving in my opinion. Somehow they remember how things "were", and they remain thankful!
      Blessings to you,