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Entertaining~ Lilacs, roses & purple cabbage table setting

Sometimes you just need a little purple in your life.

Lilacs and roses in a purple cabbage on table for spring centerpiece

That regal gorgeousness- from lilacs, to plums to lavenders and aubergine.
And mixed with blush and greens- it is pretty much perfection.

It just so happened that I had that bouquet of gorgeous lilacs
that I shared over the weekend 
and I had pretty blush colored roses that were blooming away as well.

Gold glasses with purple flowers

And with Easter tablesettings on my mind...
I thought about a favorite idea that I simply don't do often enough.
And it involved something else that was purple.

Lilacs and roses on table in cabbage with purple glasses

A cabbage.

I know what you are thinking.
A cabbage? Really? 
Cabbages are for eating.  Or for rabbits if you don't like them.
And truth be told- we enjoy purple/red/whatever your preference is cabbage
with our steamed veggies nearly every night.
I love it.
I am a bit of a steamed veggie freak I tell you
but seriously, a little purple cabbage with some pepper?

Lilacs on table with blush and gold accents

So when it came to setting a table inspired by spring -
as I placed each lacy detailed plates 
with that gold flatware
and that mixed stemware
and then started to bring out a few of those lilacs

I thought about cabbage
and how absolutely incredibly amazing a purple cabbage floral arrangement
would love mingling with all that regal purple passion on the table.

Lilacs roses and cabbage centerpiece

And so- a few minutes later- voila.
I made two of these beauties- and I even made a video
I know.
Moi on video? It is happening more and more.
And I will be sharing a separate post with the simple 5 minute DIY 
make your own cabbage bouquet instructions
and video shortly.

For now- let's just take a closer look at the table setting.

Purple flowers on table top

Of course the star here is the lilac.
With their intoxicating scent and darling little details
I wish lilacs bloomed all year long.

I set the table outdoors on the patio right next to the rock fireplace.

Purple flowers and gold glasses on table outdoors

And because gold is simply one of the best pairings with royal purple
these gold glasses had to join in.

Gold glasses with purple flowers in the background

And when the sun started to set as I was photographing- 
those glasses were almost glowing.

A mix of stemware- with the blush from the (are you ready?) Dollar Tree
and the deep purple from HomeGoods- they were a perfect mix and mingle
with the rest of the setting.

Table with purple flowers and cabbage vase

Sometimes something literally just starts coming together 
as I play- and this is a perfect example of that.
From one purple thing leading to another-
to a table setting fit for a royal occasion this spring.

Coming up next- the easy details on that Cabbage Vase DIY
and a few easy natural Easter egg coloring ideas
that are as pretty as they come.

Hope your Wednesday is going well!

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  1. That is a gorgeous tablescape! I don't use purple very much but I look at this and wonder why!

  2. What rich, luscious colors. I love it!

  3. Beautiful, love the saturated color of purple, different hues with a touch of pink. And the purple cabbage for a vase, love it!
    So romantic! Kathleen in Az

  4. Simply gorgeous!!!
    Happy Wednesday to you, too.
    :) Barb

  5. Hi Courtney,

    Love me some red cabbage! In fact, I am cooking up some green cabbage as I write this! But your arrangements are way too gorgeous to eat. Can't wait to see the cabbage vases! ~ Laurel

  6. Very lovely and creative! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love those lacy plates....can you tell me the pattern?.....amazing posts

  8. What a gorgeous table setting! Love the color scheme, those lilacs are so beautiful. I cannot wait to see the video of the cabbage vase! I would love to reproduce that for my Easter table! Thanks for the inspiration, have a great weekend!

  9. This is such a pretty table. I love the purple cabbage!

  10. Lilacs, pink roses, gold dinnerware..... perfection!

  11. brilliant idea and execution. My only NO NO is the lilacs - hope you have no people at your table who are as allergic to lilac as I am (and quite a number of people I know are too!).... This is something many florists forget and it's lethal when you are suffering from asthma, etc.
    I very much love red cabbage - we cook it preferrably with chestnuts (or marrons) and a bit of apple plus a few drops of vinegar. Heavenly - am now thinking how I could use it FIRST for a lovely flower arrangement and still eat it afterwards, lol?! Maybe not such a great idea and maybe I should now go to bed as I'm up since 4am (it's past 9pm and it was a FULL day)....
    Thank you for sharing this beauty.

  12. Stunning combination of colors and textures. Deep purple goblets, blush stemware and the CABBAGE is the FUN surprise!! I LOVE your tablescape that always include a surprise.:)

  13. I don't see a napkin. I am interested because I have the same very neutral plates and I love the purple. I know I have similar compotes, just can't locate them right now. Just need to know about the napkins. Love the look!