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Finding Inspiration- Design Bloggers Tour

Do you remember last fall when I traveled to North Carolina,
toured beautiful showrooms,
gathered up tons of inspiration,

Bernhardt Furniture
wanted to change everything in my house,
and fell in love with all things High Point Market
as always?

All day long for 3 days
 a group of bloggers and designers and the Design Bloggers Conference
 talked, laughed and got to know each other
as we wandered from one showroom to the next.

We jotted down what inspired us. 
Snapped photos like crazy and instagrammed away

and all the while- 
we formed friendships
as part of the newly formed
Design Bloggers at High Point Market Tour.
Did you know I only knew one of the bloggers when the tour started?
Ivy- who is a fellow HomeGoods blogger and a sweet friend.
But by the end of the 3 days- we were all friends
and I was so excited to see most of them again at the conference a couple weeks ago.

And I am so excited to be back on the tour again this spring.

We will be perusing a list of amazing showrooms and I will sharing each of them with you of course.  I already know there will be no shortage of inspiration in any of them.
Here is the line-up 
      Crypton Home
      Huntington House

Having been to High Point several times,
 I always, always have a great time, always want to toss most everything in my home and start again
and find so much that inspires me in one way or another.
Sometimes it is predictable- and so me-
Yes- please!

And sometimes, some of what catches my eye surprises me and leans more modern
or to a style that isn't what I would normally have in my home.

Which is one of the amazing things about attending Market.
You see so many different interpretations and designs and styles, that you 
might be surprised at what inspires you.

Of course aside from the showrooms on the tour
I have a list a mile long of other showrooms I will be visiting as well-
 including the fast favorites, vintage shopping, French style
 and decor showrooms.

Taylor Burke Home 

It is going to be another amazing market- 
and if you are going to be there-
 I would love to connect and say hello- drop me a note.
And if you are going or have been before-
do tell- do you have a favorite must.see. showroom
 or Market event to attend?

Coming your way this week-
something fun tomorrow- a little about me- and about Haven Conference.
That cabbage vase diy
and more

We are starting spring off with some more rain- which means
painting is on hold for a bit on that project-
and so I am delving into a couple diy projects to share
that don't require any drying time.

Happy spring

I am compensated to participate in the DBC at High Point Market Blogger tour
but all opinions and crazy love of the Design Bloggers Conference and High Point Market
are all my own.

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  1. Hope I get to see you when you're here this time!

    1. Yes!! We definitely need to plan some time to catch up this time!

  2. Yes yes yes, share more of the inspiration you found at Highpoint. I can relate to getting inspired and wanting to start over from scratch.

    1. I most definitely will be! You should go sometime Amy- would be fun!

  3. Omg, what is that luscious aubusson thing going on there a few pics up? Stunning!! Looking forward to the next round... :-)

    1. I.know. I feel the same way! I need it. ;) Thanks for stopping by Lory!

  4. Beautiful inspiration. I love all the pictures! and how fun to get to know such a group of wonderful ladies!

  5. I need that Aubusson that's hanging up in one of those pics! Looks like a fun time, looking forward to what you'll share with us at High Point!

    1. Oh I hear you! It caught my eye before I even walked all the way into the showroom. ;)