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Snapshots from the Flower Market

Since spring has officially arrived 
it seemed like a perfect time to share a few snaps
from a recent trip to the beach and the SF Flower Market.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took off for Half Moon Bay 
for a couple of days of riding bikes along beach paths
 listening to the sounds of the waves and sinking toes into the sand.
And while there, I had a busy agenda of work mixed into play and a day in the city
and while there, 
I wanted to stop in at the San Francisco Flower Market 
for a little shopping as well.

The SF flower market is one of those places that a girl like me
can get lost for hours.

Inside a couple of older buildings just off the freeway in SF
(though it is moving soon)
 it is literally is filled 
with aisle after aisle after aisle 
of inspiration.
From flowers, to trees, to holiday clippings to bonsai to greens to spring blossoms
and more.
Each vendor has something new or honestly,  it may even be the same 
but displayed differently and/or priced differently.

And one thing there is definitely not a lack of? 

 Pretty faces.

While I shopped the market that morning
in between lugging around garden roses wrapped in paper
and bunches of fresh euc
in search of that special ranunculus...

I thought about doing a snapchat or periscope
but a little hard to cart my goodies and hold the phone just so while walking
so I snapped a few photos instead. 
Maybe next time I can plan a literal virtual tour for you- but for now-
just  a peek at what the flower market looks like.

Serious. Flower. Inspiration. Overload.

Whether you are looking for everyday type flowers 
or a special variety- there are a TON of choices at the market.

And I have 2 tips for you.

#1. Bring cash.

There were several vendors that I wanted to purchase something from
who only took cash.
I was unprepared and ended up not buying from them.
Though most vendors will take debit or credit
 if you pull a Courtney- just stop at the ATM on the way in either way.

And #2 ?

Bring extra cash.

Haha, self explanatory I suppose ;)
But you know,
when there are that many choices of flowers that you don't normally 
find making an appearance at your local grocery store
you might go nuts and that extra will go a long way with flower market prices.

I was actually pretty good this time.

I only bought 2 bunches of garden roses 
1 bunch of fresh eucalyptus
6 bunches of various ranunculus

Not too bad.
Though the specialty ranunculus was pricey- and I loaded up on it
it was most definitely worth it.

Am I right?
So  gorgeous!!
Though the colorful every day variety wasn't too shabby either.

Pretty sure when it comes to peonies, ranunculus and garden roses
you can't go wrong.

So there you have a few snapshots from a quick stop at the Flower Market and 
before long, we were back in Half Moon Bay 
with buckets of fresh flowers in hand for a special photo shoot

and a little r&r.
More on that special project coming very soon.

Happy spring everyone.

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  1. I've always wanted to go to the flower market in SF. One of these days I'll go! Pretty flowers you picked up!

  2. oh yes, the special ranunculus was worth every penny, super luscious!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Pretty enough to frame!!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. The photos are all breath taking beautiful. Thank you for sharing, I could look at them all day. :)
    Happy Spring

  6. Love them! They are all so beautiful..thank you for sharing! I live in Michigan and I am pretty sure there are no flower markets this awesome. Thank you, Lori (Vintagethruthyme)

  7. Those are some seriously gorgeous flowers and photos, Courtney! Ya know, well you don't, but I lived in Palo Alto in the mid 70's when I was a teen-aged ballerina. I used to love to go to SF and we went to 1/2 moon bay once.

  8. Our wedding anniversary is/was 20&21 March, I'm in France, Hero Husband on his way to LA.... and I ADORE ranunculus.... I can buy them from my local market for EUR5.- for a pretty bunch and I buy tons of them, especially the really filled and frilly ones. They are adorable and make such wonderful bouquets. Ah, the beauty of flowers - I would go wild on a market like this!!!

  9. I love all these beautiful flowers in these picture and love French Country Cottage and keep these gorgeous picture and your wonderful ideals a coming!