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The 'Lemanade' Stand

I am pretty sure that I raised mini entrepreneurs.

From the dog wash service at a yard sale
to the famous
 'Lemanade' stand.

That one with the vintage desk with the worn top that was
covered in stacks of little wax covered paper cups.
And that had a big yellow tupperware container of the 
best 'lemanade' 
this side of the county.

The one that was run by a sweet girl who loved to get dressed up 
in old floral dresses with flouncy sleeves
Sundays best floppy hats and her favorite perfect pair of pink cowgirl boots.
And by one of her brothers 
who always wore his baseball cap backwards
and that adorable got him out of trouble every time
shy little smile on his face.

They set up shop.
Dragged the desk and chairs over to the edge of the road
mixed the lemonade
gathered as many little cups as they could find
and then taped their handmade 'Lemanade' sign up on the front of it 
to announce to everyone
that they were officially 
open for business.

We bought several glasses of lemonade from them
but of course, we didn't count as customers.
And they wanted us to stop buying all the lemonade so that 
they had enough for the 
'real' customers when they came.

And they waited patiently for the customers.

For hours.

While hammering on the construction project went on behind them
and squirrels ran along the telephone wire
and not one car ventured down that dirt road 
on the side of the property.
But that didn't deter them.
They knew that someone would come along
and pay 15 cents for their delicious lemonade sooner or later.

And someone did. 
Our neighbors who were out for a walk stopped and saw their new stand 
and indulged in a couple of glasses. 
And they gave them a couple of dollars each
and didn't want change.

The 'Lemanade' stand was in business.
And being good business folks-they had turned quite the profit 
in just a few hours and just a few glasses.

So they decided, after a successful business day-
to fold up that Lemanade stand 
and move on to the next big venture.

Which was a full service car wash set up in the driveway.
And this was a special kind of car wash- 
one where just the bottom of your car was sparkly clean
since the car washers were a little on the
 short side.

Really, though, all 3 of my kids have that entrepreneurial spirit and dream big
 when it comes to business ideas.
My two boys (who are now big boys) are working on opening a personal training studio together
and my daughter is working towards a business goal of her own.
So it is kind of funny to think how that Lemanade stand and the dog wash 
might have sparked business ideas and got them churning even back then.

And speaking of ideas churning-
I am starting to do a little early planning for a big graduation party in July.
It is a dual party- for my daughter  who graduated HS in December-
and my sons girlfriend - who is graduating college in a few months.

There will be music playing outdoors, twinkling lights in the trees 
tables set up in the yard
and party inspiration and food galore.

I will be sharing all the planning details that go into the party prep in the coming months
from setting the mood with decor
 to setting an inspired table
 to the delicious party food.
And maybe I will set up a lemonade stand inspired drink station 
for the guests for fun too. 
I am excited to get started on the planning 
and of course-
already looking forward to all my little entrepreneurs being home at the same time.
And since it is Friday- thought a flash back share was good for today.

You can read more from one of my favorite posts ever- from a couple of years ago-
my Heart at Home post HERE
and you can find that delicious spinach salad recipe

Happy Friday everyone

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  1. Awwww so sweet of the neighbors to give a little extra to your kids. Good luck to your sons in starting their business:) Sounds like a beautiful summer graduation party you're planning. A little lemonade stand as a remembrance will be cute!
    Kathleen in Az

  2. No way do you have 3 kids that big!!!! My goodness, I thought you were about 30.....gorgeous children, gorgeous blog xoxoxo

  3. My children love making lemonade and last summer they set up their own lemonade stand here outside our house in our little village in France. I don't think the locals had ever seen such a thing before. To start with they looked on curiously but after a slow start, one couple walking past stopped and were charmed into buying a glass each. They didn't make a fortune but they certainly caused the villagers to have plenty to talk about that weekend and everyone was so charming

  4. What a sweet post! Good luck to your kids in their new business! I am sure the graduation party is going to be absolutely gorgeous and an unforgettable memory for all!
    Enjoy all the preping and planing!

  5. I can't wait to hear more about the up coming party.

  6. You certainly set the foundation for some beautiful and smart children...How adorable your little girl was in her finery and cowboy boots, pink no less!! Know the celebration will be a CELEBRATION!! You will make it happen!!

  7. Your kiddos are just the cutest! They grow up so fast, don't they, so good to savor moments like those. We have 5 children and it's so hard to believe that my littlest one is in kinder and my eldest is graduated already! Have fun at the party!