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A new assistant

Did I mention that I have a new assistant?
One who loves to help out with every little thing I am working on.
Like photographing the living room?
She is right there  to help with the styling.

Or when I am trying to set that blush throw just so-
she makes sure that it is filled with fluff in all the right spots.

And that new rug I photographed? 
Well, the photo just wouldn't be the same if she wasn't involved.

This new little sweet one is a charmer in every way. 
And there is an interesting little story about how she came to join our family about a month ago.

I have been missing our sweet chi Bella for awhile...
she truly was one of my best friends.
I started to feel my heart open up to looking for another little dog again around Christmas time.
I would jump on Pet Finder and look through the listings to see if there was a face that grabbed me and talked to me.
But I just wasn't finding the perfect fit and it was so hard to see all those sad faces.
Have you ever been on Pet Finder?
 Seriously. You just want to bring each and every one of those faces home.
 There are so many animals that need a home and someone to love them.

So I stopped for a couple months.
 I figured it wasn't the right time.
Maybe in the summer would be better.
 But then... one evening, I just decided to check again.
And I found a sweet little face looking at me.

And I thought about if she was the one.
She was in Northern California. She was small and fluffy and cute.
  And I mentioned her to my husband and he said
 'Why don't you go meet her?'

So, I did.
And the funny thing was, when I had called for more information about her-
the pet rescue group asked which dog I was interested in meeting and I said
'That little one on the purple blanket' and they told me it was Sweet Pea
and shared all about this little tiny 5 year old yorkie.
 And I thought she sounds so sweet and I was in love before even meeting her but that the dog in the photo online didn't look like a 4 lb yorkie. 
My daughter and I made the trip to meet her and she popped out of the car in all of her little tiny dog with big hair glory and I was in love in seconds.
In fact, I found out that  Sweet Pea is not the dog I originally called about
the dog that I called about on on the website was already adopted
and Sweet Pea had just been rescued- she wasn't even on Pet Finder yet.
And I just so happened to have called and they thought it was her.
An interesting twist and I definitely feel means she was meant to join our family.

She is a such a sweet girl and -
 I am having so much fun cuddling with her.
She loves going for walks and she is learning that I almost always have my camera close by
 for those times she gets wild hair.

We really wanted to adopt after our grand dog Mr. Weenie
 joined the family. We found this eccentric but so lovable little dog had been living at the shelter and was considered un-adoptable because he was a little on the different side.

He is different in his own way but he is a little charmer and we love him.
I would definitely encourage you to adopt if you are considering adding a new furry friend to your family. There are so many animals who are living in shelters
and deserve a good, loving home.

And Sweet Pea 
(which was her name when we got her)
 is certainly a sweet heart and she has fit into our family so perfectly. 
We are just a tiny bit in love.

I am off for another busy day at Market - and will be sharing much more
on IG and Snapchat today.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis certaine que vous ne regretterez pas votre choix... Une petite frimousse qui en ferait craquer plus d'un !!
    Même Icarus mon dalmatien voudrait bien jouer avec elle ! il adore jouer avec les tout petits toutous !...
    Merci pour les très belles photos que j'admire avec beaucoup d'intérêt dans ce joli billet.

    Bisous ❀

  2. Your 'Sweet Pea' is adorable! You have TWO new assistants!
    Have a great Monday, Courtney!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. She is adorable! I love rescue pets. We rescued our dog 5 years ago from a local shelter and it was the best decision we ever made.

  4. Love Sweet Pea and Mr. Weenie! After loosing both our kitties in the past 6 months that we have had for 15 years I know the pain you were feeling. I keep looking for another special fur baby to add to our family. We are wanting to find another mini doxie.

  5. What love bugs they are:) Mr. Weenie and Sweet Pea getting along? Our Bella is a Chi too!
    Have a fun day at the Market, Kathleen in Az

  6. Oh so precious. Sweet Pea has a darling little face. The best assistant you could ever want.

  7. She is adorable! Sebastian is my assistant only much larger. His toys are the size of Sweet Pea. Sebastian has nicknames, one of which is Sweet Pea and he is called Bug. Sweet Pea stuck because he always sniffed and licked my sweet pea flowers. Bug came about because he used to bump bushes to knock out any flying bugs and he would jump up to try to catch them in his mouth. Dogs are so funny.

    I'm happy you found a sweet girl to share precious moments with and one that will match your home decor so fabulously. ;-)

    Reinvented Collection

  8. yes yes yes!!!!! Thank you for rescuing. I have one 7 year old chi (got her when she was five) and just got a baby chiweenie from local rescue....petfinder is so heartbreaking. so glad one girl got the perfect home!!!

  9. Oh she is adorable!! Yes I agree that there are so many wonderful animals in shelters that need rescuing. You are so wonderful for giving that sweet baby a good home!

  10. Oh Sweet Pea is darling and I can see why you fell in love with her. Mr Weenie is adorable too.

    I have two rescued dogs and I truly love them with all my heart. Everywhere I go in the house or yard they are right there with me. so I know what you mean.

    Enjoy Sweet Pea.


  11. Sweet Pea is a cutie!....Who could not fall in love with her...such a great companion and "new assistant"

  12. Thank you for rescuing. My dogs have always been rescues. I've always loved your blog posts and now that I know you've rescued, I think you are even more fabulous. Wishing you all many happy years with Miss Sweet Pea!

  13. Sweet Pea is adorable. Thank you for adopting from a shelter. It is hard looking at all those sad faces that just want a home and someone to love them. She is a sweety for sure.

  14. Congratulations on your new addition, she's adorable! My dog Rufus is a rescue, although sometimes I think he rescued me. :)

  15. Sweet Pea looks like she is a tea cup Yorkie. I had a little Yorkie boy (Sir Toto The Wiz Kid - lovingly called Toto) - he was with us for 18 years. He loved to sit on my lap or snuggle with me if I laid down to read a book. Enjoy that darling little face looking back at you and all the cuddles she will offer.

  16. Sweet Pea is just so precious. And your grand dog Mr. Weenie is a true heart melter! Enjoy them both!

  17. Oh I'm in love just look at the sweet face, she is just precious, it's no small wonder why your just a little bit in love with her....;-)


  18. There is a special place in heaven for people who can open up their hearts to rescues whether it's animals or children. They are so helpless and just hope for a person with an open heart. Your pets were born to be in front of a camera!!

  19. Congrats on the new addition. She is a doll!

    UN AMOR!!!

  21. Oh she looks so sweet, both of your dogs do. Congrats :)

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  22. Precious. The rescued dog & you. Just another reason to be your fan. Keep us posted on your new fur baby

  23. Your Sweet Pea looks very similar to our Piper. Piper is a Yorkie Westie mix. She's 4 lbs and has the exact same hair color and texture. She's a cuddly love bug, just precious❤