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Blue & White Love

Sometimes I feel a little blue & white obsessed...

but between you and me?
I am totally okay with it.

Like that time I used a vintage teacup for those pretty camellia blooms.

Or when I set the table with

And when I ordered those pretty blue goblets 
to use mix and mingle with my others
and yes, in love with them.

You might remember these pieces that I used out on the patio last spring.
An abundance of vibrant green and blue and white beauty.

So it is only fitting that on occasion 
I bring out some of that blue and white goodness again
 and play with it a bit.
This is actually a vignette I have put together in various ways a couple of times.
The nice thing about having several different shapes and sizes of blue and white pottery 
is being able to mix and mingle for different looks.
Like a simple vignette with those containers from the patio.

So easy- they are simply all gathered together on a little table.

Most of these blue & white beauties are collected
 and are vases or jars that I use just as they are.
And for holding fresh cut flowers on occasion of course.

When I think of blue & white... I think of tulips.
Pretty in pink tulips are perfect & just a few stems in a couple containers will do
and bring a pop of pretty and brighten up any corner.

Though the blue & white garden stool is a more recent addition
 from HomeGoods

And of course, it didn't stay here long
 You will be seeing it in a new spot very soon.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. It looks wonderful over here, and I especially love the blue and white in front of the green gilded mirror. I would love to see more of that beauty!

  2. I think I need to go shopping for more blue and white containers/jars so that I can re-create your gorgeous vignette of blue and white with pink tulips. I love the lilacs too and wish they would grow here!...amazing vignettes of blue Courtney!....Off to scour HomeGoods stores to see if I can get lucky and find a blue and white garden stool...Anxious to see where yours will land!...Have a great weekend!

  3. My husband LOVES blue and white, so it's a major theme in our home. Fine with me! Timeless and classic.

  4. Beautiful, Courtney. Love the pink tulips with the blue and white.

  5. Oh Courtney... I love it! I loooove blue and white and most of my house has some shade or another of blue in it so I am right there with you :) Have a lovely weekend! Hugs, Lisa

  6. Blue and white in your hands are made into perfection, Courtney. I leave your blog so inspired!!! xo

  7. Just beautiful! Love the soft pinks with the deeper blues on the vases... 💝

  8. I am a blue and white china person also and really like that green chippy mirror behind your collection with the tulips in them
    just so pretty

  9. We have also blue and white china in our home:)
    Greetings from Alsace:)

  10. Blue and White; elegant and classic, I also love the blue and white stripes of Cornish Ware in the kitchen.

  11. Blue and white perfection here! Love your camellias in a tea cup. Sooooo pretty!
    Tone on Tone

  12. Love all of your photos of blue and white, and with the tulips they are so sweet.and I can not forget the sweet camellias too.����

  13. Your blue and white pieces are just beautiful, and paired with the pink tulips: perfection. You also set the most gorgeous tables!!! Have a beautiful weekend, Courtney!

  14. Yes, perfection! I love blue and white. Add in camellias, tulips, lilics, or any flowers and it just adds another level of beauty. Love this post, Courtney!

  15. These are all so pretty! My personal favorite is the blue and white transferware. I have a serious soft spot for it!

  16. Back to see this again and it is gorgeous the second time around! I collect blue and white too and have been searching for another blue and white garden stool. HG hasn't had one in ages:( I'll keep looking though. Have a beautiful Easter, Courtney!

  17. Just added blue to my master bedroom...think the blue/white vases are just what the room needs. Love the pink flowers with them. So pretty!

  18. Just added blue to my master bedroom...think the blue/white vases are just what the room needs. Love the pink flowers with them. So pretty!

  19. I love blue and white too Courtney - can't get enough! And of course, they are especially pretty when grouped and holding pink tulips:)


  20. Love how you served up that blue and white with so many options, those lilacs are dreamy in that combo, and the lime green hydrangea stunning. Teacup bouquets are so sweet. Thanks for bringing those combos to our attention, I would just normally put white flowers in my b&w, how boring....Pat