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Get the Look: Floral patched denim

Ripped denim is 'IN' right? 
Those jeans with distressing at the knees and maybe here and there ...
 I love the look
but we aren't talking about those kind of jeans today... 

Denim shorts with flower fabric patches and black and white bag

We are talking denim that has distressing that grew and grew and grew 
so much that those denim jeans (or in this case denim shorts) 
were almost unwearable.
Unless you are a teenage girl and can get away with it.
But the funny thing is...
these shorts WERE my teenage daughters shorts.

And when they ripped too much for her even
and she grew tired of them- and they were too light and faded (and long!) and everything else
she was ready to toss them.

denim shorts, flowers

Well, you know what I was thinking. 
I saw slightly funky, a tad shabby and charming shorts
with those big gaping distressed areas patched up with floral fabric patches.
 Why not?
I live in shorts in the summer here in California
and  these shorts were waaay too good to toss.

They fit perfectly.
 Loose and comfy like a boyfriend jean
and being loose- they sit low on my hips which I love
 (not a fan of high waisted anything)
and they are long enough on the legs to make me feel
 comfortable wearing them to the store.

So I know you are probably asking yourself...

'Why is Courtney blogging about denim shorts?'

I honestly was asking myself the same thing as I snapped photos of these shorts.
But I have shared photos several times of these shorts peeking out
on instagram and facebook and I always get a ton of questions about where to get them.
And hey French Country Cottage fashion has been discussed before...
as in painting clothes, diy projects in wedge sandals and that blush vegan leather jacket so many of you love... so I guess it fits
and as requested and promised -
here is the story of the denim shorts with a new look:

They are from Arizona Jean Company (aka JCP) junior department
and are probably about 3 -4 years old.
Which basically means they are well worn and loved at this point.

denim shorts with flower fabric patches diy

They were the 'Distressed' denim variety with shredded holes originally- those holes grew laaarge
and so I patched the two large holes with a faded floral fabric cut from
a pillow selvage.
(I might be insane)

I literally grabbed them and patched them in about 5 minutes before tossing them into my suitcase to wear with my sandals on a trip.

 I was using the only thread I could find in 1 minute- and that was black
so they have a little contrast. 
And you know, honestly, kind of in keeping with how patching on jeans and shirts was done when you used what you had on hand- it works.

The DIY on patching?

I didn't take photos of the how to but it is easy if tackling a pair of your own:

1.Cut your fabric a bit larger than your patch area.
2. Flip your shorts/jeans inside out.
3. Place your fabric on the patch area- on the inside of your shorts- with the good side of the fabric facing out.
4. And start hand sewing. 

Of course, if you have a machine- you can get it out and do fancy stitching as well-
this was a last minute job.
 And if using my machine -
well I would inevitably had to find a new bobbin or thread a new bobbin
or have broken the sewing machine needle and forgot about it and so have to spend time to find a new one before being able to start...
and I needed them in my suitcase in 5 minutes.

So to save time,
 I grabbed the needle and thread and put my Home Ec skills to work.

And there you have it.
DIY French Country Cottage jean shorts.
Maybe a new facet to the line in the works-
Clothing French Country Cottage style.

Coming your way tomorrow- 
a different kind of a diy...that involves a chair
and fabric and a photo request...
and a crazy story to go with it. 

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. Courtney, these are so adorable! And they look easy enough for even a terrible seamstress like me to pull off :)

  2. i hope it's a new line! this flower child has been wearing patched up jeans since the '70s (utterly ridiculous, but remember in the 70s when jeans were so tight we were splitting our pants and then patching them up resulting in an even cooler pair of denims?) i bet it won't be long...peace to you right where you are.

    1. Haha!! So funny!!! And things always have a way of coming back around right?
      For me- it was Guess Jeans EVERY DAY of the week. They were the only ones that I would wear. And I used to scour this resale boutique for those pairs of Guess that I could dye myself in colors like purple (seriously!) because my mother would have had a fit if I had colored my new pairs. haha!

      Thanks for stopping by Michele!! xo

  3. I love 'em! Now I've gotta find some ripped shorts!

  4. Those are adorable! And you look adorable in them! You are in incredible shape...what are your secrets for staying so slim & fit?

  5. The shorts turned out very cute, such a cute idea.