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Simple Mother's Day Brunch

I am in love with simple elegance. 

pastel colored glasses, lilacs and dishes

Simplicity that lets the details shine and take center stage and
details such as pretty lacy dishes with a sprig of lilac
blush & purple stemware
and soft smooshy white roses on the table.

lace dishes with lilac on them

For an occasion like a Mother's Day brunch- 
a pretty table set with detailed dishes and flowers outdoors is perfect.
And today I am joining a fun Blog Hop with Balsam Hill
celebrating Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate our Mother's and Grandmothers
 and mother figures in our lives and also to celebrate being a mom.
I have 3 children who are now almost all grown up (which I can hardly believe)
It seems like just yesterday when I became a mother and was celebrating my 
first Mother's Day as a mom. 
I remember that I felt like though  lived half way across the country 
without family nearby, that becoming a mom was just the most incredible thing ever 
and I instantly felt closer to my own mom and grandmother that year.
Being a mom is truly the best job in the world. 

place setting, gold flatware, pink wine glass and roses and lilac

Over the years, we have celebrated Mother's Day in many different ways
from a special breakfasts that the kids would make and bring to me in bed, 
to long leisurely walks together or even just a simple lunch.

braided pastry with mushrooms and rosemary

(And if you decide to go the brunch route- 
a gorgeous and easy recipe to make for Mother's Day
  is this delicious mushroom pastry.)

dishes with white roses and purple wine stems and lilac

For the place settings, favorite detailed dishes, pastel stemware 
and a sprinkling of pretty with fresh lilac. 

I have a huge crush on lilac - their blooms are so delicate and pretty- and since
 they are blooming out in the yard currently
they were a perfect choice to place on the napkins with twine.

lilac with napkin on lace dishes

And the gold flatware adds a perfect bit of bling.

white roses, lilac and gold flatware on vintage table

And... those roses... well, 
there might be a small little secret with those roses.

faux white roses close up photo

 Even though they look amazingly real- 
these roses are faux.
You can find them at Balsam Hill for an everlasting blooming arrangement
or recreate the look with a dozen fresh white roses as well.

vintage table with pastel stemware and flowers

And stop by and visit the rest of the bloggers who are participating in the blog hop

And something else that is  fun-
a Giveaway with Balsam Hill.

You can find all the details and

lace dishes with napkins tied with lilac and pastel wine stems

Happy weekend everyone!

 I work with Balsam Hill as an ambassador- but all designs and opinions are my own.

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  1. What a lovely table. I love your china. Simple but not plain. That makes it perfectly French. The entire table is just like something I would see done by my friends here--a perfect balance of elegance and nonchalance.
    Mother's Day this year is going to be a hard one. I lost my mother very unexpectedly, just a couple of weeks after my father died. That she was 90 was nothing--she was busy, researching geneology on the Internet (YES!) and full of vim. Her birthday is just after Mother's Day, which just makes it harder. So anybody who reads this: go give your mom a huge hug and kiss while you can. That's the best present anyway.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my parents three years ago, just six weeks apart. It totally changes your life. Take time for yourself to grieve. We were so busy handling everything and settling their estates, and I thought I was handling it all really well, but then a year later, it all hit me emotionally and physically, and I found myself in total adrenal fatigue, overwhelmed and depressed, so please take care of yourself and do things for yourself during this time.

  2. So beautiful! Where did you get your plates ?