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Lowe's Spring Makeover Reveal

One of the best things that I get to do as a blogger is to make a difference somehow to a reader.
Sometimes it is something simple as inspiring someone to go after their dreams
or give that design idea they have in their head a try.

Outdoor patio area with lanterns and white dishes

And sometimes it is in a way that is more impactful
and really makes a difference for a family.

A couple of weeks ago,  there was a whirlwind of busy in Nashville, Tennessee
 making over an outdoor space for a reader with Lowe's Home Improvement.
And I have to tell you that it was a lot of work, but it was so.much. fun.

You might remember Lowe's offering a makeover to a reader recently and there were so many who applied - it was so hard to decide what the best fit was.

 Martha and her family have recently relocated to beautiful Nashville Tennessee a few months ago
and were trying to get their family settled in a new state and area.
Unfortunately,  physical limitations from an accident made it hard for them to get everything fixed up
 and it also left the outdoor living spaces bare
 with much of the heavy lifting and building that was required out there
 not able to happen.

Enter Lowe's and a team of amazing volunteers
to help them create the backyard oasis of their dreams. 

Lowe's Volunteers on patio

Can I just say- those guys right there?
They ROCK.

Selfie on the streets of Nashville

And this kid of mine?
Well, he rocks too.
(especially when doing 'the Rock' face) 

The makeover started with chatting with Martha about their family needs
 and their dream space and then deciding what we could do with the budget we had.
Once we had a design plan in place- Lowe's sent me and a helper (my oldest son Ryan) on
 over to Nashville to make this makeover happen
in just 1 day.

Here are the areas we decided to focus on:

The Dining Area

outdoor dining area before

and the concrete slab by the lawn.

outdoor patio area before

You might remember that this makeover had to be wrapped in 24 hours.
No extreme makeover home edition over here.
And it needed to be within budget-so we worked to pick and choose the best pieces
and things to use that budget on.

We lucked out with being able to use part of the budget and have Lowe's arrange to have the deck refinished ahead of time and also having an electrician install the fabulous new light for the dining are before Ryan and I and the Lowe's team arrived.
Which left us with plenty of time to build the furniture and gazebo, pot the plants,
pull things together and wrap
 this makeover up in just about 5-6 hours.

The Lowe's volunteers were amazing.
They were full of energy and eager to help and after a quick delicious breakfast
that Martha made for everyone
we got to work assembling the pieces one by one.

Little by little- things started coming together.

Outdoor dining area before

Bit by bit by bit...

Outdoor area before

by bit

herb garden planter on deck

and then a little bit more...

Lanterns and whiskey barrels in outdoor seating area

and more...

Outdoor dining area with lanterns on table

Until it was time for me to play with arranging and styling
and photography.

Are you ready for the full reveal?

The Seating Area

Outdoor seating area with fireplace

We started the design with an Allen + Roth Black Square gazebo which was used to provide shelter
 and to anchor the space visually.

Outdoor seating area with whiskey barrels and fire place

2 Palm Harbor love seats were used for a seating area
and I am loving the look of the 2 whiskey barrels used as a coffee table by placing them side by side.

Notice the slight difference in height?

Plants and whiskey barrels on patio

Love it.
That simple detail adds so much to the collected feeling and charm
 that this seating area has.

We mixed in several potted plants to soften the hard lines 

Close up of plants on patio

and a bevy of pretty lanterns to light the space.

Lanterns close up on patio

And we also tucked in a small metal fireplace at the very back of the patio for 
warming up those chilly nights
or just to enjoy s'mores when entertaining.

Clay pots with fresh plants on patio

Then we added a few grass green pillows on the sofa

Seating area with lanterns and plants and whiskey barrels

stood back and admired the space

Seating area under gazebo with plants and fireplace

and then enjoyed a little celebratory margarita time. 

Relaxing after the makeover was done

Ryan is 23 for those wondering and 
Rick makes amazing margaritas.

Outdoor seating area on patio

Up next it was onto the dining area.

I have to say... 
I am SO in love with how this space turned out.

The Dining Area

Outdoor dining area  on patio

Think weathered and worn and full of luscious gray wood
and an abundance of green.
Martha is in love with beachy Nantucket style and her dream dining space had softer lines
 and colors and lots of pretty details.
I searched and shopped and found a perfect match to her dream look
 at an amazing Lowe's price- and it was perfection.

Outdoor dining table with lanterns and dishes close up

 A beautiful acacia dining table & chair set and mixed in a bench to go with it
for a charming and simple yet simply beautiful beach inspired dining area.

Outdoor dining table with white dishes and lanterns

The light was the perfect accent for the table
and where you might expect something wicker or natural- that slightly industrial Allen + Roth light
 adds that pop of unexpected to the space. 

Dining table with lanterns

A few more of those lanterns on the table to add just a bit of ambiance lighting

fresh greens and metal lanterns on dining table

and a soft glow to dine by. 

metal lanterns in center of dining table

And a similar matching side table for serving and gathering plants on 
rounded out the dining space.

Close up of plants in dining area

Love the detail and color of this wood.

Side table in outdoor dining area with plants and dishes

I set the table with white dishes, we potted some of their existing planters for more greenery
and I shopped for fresh flowers and fresh greens for a centerpiece. 

I also brought a cake to help them celebrate their new space
 and their anniversary. 
They are also gearing up for a wedding for their daughter (their names on the cake) 
and this newly made over space will be enjoyed by friends and family galore.

Close up of cake on sideboard on patio

Martha was so sweet to have surprised Ryan and I with a goodie bag filled with snacks
 (yum yum!) and a beautiful potted rose for the hotel room 
knowing how much I adore flowers.  
Ryan and I both feel like we were fortunate to be 
part of something that was fun and was giving back to community
and that we had also made new friends in
Rick and Martha and their family.

Lanterns and plants in seating area

It was such a treat to be able to work with my son on a job with my much loved Lowe's family
 to be able to be a part of something like this. 

Clay pots on patio with flowers

If you would like to purchase any of the items shared here
you can find them at Lowe's of course ;) AND Lowe's has amazing prices.

 Originally the table and chairs and bench were out of stock-but they are back
and are linked below.

Whiskey barrels, clay pots, plants (in store)

Metal gazebo with sitting area

And a HUGE thank you to Lowe's and my Lowe's family 
for such an amazing opportunity and for doing so much good out in the community.

Wood bench at outdoor dining table area

What do you think of how it turned out?

I was compensated to design and share this makeover with you
but all designs, photography and opinions about loving Lowe's 
and their amazing products are my own.

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  1. Courtney,
    Everything turned out amazing! What a nice thing you all and Lowe's did for this family! Beautiful!!!
    Barb :)

    1. Thank you Barbara! We enjoyed being able to do this for this family.

  2. Fabulous outdoor space! Great job Courtney and Lowe's!

  3. Wow! That looks fantastic! And it inspired some ideas for our second home in Carmel. Your blog is full of lovely accents and ideas.

  4. How wonderful of you and Lowes to do this for this lovely family! Both spaces are gorgeous! I can't pick a favorite spot. Beautiful job!!!

  5. Its fantastic,, I Love ♥♥♥ !
    Mariecapucine from France

  6. Its fantastic,, I Love ♥♥♥ !
    Mariecapucine from France

  7. Beautiful job. Love the outdoor space. Did you anchor the gazebo to the ground?

  8. Yes, it was anchored into the concrete patio for safety. :)

  9. Beautiful space you created!! Just wondered if you anchored the gazebo?

  10. Did you stain the furniture to match? Also, I notice the bench in photo is longer than the one linked. Is is just the longer size of that same bench? Love these spaces so much,

    1. Originally the bench and table and chairs were out of stock- so I linked a similar one and noted it. But they are back in stock and theinks are updated- and they came that color- we did not stain them. :)

  11. Both areas look great (especially in such a beautiful setting). Love the way you did the wine barrel tables.

  12. It is stunning! I'm in awe of your vision and talent.

  13. Thanks Courtney, it was such a joy to meet you and Ryan. Martha and I are so appreciative of Lowe's and of course your wonderful creative vision/talent. Suffice to say, we have had a few margarita's sitting under the Gazebo w/ family visiting us from Socal for my daughters wedding this past Sunday. Blessings to you all!

    Rick & Martha

    1. We had such a wonderful time with your family Rick and Martha!! I am so glad we were able to spend some time with you and get everything ready for the big wedding- and congratulations again!! I bet those margaritas were amazing too!! ;) Thank you again for opening your home to us and Lowe's and for being such a huge help with pulling everything together! We definitely need to stay in touch! xo

  14. I'm in total awe - seeing what has happened here, the variety and charm of items, the 'look in' of nature in the surrounding nature, it's totally gorgeous, über-beautiful and charming.... What a great idea, and what a dedicated team you were. Thank you for sharing that joy and congrats to you and the happy couple with their family.

  15. The make over looks awesome...congrats to all of you...

  16. Wow it's stunning! This is so sweet and such a fun experience congrats and awesome job!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor

  17. Were the whiskey barrels purchased at Lowes?

  18. Were the whiskey barrels purchased from Lowe's??

    1. Yes, they are from Lowe's and were in the garden department.